Would any alien visitors be friendly?

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Absolutely true. We have seen the US stuck in a rut ever since Russia fell apart. That combined with Globalisation and general world peace has seen progress into space somewhat stifled. I'm resting my hopes on the X prize which I see as our only hope of obtaining affordable realistic spaceflight in our lifetimes. Ironically enough one of the competitors has re-invented the V2. A Canadian team has reworked this lost technology which was last assembly lined cheaply back in WW2 and is arguably the first space capable rocket ever invented although it was more aptly called a missile. Instead of a tonne of explosive warhead they will filling it with life support systems and three passengers. If successful in building this vehicle then irrespective of whether or not they win the contest, they will have proven a 60 year old design more capable than NASA's most state of the art efforts. Nobody can tell me that war doesn't ignite innovation. Not without me laughing out loud.


Stars with Heavy Metals more likely to have planets.

This is interesting. Has a couple of links to recent stories at Space Daily. It seems that stars low in metal tend not to have planets. That sounds logical. Maybe this was what Dwayne was trying to say when he described star systems trading in metals.

"We now know that stars which are abundant in heavy metals are five times more likely to harbor orbiting planets than are stars deficient in metals. If you look at the metal-rich stars, 20 percent have planets. That's stunning."

That averages out to more than double the expected figure of stars with planets if my mediocre math skills are correct.

"The metals are the seeds from which planets form," added colleague Jeff Valenti, an assistant astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Md.

Since planets are necessary for life it means an increased likelihood of life in our stellar neighbourhood.

Fischer said the new data suggest why metal-rich stars are likely to develop planetary systems as they form. The data are consistent with the hypothesis that heavier elements stick together easier, allowing dust, rocks and eventually planetary cores to form around newly ignited stars.

I'm not really surprised. This seems really obvious and I can't help but wonder why nobody thought to check earlier. It might throw Dwaynes theory out the window (sorry Dwayne). If large amounts of metals are necessary for the creation of sizable planets and consequently life then there will be no Aliens with a metal shortage.
Ok a few points

one allow me to correct a figure and statement, alien life would be around 20,000 years ahead of us in development and orginzation and every move that we make, time wise and as much as 13.5 to 15.5 billion years older than us, this is a simple fact as they are closer to the moment of reaction,therfore the likly hood of thier creation. In addtion formations solar systems, grouping of large bodies of mass that make life possible occur closer to the center of gravity of the galaxy prior to the exterior regions of the galaxy, earth and its solar system are located on the outer portion of one sprial arm of our galaxy, and much less closer to the center of the arm which acts as a center of gravity than other suns and solar systems making life in our reion of the galaxy or spiral arm rare if not a singulairty. it is not a theroy that gravity provides the base for life, obversation will tell you where your feet are.
The complextity of gravity intreaction allow life in addtion, large bodies of mass determine the atomic stablity of atoms that make life possible, atomic life span is bases on the reactance of energy with the atomic body, say if you will conservation of energy which is determined by energy exspenditure, the ballance of the back ground energy of a region of space determine the stablity and chemical reactance of a atom, example ionic states of a element, isotpes, + and - interactance of a atomic body are all based on the background consant of a region of space, for example earth it is 288 kelvins, our solar system 50 kelvins, our galaxy 10 kelvins the cosmos 2 kelvins and being the base unit of back ground constant, in these various regions of space atoms prefrom differently and are stable as a body for only given periods of time.
Example superconductivity at 0 degrees kelvins. the event than thermal and radtion energy are attracted to the coldest regions is due to vaccum, meaning that a atom will increase its energy out put in a region of space that it 2 degress at a greater rate than in 50 degrees, this effects the stablity of its life time causing transmutation or decay into less elements such as hydrogen and helium the main product of decay. the end result is a cosmos full of helium and hydrogen. in regions of space where gravity increases, radation increases and changes the rate of energy exspended by the atom allowing conservation and stablity. this stablity occurs closer to the center of gravity of our galaxy, producing life thier prior to our solar system.

