xev vetting posts that are critical of her position

Stryderunknown said:
Actually CounslerCoffee, I think it would just be a username ban, since anyone connecting with a Dynamically allocated IP from their service provider would keep coming back with a different IP.

It's only the few with a static IP from their provider which would be permanent if based on an IP block.
Care to run a test in the interest of curiosity? I would be willing to be the test subject (for a temporary ban, of course).
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It is beyond me why one would feign indignance over the moderation of such garbage.

lets take a look at them

is this all you do? create useless self serving propaganda based on fanciful notions of self grandeur? explain yourself woman and make it good.

how the hell can you even pretend that this is offensive considering as to who it is directed at....frikkin potty mouth xev! the moderator that is allowed to spew her filth all over your forums. it is simple rhetoric of a questioning nature. if you do not understand what it means, let me rephrase.... "skank! care to elaborate?" now what exactly is your issue with this? if you look past the rhetoric you should see i am asking the bitch to clarify her position. how is that out of line?

and again push superbitch.....

which means... she is advocating a superior person

ja, rooted up your distended ass is what i think.

you are being a disingenuous fraud. the terminology is what she introduced. refer back to the topic post. eyeball the quote from the skank

Originally Posted by Xev
What in the hell are you talking about? Damn, I need drugs to sound that moronic and out of touch with reality.
By no means am I proposing a road to the "ubermensch" through feminist axioms, get your head out of your ass (it's distended enough as is).
Rather, I'm playing with ideas of social vs. individual action. Jesus, you moron.

do you comprehend? look at the bolded portion. those are her words. it is how she responded to my initial query. now, do you assert it is acceptable for her to slag me off while i gotta eat crow? why? you blatantly promote a double standard. have you given up on appearing as an individual that has, at the very least, a little bit of integrity? your stature has visibly deflated. a truly pathetic showing on your part, mr admin

You should be thankful that Xev tried to spare you embarrassment by removing them.

this has to be the most moronic interpretation of xev's motives i have ever heard. are you blind as to what goes on in sciforums? wake up. xev is not motivated by such noble reasons. instead she merely seeks to preserve her ego by any means necessary. what is going on, porf? are you really this dumb? it seems i had elevated you on to a pedestal quite unnecessarily.

However, this one thread is merely the latest incident.

so you tell me that one cannot move on? the past is the past. i had made my peace with goofyfish. we agreed to drop whatever issues we had and start afresh. when i proposed a truce, i believe his words were...."deal!" that was around mid 2003. goofy's case is the only one where i went overboard. i still feel ashamed about that. asguard and others however earned my disrespect to the last cent! it is not impartiality that fuels their moderation. it is instead, raw animalistic ego!

yet, i see no need to ignore issues that crop up in the present simply because similar ones have occurred in the past. different players/different scenarios. i will respond. i will react. it is a brand, frikkin, new day. do something i find shitty and i will comment. perhaps even make a stink about it

Your 6400+ posts do not compel me to be any more lenient.

i do not see what post count or any other irrelevancies have to do with what i feel is a legitimate issue with the skank. i respond to her thread, she responds to all my posts. later she deletes everything. i wanna know why. hence the topic post. the rest is rhetoric

Your persistent campaign to harass, insult, and waste the time of the moderators and of myself leaves me no choice but to ban you forever from sciforums.

the goofy debacle in sfeedback


quite the monster, aint i?

"and of myself"? interesting. you now pretend you too are a victim? can this be documented? show me how i have directly disrespected you in my posts. fact is, if that was really the case, i would have been out much sooner than this. it is quite well known that you are unable to tolerate criticism

there is no frikking campaign. i do not get up in the morning planning to harrass anyone. you exaggerate and distort in order to maintain your position. i have not received a single warning from anyone in administration about the issues you bring up. no cease and desist. no threatened bans. not from you, goofy, wet or banshee. no one! instead i get this "ban you forever! what frikkin drama! pathetic! also despite asguards assertion that i was banned (an overnight ban!) i think you know that he lied.

you did have choices. unfortunately you decided on the cowardly route

If you cannot show the slightest respect to those who operate the site for your benefit, then you are no longer welcome here.

respect has to be earned. i have never pandered to anybody's whims or fancies and i do not aim to start anytime soon. if that was the price of membership, i would have taken a pass long time ago

there are moderators that i would not dream of disrespecting. a simple admonishment from them would have me toeing the line in a jiffy. unfortunately evil little retards like coffee and xev do not warrant such respect. a pox on the two. i piss on them!

i would have liked to come back. however given your take on my status in sciforums. it is obviously not an option. integrity and principles matter. your apparent lack of these qualities disgusts me. i refuse to be tainted by the shit you embrace. (enjoy cannibalizing your members in sfog)

all is now however, water under the bridge. i guess i'll just thank you for my time spent here and move on.
have a nice day now ;)
Gosh, i went through some of the links. I was just looking at my own posts and could only think that I was making lots of fuss about nothing. I had forgotten about all these 'affairs'.

Na ja, nothing has changed.
The Fountain-of-head mentioned me in one of his tirades. I thinking he’s hoping I’ll be the next to go.
I only mention that anyone interested in the truth should search the thread in question and see the timeline of how things progressed and who began the decline into name-calling and absurdity.
I only respond in kind and I adjust my posts to the level of the ones posting for or against me or I completely ignore them when I deem that they are hopeless or have ulterior motives.
These morons probably expect to mudsling and we should just take it.
It is evident to all willing to be honest that I for one have been respectful only to those that offered me respect as well and only crossed the line into vulgarity when I was pushed by idiots wanting to vent or make-up for personal inadequacies.

