Workable systems of god

Intelligence requires Intelligence behind it. Very simple.

Too simple.

I don’t see the answer as to posit a higher intelligence to make a lessor one, for it’s just a larger question instead. Why would some just stop there as an ‘answer’? Perhaps, because God is God, able to spring into His own and ultimate complexity all at once? And so there we go off again into the assertions of strong belief… a useless endeavor and a time-wasting non-point of going against.

Not sure anyway how there could be an intelligence behind something that took a numbingly slow and plodding time of billions of years to progress. I guess the tiny accumulations add up, each new one atop an already stable platform, awaiting the dire need for it.

Dawkins states cumulative natural selection as the alternative to Intelligent Design, not chance, and certainly not chances all in a row at once.

(Sorry that I failed once again. It's very trying to be trying.)
God was the protomatter state before expansion. God delves in everything, is everything. God's selection/creation is but one of choosing the conditions within the universe; the laws of physics; the balance of energy/matter etc. before the big bang/expansion. Therefore it was all teed-up before it went off.

Maybe after a crunch god will make a different choice? Well god itself will be different then anyway, after its being has gone through the life cylcle of its choosing the new form will have a different idea/take.

This is a localised god I admit. I don't think the world is ready for the god of infinity yet.
Because I f*cking said so!

Still working on a slightly less easily refuted explanation.
What about this - at the "beginning" there was just a quantum field, and then spontaneously out of that field appeared a Boltzmann brain. The Boltzmann brain had consciousness, but, having no physical "hardware", had no limitations on what or how it could think as human's do. As it began thinking, it began affecting the quantum field around it, causing our physical universe to come into being, but also perpetuating itself at the same time. In a sense, as it thought, it also created how the universe would be.

As the universe expanded, so did the Boltzmann brain, and although two parts of the brain might be separated by enough distance that thinking would be slow, it is, at all times, a complete brain within a local boundary, so that any position in spacetime could be the centre of the Boltzmann brain (from its perspective). It would therefore be effectively everywhere. If the personality of the brain were self-reinforcing, it would have the same personality at every point in space, even though those points are physically separate.

It is therefore uncaused, a creator, everywhere and therefore effectively omniscient.

Anyway, that's my best start.
It is therefore uncaused, a creator, everywhere and therefore effectively omniscient.

One could also suggest that once this god became aware of who and what it was, it decided that it couldn't bear the existential horror of being the only consciousness in all of existence. Being that there were no external circumstances from which to procure a method of ending this most unsatisfactory state of affairs, it set about creating other conscious beings in the hope of improving the situation.

Then again, perhaps even this was not enough since although it would not be quite as alone as it was before, it was still the only being of it's kind in all of existence, which is essentially similar to being the only human and having nothing but mice to keep one's company. A better solution therefore may have simply been to insert itself into an elaborate self-created illusion within which it could experience existence as a lesser being among other lesser beings, the effectiveness of which would require it to have chosen not to be able to remember it's previous existence. This would not have to be permanent of course, and in fact it is likely that it was specifically designed not to be as some kind of failsafe in case things didn't quite work out. Note this is really not that much more absurd than some Buddhist teachings about greater and lesser beings who typically don't remember their previous states of existence.

So who is God in this scenario? Well, since everything but the subject participating in said scenario is an illusion, it's obviously me. "I" am God. And when I'm finished with this existence, I am going to smite anyone who didn't believe me. Don't think for a second that the fact that you don't even exist will stop me either. I will friggin' summon you into actual existence and then destroy you!

(How's that for complete and utter solipsistic absurdity?)

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