point--- the event that many stars are not situated within the close proxcimity of other stars, our binary star system, defines that chemistry for those areas is inert, meaning the event of chemical binding is limited, the event of distrubance, or sifting is null and as well atomic stablity, leaving many planetary bodies as
blocks of single elements by marority, pure carbon, as many star bodies have at least some neighbor their will exist some chemical cohesion simple mono chemicals. from new view hydrogen and helium remain stable or abundant not only because they are atomic by products of nuclear decay, but because they have a high energy signture that is capable of feeding the heat sink of the cosmic background constant at a rate that allows stablity, for this reason gravity begins to form in a congreation of helium and hydrogen, and results in the formation of other atoms, the rate of other atoms produced is dertermined by the amount of hydrogen and helium centered to a area in that region of the cosmos or galaxy and the other forming bodies,or suns, planets that allow for the complexity of heavy atoms. with out this complextiy og gravity and variable change in background constant in the region the area remains hydrogen and helium, a large enough mass of hydrogen and helium may form small amounts of heaier atoms, say silicon, potassium, aluminium.
simply the current bodies found and published as planets remain by majority as reproted gaseous planets, that will cahnge drastically when we look at triple systems, and binary stars with neighbors, much like are own, but these systems of interactance remain at the centers of gravity, the sprial arm of the galaxy and it more central region, where in such case it also becomes more difficult to detect plainly because of radation blockage, a increase in the background constant of our galaxy. simply put it is easier to see from the point of lights orgin than from looking directly into the light.

note, the center of our galaxy is hollow, likewise the earth.

Aliens that come to this region would come to this region because it offers a complexed orginzation of gravity that allows life to be stable, and it located in a region of our galaxy the outter rim to say that offers very little gravity complexity naturally, so it is kind of like a oasis for our region, exspecially so when aliens come from a area that is normally higher in gravity influence. our solar system also offer such life forms a place to do early reseach in exploring appoaches to traveling the cosomic distances given our location in the galaxy. Aliens that come to this region would more than likly find elements of heavy atomic weight of value, and it would more than likly be a means of valued exchange in there own world,where heavy elements are more common, the heaviest would have a siginicant vaule, exspecially so in our region which would have less heavy elements than in thier home region, there for heavy elements become a commodity, more than likly in addtion to heavy elements having a value, complexed chemicals would also have a a value like for instance carbon bucky balls.

Taking in to account that aliens come from a region of greater gravity, stronger magnetic feilds are nessacary to sustain life, as well such would be a natural occurance of planets in the central regions of our galaxy, this means that alien would fell more comfortable in our solar system on a planet such as jupiter, which offers a complexed gravity system with its 19 moons, and strong magnetic feild, and much greater gravity than earth, simply because of backgroung energy they might take a certain liking to venus, in addtion to gravity. Earth may prove to be more habitable to aliens when the magnetic feild is at its full strength, since it is in detieration and geting worse over the years as we approach the next pole reversal due some time soon,the earth would seem less habitale for aliens as we get closer to the reversal, and become more habital 400 years after the reversal when the magnetic feild of earth as rekindaled and gained its full strength.( maybe thats how alien where reported in history because earth was more habital for them then and they felt more comfortable and sociable, and with the weaking magnetic feild they decided to make contact less, and less openly and frequent; old stories) looking for aliens try the magnetic poles!!!

Dwayne D.L.Rabon
In fact I would go as far as to say we will avoid colonising the very very few Earth type worlds that we find- the biospheres of these worlds will be so precious and as I have said, very likely so toxic to us that we would be well advised to declare them space reserves and off-limits to everything but specially sterilised survey robots.
There is no doubt that we will eventually be able to detect Earth-like planets at a great distance, possibly hundreds of light years.

One strategy, which seems to be the one Roadkill is proposing, would be to only send missions to the systems containing Earth-like planets, and ignore the other systems. Perhaps if we are lucky half of these Earth-like worlds will not be actively poisonous to our metabolisms (although I doubt this very much) and we can live there with little environmental modification.

