Worst Movie

I liked fight club the first time I saw it but deffinetly everytime I see it it gets better.
"Make your claim of wages a zero, then you have the world under your feet. Well did the wisest of our time write, it is only with renunciation that life, properly speaking, can be said to begin."

Interesting movie indeed. Draws on Buddhism a bit.

I will note the irony of a movie starring Pitt and whassisname protesting consumerism...
Highlander II - what a mess.

Why did Sean Connery ever agree to take part in such a stupid sequel?
'Battlefield Earth' - a let down....

There are worst ones, but they are deleted from my memory to make room for others...
What's that movie that was based on a computer game?

Oh yeah - Wing Commander - that was pretty dumb. But the game was OK.
I like Kevin Costner but 'Waterworld' and 'the Postman?' what was he thinking?

And Eyes Wide Shut - Eyes Wide Shite is more like it - could he make them talk any slower? What was all that about?

I'm sure all of us can think of heaps of movies but they're the only three that come to mind at the moment. I do know that there are a lot more in this head somewhere, and I'll spit them out as soon as I think of them.
Sean Connery was the only good part of Highlander II, there wasn't even good sword fights to save the rest.

But for a good movie I just watched se7en and that thing's intense.
Scary movie was crap. Bruiser was shite. Charlie's angels WILL be bollocks even though I haven't seen it yet, Red Planet yawn, American Psycho was almost bad, Advice from a caterpillar???? what was that about, I mean how many ppl can relate to shit like this?
Let's face it, most of Hollywoods offerings over the past few years is just mindless turdsalata made for people with shit for brains by people without any brains at all.

The best films I 've seen recently have been low budget British movies, that can tell a story, make you laugh and cry and think. Try East is East, There's only one Jimmy Grimble, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, all brilliant, there's more but I can't remember movie names (I had to use this month's TV magazine to remind me), check out films which are channel4 or BBC co-productions for true quality!
American Vampire

When it was done playing I could not believe that I had spend so much time waiting for something to happen and it never did. Terrible movie. Makes B grade movies upscale classics.
Scary Movie is definitely the worst film I have seen in ages....it was NOT funny!!!!
Norton is brilliant in everything he does. He is an amazing actor.

Worst movie...........?

Titanic, Pearl Harbour. Those top it I think.
Well of course Titanic! The whole damn thing was simply an excuse to have wassername (look, my knee hurts, I'm no good with names in the first place) run around yelling


And whassisface yell:

"I love you! Our love will go on!"

And assorted mushy crap. Just boink and be done with it, ja?!

Thanks Cactus.
i actually liked pear harbor

and there are some good movies comming out

Lord of the rings (brillant)
MIB2 (loved the first one but felt it cut of to quick)
Matrix2 (cant wait)


uhhh along came a spider was the lamest crap i have ever seen.

and battlefield earth was really bad, it was so bad i just cant talk about it

uh other ones
the harry potter movie was the worst of them all