World on Fire - Pathetic Satellite Photo by


As the flames engulf the world, displays global warming at .28 Celsius... more pathetic than the "ISS" and Hubble display ...

About South America
Most of Brazil in flames (1) while snow falls first time in 90 years at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About SE Europe
Greece and Turkey, it was just hotter than normal May and June. But what about the Ukraine? (2)

About Russia's central boreal forests
We are now aware what happens to coral reefs in the warmest oceans in the world once temperature rises 2° C.
But what about the taiga above 60°N, the last intact forests of the world?(3)

About West Europe and the Iberian Peninsula in particular
It does not look apocalyptic.
It's not only the Gulf Stream taking a dive (4). Europe's most valuable forests have already seen the apocalypse.(5)

About the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) over southern Sahara
The first hurricane landfall on the desert (6), the announced shock. (7)

(1) June 13, 2007: New Type of Weather System East from South America brings CLEAR SKIES to the Rain Forest

(2) June 8, 2007: Second largest European country: after the GOOD news now the BAD news for the World

(3) July 8, 2007 World Climate: another UNPRECEDENTED Heat Event in Russia's boreal forests, the taiga

(4) May 29, 2007 - GULF STREAM TOOK A DIVE - BREAKING - confirmed by latest Europe temperature data

(5) July 26, 2004 - In Europe's most valuable forests apocalyse already started

(6) June 5, 2007: Planet Earth - UNPRECEDENTED Cyclone - Hurricane Landfall in the DESERT - NOW

(7) April 24, 2007: Sahara meets Deluge
July 9, 2007 SHOCKING satellite photo: ITCZ over southern Sahara

(8) Current snapshot of, for the record