winter is cold

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What is that medal for??!!! . . . And why is everyone talking about weather? Is it the in-thing in SciForums now? Did I miss that much?

Well, in any case, I'll share my weather. It's been getting up to about 90F here. Yesterday was humid. THAT'S THE WORST!!!!! And the last few days, there were thunderclouds coming from the south, but they make no rumbly-rumbly and bypass Klamath Falls entirely, going off to the west. It made a great, GREAT orange sunset yesterday, though. Right now, I see dark clouds in the south, and the wind has been blowing through the window by the computer. It's a decent there's-a-storm-coming wind.

Anyway, that's the weather report for KF! :D
And what's this of the hacking of the penises? I wonder who in the world would ever be crazy enough to do that! . . . At least their own. In any case, that's a new kind of hurt right there!

. . . For some reason, "penises" doesn't look like the plural for "penis". Them dumb Romans! This may sound weird, but I'm now curious of whether that's the proper plural. Be right back.
According to, either "penises" or the original Latin plural "penes" (pronounced PEE-neez) is acceptable.

Also according to them, "pencil", "penicillum", and "penis" come from that same Latin word, which also meant "tail".

As you can probably tell, I either have no life, or too much time on my hands, or a cynnical mind! :D
Great, we had some days of sun, nice, but now it started raining again, and it is damn cold... We even had some tornados, damn, I did not even know that there are tornados in Germany. :(
It rainind friday followed by more rain Saturday, sunday was a bit different as it rain even more then the 2 days before, monday starteted sunny for a change, it looked good, but then it started raining.

crap summer its been raining so much, i think i saw a fish swim down the street the other day.
Mmh, I complained that summer was too cold... now it is about 35 degrees (celcius) in the shadows. When I use my PC my room temperature goes up to about 40 degrees... damn, summer is warm :cool:
My room is so big it has its own weather system. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH Blizzard!!!!!!!! Better set up the tent. If only
Hah, and how I will enjoy the open air festival where I will spend my time from tomorrow until sunday, it is so great to sleep in a tent when the temperature is so comfortable... perhaps I should sleep under the car, it might be not so hot under it :rolleyes:
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