Wonderful World Of Zorbs


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Again, you completely flopped the poll.

The only answers you should have provided:

Not sure

The last option ‘Only if its free’ compromises the validity of the poll, you have mixed two unrelated factors, the poll is worthless. Toss it in the cesspool with all the rest.
While this is indeed cesspool material, and the poll is useless...Zorbs do seem like an interesting form of entertainment.

That is, if you like being so dizzy you probably destroy parts of your brain. Did I mention the inherent risk to such a device? Emphasis on _inflatable_.
I find this ostracization of DarksidZz to be an interesting phenomenon. This thread is no more lame than any one of a hundred other threads that have been posted down the years. In fact, there have even been threads about zorbs before:
Yet, darling Sam here makes one and is immediately pounced upon and cesspooled.

What, exactly, is the big fucking deal I wonder?

Is he any more unscientific than a hundred other of you worthless posters out there? Does he frequent the cesspool and free thoughts and about the members more than so many of our kiddies who have nothing to say?
Is it just the fact that he likes polls? What's so wrong about polls? If people don't like them, then why even respond to them?

I can understand the threads about his personal relationships getting annoying.

I imagine that the ostracization began with those and now are just entrenched in the mindset? It's fashionable to hate him?
It can't be pheremones.
Or body language.
It has to be a cultural meme.

Even newbs show up to pick on Sam. Why? So they can be in the 'in crowd' and not get ostracized the way he is.
Classic hierarchical behavior.

But, I don't think I've ever seen it play out exactly like it does with Sam.
Quite strange, really.
Hello Invert_nexus. Yer here too eh? Anyway..

The difference is, the prior posters were asking and starting a topic on zorbs. getting opinions, etc.

DarkZz here, has a history of starting moronic polls with even worse content. Thus, he's always cesspooled because (unlike those other two Zorb posters), he just makes it sound infinitely stupid.
I'd also like to mention how poorly he makes polls.

However you do make a few good points. Mainly, the fact most people on this forum make posts as badly as he does, yet no action is taken. Specifically in threads that are long since tired (pit bull one, for instance).