Meanwhile a competing group of colonists (or another alien species) is exploiting the other ninety-nine out of a hundred solar systems with no Earth- type worlds; the Earth- type only colonists will be very soon outnumbered.
Before we get to the stage of setting off to the so-called nearby stars we will no doubt have mastered the art of living in space habitats- some habitats, such as the Bishop Ring, have as much living space as India...
the lifestyle of the Space dwellers will be far superior and more flexible than those limited to Earth- like planets, as the habitats can be designed to order, and are not limited by concerns of global warming or pollution- heat and waste products can be vented to space, or more likely conserved for reuse.
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Dwayne. Stop smoking whatever it is you are high on. Before your head explodes. The centre of the galaxy is certainly not hollow. It's a supermassive black hole. I'm straining hard to keep abreast of what you are trying to say but you go from one point to the next so rapidly its almost impossible.

I'll address a couple of points starting at the beginning but not the whole thing. It would take me all night and part of the next day.

alien life would be around 20,000 years ahead of us in development and orginzation and every move that we make, time wise and as much as 13.5 to 15.5 billion years older than us

How can you possibly make such an outragious statement? Twenty thousand years ahead of us! Where do you get this information? Fortean times? I don't mean to sound insulting and apologise if it comes out that way but for the life of me I can't understand where you derive your figures from. Evolution and technological progress doesn't obey linear graphs. It's jerky and unpredictable. We might become extinct tomorrow morning and another sentient race of road builders and moon walkers might not appear for many millions of years if ever. Age has little to do with it. There are too many factors to take into consideration and evolution remains largely a mystery.

this is a simple fact as they are closer to the moment of reaction,therfore the likly hood of thier creation. In addtion formations solar systems, grouping of large bodies of mass that make life possible occur closer to the center of gravity of the galaxy prior to the exterior regions of the galaxy,

Ok, you seem to be saying that life is more common and advanced closer to the centre of the galaxy. Actually, the increased proximity of stars to one another makes stable star systems rather less likely. One thing we do know about life is that it took billions of years to evolve here on Earth. Mass extinctions were helpful in nudging it along in entirely new directions and ultimately keeping it out of ruts but too much planetary wide catastrophe could keep life down. Not giving it enough opportunity to recover. Atleast thats what I think. Many stars are a tenth of a lightyear apart near the galactic core. Imagine the instability of a planetary disk.
Re: friendly et

I think that, should we ever come face to face with a technologically superior race, we would have absolutely nothing to fear from the encounter.

For any civilisation to survive long enough to develop interstellar, or even intergalactic, capabilities they would have to be extremely advanced as individuals not just members of an advanced society for: as we know from our own history, any societal system that places its own existence above that of the individual will eventually fail.

Alien civilisations would probably be anarchist (ie the individual rules his/her/its self) in nature without nationalities, racial biases, organised religions or any other distinctions that can be exploited by interested parties for their own ends.

Such a civilisation, then, would be socialogically incapable of waging a war.

As for the competition for resources, well, this argument carries no weight whatsoever because we are here discussing a race of beings that regard, perhaps, an entire galaxy as their backyard with all the unimaginable riches therein theirs for the taking.

The competition argument also presupposes that ET will be cursed with other human traits such as greed and wastefulness; they will have probably learnt, a long time ago, to take only what they need from their environment and not to manufacture frivolous, unnecessary artefacts with built in redundancy.

The question we should really be asking is how can we survive long enough to become, like ET, interstellar adventurers?

What we need, toward this end, is a common enemy that threatens the entire human race; an enemy that would require the resourcefulness of us all to defeat. There is such an enemy out there - it is not, however, an intelligent life form with designs on Mother Earth - it is an inanimate lump of rock coming tumbling towards us out of the void.

