Worst Movie

nothing will save you now,
the darkness surounds you,
your limbs tremble,
and over the air waves you hear,
"Pollux V is an idiot"
All I hear is 'oh I am jutht THO jealouth of (pollux's last name here's) intellect! He ith my IDLE!!'
Now that just CAME OUTTA THE BLUE!! My imaginary friend jim carey? That should be cactus's 'imaginary friend,' he's the only one who liked 'The Cable Guy.'

Me Myself and IAN!!! hahhehehehe
true, it seems that cactus was the only one person i really know who liked the cabel guy....
Can you please that outside?!

And I think Piranha sucks.... and also HotShot (and similar). That type of "humor" makes me puke.
Yes the cable guy was awesome, mainly because Jim Carrey's lisp was great, especially for aspiring comedians.

Second: "The one wear the guy has the head under his arm, that movie was horrible"

"The Reanimator"

"Yeah that's it" - Rather unkown, slightly misquoted American Beauty line.
that was meant to be "Can you please take that outside?!"
where the take went is a mistery.
but you stopped quarreling.