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abaft - toward or at the stern of a ship; ''further aft''

argle-bargle - copious but meaningless talk or writing

bibble - to drink or eat noisily; to drink often

*I kind of like the sound of this word, and could see it becoming trendy in the right settings. Jane loudly slurped the split pea soup, to the point of irritating everyone around her. She was a well-known bibbler.
Or advertising for a trendy cafe "Come in for a slurp, and a bibble or even a little nibble" Weg's Cafe
The bibble stone streets lacked no luster making the cobble stone sidewalk less desirable as a path to walk. The bibbles shined like jewels. The red, blue, and yellow hues of polished agate were more like a rainbow type bridge than a roadway, although the bibble road didn't lead to Asgard. It ended at a crossroads with no signs. The only words to be read were these:

"I'm Thorry"
The woman stepped up to the podium, opened her lectern bible book and began to speak that to some in the audience sounded like babble. The mouths of the hacklers were, by no stretch of the imagination relentless, but the lecturer became a bibbler that day.

Nay! She became a bonafide bibbler without a rainbow bibble street to take her to Asgard.

I once thought I knew the definition of the term, then I made effort to verify, only to find my current understanding at that time to be contrary to the definition I found.

I did the same thing today. I made another effort to look it it up to find my original understanding to be accurate.


Definition: at my first verification it was defined as a perk, at the second verification it was defined as I originally understood the term, as a type of requirement

At this point, the needing to second guess my understanding of terms has me pulling my hair out (figuratively speaking) and has become more than a little aggravating.


Accuracy should be a prerequisite for information or it should be for certain areas on the web who provide information to the general public
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"is that"
Commonly heard and disliked by me ,anyway.

eg "That is the problem they have ,is that....."

Thought it was evidence of senility or functional illiteracy in the US population but the above example was lifted from an Irish sports commentary.

Definition - to flatter or ''sweet talk'' someone, in hopes of getting something in return

The next time you're pulled over by the police for speeding, you might try wheedling your way out of a ticket.
Yeah, she was a wheedler, but not the best I had known. She grew up that way, wheedling her way through life. She apparently picked up new methods along the way. Last time I saw her, she had wheedled herself into a nice cushy job at the court house. She didn't even know how to type.
Chuffed - feeling happy or very pleased

Came across it in a book I'm reading written by a British author.

It doesn't sound (phonetically) like that would be the definition. lol
Chuffed - feeling happy or very pleased

Came across it in a book I'm reading written by a British author.

It doesn't sound (phonetically) like that would be the definition. lol
I wonder if it comes from the look a bird has when ,say it has had a dust bath and its feathers are all "chuffed up"

Edit: you could try introducing the word into a conversation with the meaning you first assumed (annoyed?) and watch the look on the faces of the group.

When challenged or asked for clarification,just say "oh,I thought it meant "annoyed" in the British isles "
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I do seem to remember that rape is not confined to the penis

Seems a little odd but might be connected with the sentence available to be given ie if his action was tried as assault punishment would be less

So law framed to have rape include items other than penis

Technetium: Technetium is the first element to be artificially produced, by bombarding Molybdenum with neutrons in 1937. (Atomic Number 43)