The time to start preparing for the arrival of our nemesis is now but, before we can even start this process, we need to unite as individuals - not just as nation states - so let us become like ET; let's 'alienise' ourselves so that we might get to know each other better and face our common doom shoulder to shoulder.
Ok. Let's presuppose ET (one ET race) is peaceful and as you say incapable of war and this race visits us. Being incapable of war means being incapable of violence, greed, avarice and suspicion. All the things which can lead to war. How would these enlightened beings defend themselves if I were to say pick up a rock and bash one over the head? The best form of defence is attack but as we have already ruled out warlike behaviour this is completely out of the question. Some kind of automated technological protection perhaps? In our society many people carry stun guns or mace. It's conceivable a more advanced race might have developed computers capable of registering a threat and triggering a defence system. Perhaps even some kind of force field. I would imagine any technology would require some degree of maintenance and this would entail a defence technician of sorts. Kind of violating the unwarlike stance of this entire race. For arguments sake I'll skip that particular conundrum. Nothing however is foolproof.

Suppose for a moment these trusting unwarlike beings are persuaded to come to a special dinner laid out in their honor. Set up in a picturesque part of the Gobi desert overlooking some nice foothills. Having no sense of war or deceit and all those other survival instincts we like to label barbaric they accept the invitation so as not to offend us. Then we nuke them to the four corners of the universe and take their technology.

Sound a little farfetched?

Captain Cook was invited to a banquet in his honor by Tongan or New Zealand Chiefs. I forget which. It was a trap and while the crew dined on lobster and fresh fruit several canoes went out to steal their ship. Cook came within a whisker of losing everything and I do mean everything. The "primitive" people who outsmarted him and very nearly took his ship were cannibals. It was only dumb luck that saved him and his crew from the cooking pot.

I don't think any race averse to war would last long in the big bad universe. For one thing, they would perish the instant they met a similarly advanced race not averse to war.

Every empire this World has ever seen was created with blood. Not because its a human preoccupation but because force is the only way of uniting anything.
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I agree with you there, Roadkill; any gentle peaceloving civilisation is likely to have some nasty defence technology hidden away, just in case a warmongering bunch of idiots attack;
see my little story here- the Muuh system of response is capable of acting by itself when danger threatens;
never trust that an unknown alien is friendly, even when it looks like it might be smiling...
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Friendly ET

Hi Roadkill

I've a feeling that ET would take a rain cheque on your invitation to dinner.

In fact I think that he will probably stay well clear of the human race until such a time comes that he; along with, perhaps, the galactic federation, deems us mature enough to play ball with the grown-ups.

Who knows - ET might even be constrained by some galactic statute that debars advanced races from interfering with the developement of emergent civilisations.

To know how far along the road to maturity we have travelled he would, of course, have to keep an eye on us so the next time you are out late walking the dog and you spot something strange in the heavens give it a wave and show your good intentions.

Keep watching the skies.

Best of luck

Peter Dunn
"Absolutely true. We have seen the US stuck in a rut ever since Russia fell apart. That combined with Globalisation and general world peace has seen progress into space somewhat stifled."

I would suggest that you have been in something of a rut since the shuttle was up and running. On the other hand, look atht e way technology has spread into our lives, from the point that your new car probably has as much computing power as the lunar modules, to the more advanced alloys and composites in use. Except the point is that they are being used for narrow minded commecrial purposes. We are as it were building a base of useful technology and engineering abilitiees that will enable us to leap further in a cheaper and easier way than if we'd simply kept running onwards from Appollo.

As for Dwayne D L rabon, its best to ignore him, i've foudn him in the earth sciences bit in a thread overrun by creationists, and hes as nutty there.

Anywayback on topic, scifi has explored probably most of hte variosu scenarios discussed here, including a short sotry i have read recently where hte human space ship is movign from star to star, not finding any planets, and htis is information that will confound the current best theory of why planets form. So it finds one, that looks like its been bombed fomr space, is sitll radioactive, lands, finds it habitable, no natives then gets met by another spaceship, the emissary from which says there was a huge war in this reagion of hte galaxy, where a rogue, aggressive race expanded from its home planet and kept going, and it took the entire galaxy to subdue them, destroying all the plaents in the zone which the erath ship had been exploring. Then teh earth exploreres get killed, cos humans are the ones who did all that damage, and a death sentence was passed against the entire race.

