winter is cold

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it depends on wind over here, becuase of wether patterns we sometimes get warm air from australia and sometimes cold air from antarctica

it is generally colder in june-july but other than that it doesnt really change
It's raining rain ! Halleluja, It's raining rain.

You will have to add the background music in your head :p cannot do it remotely.
Rain? Yeah, we got that too. And lots of it. But the weatherforecast says that it will get better the day after tomorrow. :D
Last time I looked, summer ends sometime in September. And normally it starts in June, but this year...
Ah the great British Summertime is upon us. It's been raining nearly non-stop for 4 days. Amazing.

Actually, this is the first time I've seen rain in July for years. Seen snow in July, but never rain. Looks like this Heatwave will be with us for Xmas. Yay :rolleyes:

Bet it's GWB's tactical nukes that's sent us off course.
When was this! I didn't see it in the papers, no CNN breaking news story. WHEN!
not if i run away
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