winter is cold

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my fee are frozen right now, if i wasnt so lazy i would drag the heater in here besid ethe comp but meh
YAY!! Summer in Britain! Only 200mm of rain every minute!!
Yep, the great british summertime is here. Excellent thunder storm at 4:50am this morning. Very loud indeed. And it's been raining for the best part of the day. Summer hot, blah!

I think I'd find it a little bit of a culture shock to have winter in July :eek:
Well if you live in the southern hemisphere ... that's what people are experiencing. Then again, it would be hard for them to imagine winter in December.

I would like to have some of those thunderstorms, though. Heck, just send all the storms here ... i will be more than happy taking them off your hands :) ... though I can't say everyone else in the neighbourhood would want that. No one here appreciates the beauty of a summertime thunderstorm. :(
Neither do I especially if it's at 5 in the morning...and I had only just gone ot bed an hour before and had to be up at 7. Take them. Take them all!
I love when it is -25 C. (-30 C is a little cold even for me :D )

I just love snow storms :D
When the temp gets that low ... I find little difference between -25C and -30C. It's not that bad either way but when the wind starts blowing and the temp drops to -40C, then winter becomes unbearable (stupid windchill factor)

Though the best part about winter is the snow ... lots and lots of snow.
winter is cold?! Summer is cold too! - +14C and raining like hell
welcome to Latvia!
i feel sorry for everyone. here in north carolina its about 75 degrees F and sunny!.... and its like that everyday.
Damn, it´s raining the whole day here in Germany. That sucks. But then again, I do not care that much for weather, I have experienced worse.
i prefer the winter.

Would you rather be cooked to death or be frozen till you die?
And don't say Frozen, cause then in the future they might de-frost me and make me immortal ! ! !
8degrees(celsius) at the moment, supposed to go down around -10 tonight, been cold all day, hailed a few days ago.

waht really sucks is that even tho i get the cold from way down south, since i live so close to the ocean i get no snow *sob*
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