Nowi am on the side of htose who say that if they get into space, theyre likely to have sorted out their fighitng etc abilities enough so as to not want to kill us straight away. But on a purely economic calculaiton, they might like jsut ot kill us off and take the planet. There is no other reason relaly to invade. same goes for trade, all those sotries abotu interstellar trade, unless we get FTL that works very easily, and cheaply in energy terms, forget it, theres nothing except information and templates (DNA, seeds, etc) that cant be replicated somewhere. except individual humans.

So, we'd better hope that theyre nice aliens.
Thats an interesting story. I've read an increasing number of tales from the Alien perspective of late. Entertaining bits of fluff and certainly thought provoking. I think we should begin to specify meanings for "good" and "evil" here. It's fine to say Aliens will be nice but what exactly does that mean?

I remember one book I read about a race who are visited by smelly furless creatures and come to accept them as part of their World. They don't recognise them as being from the Stars. They have become revered as intelligent and wise. They are ofcourse humans and the story only gives the Alien perspective. The star of the story is an intelligent youngster who joins the academy. A school set up by the humans. There he is encouraged to ask questions and experiment with nature. The humans obviously have some longterm goal but it isn't specified and they don't hand out technology. They want the locals to figure things out for themselves.

The young Alien is concerned about a pest that kills off crops and with subtle guidance not disimilar to what you might hear from the Dalai Lama he is given the tools and confidence to investigate the problem scientifically. He concludes that the worms in the water ways are the larval form of the flying plague. He then realises that killing the larval stage can save food crops. He decides to spread this knowledge far and wide but to his horror is kicked out of the university. His findings are given to a dimmer student who probably wouldn't even understand them and that guy gets all the credit.

Not to be stopped so easily he sets up his own buisness selling an agricultural pesticide to farmers. The first such technology on the planet. Farmers are delighted until the value of the crop plummets from overabundance. Thousands go bankrupt. The humans had foreseen this problem and had tried to prevent it the only ways possible. By persuasion and then attempting to control the spread of the technology. Yet they are still ultimately responsible for this outcome.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. There is no black and white in nature. Everything is shades of grey. To the Aliens in this story who eventually learned more about humans, we were evil. Even though we were actually trying to make them more like us. An endeavour which to our way of thinking was good.

We cannot possibly guess the moral belief systems Aliens might posess or the ethical standards they might wish to impose on us. I very much doubt they will match our own. An alien race might for instance think cannibalism perfectly acceptable. Something we would find horrific. They might decide we need reeducating rather than them.
We cannot possibly guess the moral belief systems Aliens might posess or the ethical standards they might wish to impose on us. I very much doubt they will match our own. An alien race might for instance think cannibalism perfectly acceptable. Something we would find horrific. They might decide we need reeducating rather than them.
Of course if the Aliens practiced cannibalism that would be their business, as at least it means they wouldn't be eating humans; :)

having said that, if they decided to reeducate us to believe that cannibalism was not only moral, but obligatory, we would be eating human meat ourselves...
Well I see that the insult have started, most certainly the things that ihve read so far from various comments has been just wild ideas with out any scientific base other than aliens are different than us ect....... the reality is that what i have given some base to the discussion rather than i want ideas as projected by such as road kill ect......
So roadkill you act to question and offer extepolar ideas, and then act to slander a scientific approach and analogy, and that makes for real weak discussion on aliens and encounters with them as your ideas just fill the gaps with your wants and discriminations of aliens.
Oh and gurthie who are you to call nutty have you read your own posts as of late, and to think you had the nerve to ask me about magnetic pole reversals and their next occurance when just about every scientist in the world has be quoted as saying that we are over due for such a event of a magnetic pole reversal. let alone it does not take a prodigy to do the math relative to the location of the magnetic poles.

really what is with the insults does it stroke your psychology to post response to may post with insults and commentary for retards, wheres you contribution from a science approach because so far what i see is some one tryiung to make science or sense with wanton ideas that have no baseful analogy. you did not have to respond to my post thats for sure.

really what do you know about aliens, really tell us where they come from, have they been here on earth, how did they do this, when did it happen, wheres their home world.

road kill you should be some where writting a scifiction book as aposed to trying to push a analogy as to weather aliens are frendly.

Dwayne D.L.RABON

Scew you, you idots.
I asked some questions Dwayne. I disagreed with what parts of your messages I could decipher. You make too many bold assumptions and they are often based on fallacies. Anything I might have said which seemed insulting was probably in jest. I don't really think you smoke ganja. You just have a habit of rambling which gives that impression.

Moving on......

Aliens may not necessarily be evil because they do "evil" things. Early missionaries to the "backward" area's of our planet had only the very best of intentions as they trampled other cultures into the dust and caused the loss of many languages. When an unwritten language is forgotten it is forgotten forever. They gladly accepted land and introduced capital punishment by way of trade. Some natives had no conception of 'ownership" because they practised a sharing communal lifestyle devoid of material wealth. They soon discovered the joys of being whipped for stealing. "Modern" technology is always a cause of envy and avarice. Particularly among people to whom the concept was unknown previously.

Even if Aliens came here with the best of intentions and needed our help I doubt any friendship would ensue. We would be too different. In the backs of our minds would be the future day of confrontation. When the niceties are set aside and it becomes a free for all to see who is stronger. This is built in to us. What else could happen?

Firstly we would long for their technology and try to aquire it. They might also seek something of ours. Trade might prove fun for a while but like the beads traded to islanders by white missionaries we might eventually realise we were getting hard done by. That would cause resentment. Trade is fraught with all kinds of ways it can lead into war. If they give us their technology then we will be on an equal footing. If they don't then we will try to steal it. Even if we become allies for a time it will just be temporary I think. I reckon 9 times out of 10 they will just conquer us and save a lot of time. Rob us before somebody else does. Isn't that the excuse used by conmen? "If I hadn't done it somebody else would have". An attempt to justify their crime most certainly, but probably true.
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Well roadkill there is nothing rambing about what i have to say, the things i had to say are not assupmtions, the points discussed by my post define critical points in make a decision if aliens are frenidly or aggressive. simply a few points that remain fact and provide a base in reality, to the discussion and question.
the points made also require some defintion and detail to provide a comphrehension of the general point, the step by step detail including the mathamatics would require a even longer written essay to basic points.
A serious question rises when you say that you can not follow the simpler points defined, a breif not that is sinply direct would lead you to a loss and assumption.

A few points
1.) aliens/life forms are most likely to orginate in gravition regions of the galaxy that provide a greater atomic stablity with active chemistry.
2.) the influence of gravity that plays a role in alien life and atomic stablity, places alien intrest in atoms that are heavy or of large atmic number such as cesium, barium,iridum, platinum, osium. aliens comeing to our region would value these atoms due to the fact thet would play a more significant role in alien worlds and life in heavy gravity regions of our galaxy.
3.) aliens having a more advanced technology would find this region useful because it offers a source of natural gravity of a solar system, this would be useful in establishing a base in the far reaches from there home worlds, it also relavant to there tech would provide the gravity center of a region that allows them to advance there technology in reseach direct torward developing space craft that can travel to a distant galaxy such as the Andromeda galaxy.
4.) aliens coming from a region of higher gravity influence woul;d find a planet such as jupiter more attractive than earth, due to the properties of gravity, and emf forces which would be more liketo occur in a regions of high gravity simular to thier own.
5.) inner planets could only offer heavy atoms as a resource.
6.) aliens would find humans intresting to examine for the most part, alien would also understand that life in the regiopn of our galaxy is limited and that elimination of life and any advance species natural to earth to have tech would be subject to nature destruction every 5,000 to 7,000 years by magnetic pole reversals increaseing the difficulty of its advancement, there would be no need to attempt to destroy humans as they have challanges already that are paramount, they could just simply wait and let nature do it.
7,) alien would know that life on earth and in our region would have only exist for a very short time about 27,000 years and would have only about 9,000 years left to make all the nessacary advancements to maintain as a stable life form in the galaxy.
8.) understanding that life has only been possible on earth for about 27,000 years it appears that aliens would more than likely not have been here to vist, or have visted us recently, unless they are already a galaxtic empire, instaed of a by chance rogue beginig alien exsplorer.
9.) the remote location of our solar system defines that we will see if we come into concat with aliens the most advance forms of space craft that they have in thier space traveling fleet, let alone it is likly that we would see the reseach craft that they posses for cosmic travel to distance or other galaxies. if we are to meet aliens we will meet the most advance type of aliens that their world has to offer, the highest preforming alien known to thier society of aliens, reseacher and leaders, and most likly war heads.
10.)it is safe to assume about the conduct of aliens that they would take a scientif intrest in what occurs on our planet, and about our biological functions, even so aliens would know that we are natural fictures to this sloar system, and that they are foreign and that habitaion is not conductive relavant to atomic compostion of life forms, alien would need spectral stablization of atomsphere to live in a atmospher like earths, and closed quaters. plainly a life support system. due to toxic nature of are enviroment.
11.) therefore alien intereactnce is limited either way we look at it. so a need to destroy humans would take a direct treat by humans against aliens of which we do not posses the ablity to present such a threat, in addtion to this alien would be aware that such motivation would be the direct function of a small group of humans and not the entire race.
12.) the present ment of meeting a life form such as humans with some state of tech would be rare in general occurance given the unstablity of emf forces which are nessacay for the develpoment of life but also act destructivly on the so life forms, a simple fact of pole reversal occuring in the galaxy on planets that can form life.

13.) the encounter of aliens presents the more likly hood that such aliens would be more helpful in sustaining life in the galaxy, or act to help humans in contrast to trying to eliminate them. however the focus of human to act more towards war would lead them to caution and there will alway be the point that alien would self protect.
consider this statment
The firearm being nessacary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.
any alien could at any time need to protect it life, if aliens land on the jupiter first and colonize it, is it earths or the aliens to colonize it, well simple fact tells you that it belongs to the aliens not to humans, why human are not even organized on a planet scale to define the earth as for the groups of humans as one, how would humans insert the right to a planet that they can not even live on much less get to or vist, a alien coming to our solar system might have to defend that right to live on juptier because humans are so arrogant to say its theirs and quite surly its not.
any intelligent life form knows the boundry of whats yours and whats mine, simple law of use, even animals that walk our planet.
the averge person may have a need for some fear of aliens natural precaution, but they would need to have more fear from the people they live with, as those are the people that try to dictate their belifs and persona wants ect..... on others.
a alien would not be so limited as it has the capablity to travel the galaxy it has the motion of freedom, the treatto humans comes from from alien intrest in biological functions that may result in atopsy or biological pentration ect....a exspermint, but look at the fact humasn have exsperminted on other humans quite offten so which are you more scared of a alien that could probally cut off your finger and regrow it or a human that would cut off your finger and let you bleed to death. which would have a sound mind the alien or the congressmen when it come to your pleas.

"Oh and gurthie who are you to call nutty have you read your own posts as of late, and to think you had the nerve to ask me about magnetic pole reversals and their next occurance when just about every scientist in the world has be quoted as saying that we are over due for such a event of a magnetic pole reversal. let alone it does not take a prodigy to do the math relative to the location of the magnetic poles."

HAhaha, their next ocurrence is in a couple thousand years time at the present extrapolations, as i read recently, and they dont seem to occur as often as every 5,000 years. Thats not the same as making whatever claims you were. I have read my own posts recently, care to comment on them? AS for the rest of that, what else is there to say except i am a mathematical idiot. i confess, i cant do much more than addition and subtraction.

As for your next post, it makes some sense, so your saying aliens would be unlikely to want to mess with us and would be likely harmless?
7,) alien would know that life on earth and in our region would have only exist for a very short time about 27,000 years and would have only about 9,000 years left to make all the nessacary advancements to maintain as a stable life form in the galaxy.


any intelligent life form knows the boundry of whats yours and whats mine, simple law of use, even animals that walk our planet.

You mean like the way humans respect the Dolphins environment. Dolphins may be as smart or smarter than we are. Its just that our minds work differently. Their brains are relatively equal to ours in both size and body ratio. They are believed by many to have mastered language and they posess an extra sensory perception. An incredibly advanced form of sonar which allows them to "see" underwater objects in murky conditions. Down to the exact shape. We can't even get along with other Terrans and you are telling me it's a "fact" that Alien visitors from another star system will respect our self claimed ownership of this planet? If they are more intelligent than us then I don't think our pleas are going to mean much.
The universe is a huge place. Threre must be several different races of extraterestial beings out there. Some way be good, some may be bad. Just like there are people who are friendly to you on the planet, and people who you just dont get along with. Lets hope that the friendly aliens out weigh the non-friendly ones. Though very doubtfull:(

I think you are right. There could be countless wars going on throughout the galaxy between spacefaring races. I wouldn't be surprised if any debris from ancient warships has drifted into our suns orbital plane. We would never find it. We stumbled across 21 new moons around Jupiter last year. An asteroid the size of a football field hurtled between the moon and us very recently and we never saw it until 4 days after it had gone past. An entire spacecraft would be invisible to our telescopes. A million year old intact warp engine could be orbiting the sun between Earth and Venus and we might never know about it. Kind of ironic that the human race might evolve, philosophise about interstellar travel and become extinct with the secret to star travel within easy reach.
well I knew that dolphines where intelligent enought to demonstrate complexed communications with humans from several documentraies on dolphines, i did not know that their organization places them at a point of intelligence above humans. but to think of it you did mention sonar which would suggest a form of mathamatics, just not written math. which in addtion suggest that dolphines might have a exstensive memory relative to than mathamatics, suggesting even furthur no need for writting and exspression of that intelligence.
it would seem that such a delevopment would be due to their enviroment condtions,water. and that there social order is based on the the large exspansion of habitat, so it would seem that the dolphine is a creature with all of the potenital to achivie enivormental manipulation, such as inventions, material inventions comforts and elevators such as our own standards,but lacking one means the physical body to manipulate material.

so when i think about humans development it would appear given the density of dry soil humans are more physcially orientated,and so more likly to develope physical development before mind form. where dolphines have a lower density enviorment and so more likly to develope mental functions they just might have a higher organiztion of intelligence than humans, social customs and meaning of vaules would be foriegn to any human frame of mind just based on enviorment, but i could see how the dolphine possesing a higher organization would respect the attempt of communication with a non dolphine such as human, even though out of order and enviormental circumstances, as the dolphine posses high order of orgaization menatlly, the human mtoion would be calculated and predicted. as with sharks or killer whales ect.... association of communication is assumably freindly. givens its order of events or practice.
the sonar delevopment of dolphines would not only develope mathamatics, but also would be a enviromental circumstance developed by waters defraction of light, and emf forces calling for finer senses, at more easly traveled wave forms. highly sensitive they would be to see in merky waters, yes definitly a trait of high intelligence, the fact that doplhines can navigate wave forms defines that doplhines are phyic, telepathic. and calculating light begins the aspects of prophecy, telling of the future and precongniton of events. as it is the only means possible to make the connection scientifically. it may be that the highest form of doplihne intelligence is precongnition of events, which would prove to be one of the world most remarkable finds.

do you feed your cat when it meows, when do you reconginze intelligence, a life form that travel the exspanse of the space would have intelligence and would under purpose of communication and discover of new life forms, humans are advanced enough for recongition, even though they have faults, like wise would you regonconize the ablity of a dolhpine to tell you of futrue events,if you know that the dolpine has a developed mind to make a better assertion of pregoncition than any human as the dopline calaculates light wave form. i think that a alien would have the intelligence to make a bridge to hear your voice and plea.

Dwayne D.L.Rabon
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