I, for one, am relieved that that fly is gone.
I can stop using the ignore list now.
This moron went as far as to attempt to personally harm me and spent more time on vengeance and attention getting than on constructive criticism or opinion making.

I read through his posting and for the life of me found none that were worth reading and the ones that actually said anything he admitted himself were not his own work.
What was he good for, a laugh, a cut and paste, entertainment, all of the above?
When a single individual reverts to base behavior it forces others to do so as well, lowering the overall level of this Forum.

If you cannot see the psychological deformities in this little fly and how he used this forum as a way to vent personal frustrations and placate inner insecurities then you are hopeless.
Now watch the Fountain-of-head and his behavior here. He’s only marginally different.
Actually the Name ban doesn't need testing, As for Anonymiser and proxies, they work until they get blocked. You can imagine you only need one person to get a proxy banned and then no one can use it.

Just a question for everyone:

If Spookz had not of been targetted would of his posts still contain obscenties?

And to balance this question:

Does Xev's normal posts not directed at spookz, thefountainhed or Wraith contain obscenties?

If you can gain an answer to both of these, you should be able to work out the balance.
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Does Xev's normal posts not directed at spookz, thefountainhed or Wraith contain obscenties?

Yes they do. Refer to Wraith's complaint.
Actually Wraith I wasn't exclaiming that anyone has incited other forum dwellers to use profanety, I was mearly trying to look at where everybodies basis of arguement should be ironed out.

I could see that Spookz at the time was getting alot of stick, and it appeared that he was extremely disgruntled by it and was bringing the attitude developed from that into other topics. However I couldn't say as to whether Spookz normal conversation techniques in topics where he wasn't being targetted contained the same attitude.

Now before anyone rises up and complains that this is singling Spookz out, it's not as you also have to look at everybodies attitude in this situation.

Take for instance, Xev gets alot of stick as a moderator, and yes Xev does have a history of rudeness which was probably to keep some of the board dwellers on subject rather than trying to "chat her up" (This is in the early years before you point any comments about "chat her up?! lol" etc)

Admittedly Xev might have used a more tactile approach to dealing with those that she wanted to re-evalute their positioning.

My original question mearly related to both individuals by asking if they had accumilated attitudes from the repartee of abuse laden rhetoric, or had these attitudes before-hand, that are apart of their overall persona's?

Admittedly Sciforums appears to currently Lack from an overall ruleset that clearly points out what can and can not be allowed on the forums, but the main thing that seems to be indicated is that personal attacks on users/moderators aren't tolerated if they use expressed amounts of profanety.

Such instances would be the creation of threads directed at abusing individuals either because of their persona or ethnic backgrounding.
Although other areas could be placed into topic for abuse threads (like Racism, Sexism, Theology distemperance and apparently sexual relations preference. [Those that like sheep complain somewhat and ask for annual sheep marches])

I believe such ruling over Spookz was based on what was classed as "an attack on Xev", although it would be biased to see it just from this position.

Perhaps someone should have intervened and explained to both parties in question it could no longer be tolerated, before anyone got banned, But that unfortunately didn't occur.

If Spookz really did want to come back, then he would just have to explain himself as diplomatically as possible to Porfiry and promise that he wouldn't continue arguing with Xev, or posting profanety.

Porfiry would then decide wether to let him back under that Pseudonym and also have to explain to Xev that she can't cause arguements about Spookz either. Basically they would have to be told to stay away from each other.

Although Porfiry might suffer from something called "An escalation of Commitment", where someone that makes a decision be it wrong or right, is bound by their unlining priniciples to see it through and not change from their decision.
(Just out of interest is a term used in discussion of failed businesses, where the Director makes a serious wrong choice, otherwise the business would not have fialed)
I suggest me and spookz meet up in Vancouver, a meeting that will be moderated by Porfiry, where I'd like to introduce him to his enemy... reality.
Let's see where rhetoric ends and reality begins and if he can backup his words with some physical substance.
Let empiricism prove where his 'philosophy' and mind [Does he have one by the way?] have lead him in comparison to mine.
Let us see if he's all talk and no action.
I'm willing to send my telephone number to Porphiry to setup the meeting and travel there. It'll actually be a longer trip for me than for that fly.
Let's see if he's only hiding behind computer screens and words or if he's the genuine thing.
I’d like to introduce him to something he’s avoided all his life, physical reality. Let’s see how his tongue and one-liners will do then.
You can all come as well. And bring cameras.
I'm thinking this guy must have been beaten up a lot in school.

How the hell do you live in California and wind up spending so much time on the internet?
I mean I can understand it if you live in some place where it’s so cold and dreary that you have few alternatives to pass your time but to live in California that is so full of beautiful sunshine and women and to spend your free time harassing people on some internet Forum seems pathetic.
To have nothing to say and yet persist in participating is ridiculous.

And Flo, Bells and all you fly lovers out there, I’m sorry for your loss.
His profound intellect and misunderstood genius will be surely missed. His words of wisdom and deep critique will be missed.
His laconic acumen and linguistic artistry will be missed.
How will we cope without his profundity?
How will we now learn and grow without his witty repartee and intuitive understanding?
How will we now continue to debate without his 'to the point' vulgarity and mature discourse?
He was truly an intellectual force tobe reckoned with and this Forum is the poorer for not having him around.
I can only hope we can all recover from this terrible loss and that he can find some other forum to explore the avenues of critical thinking and abstract reasoning as he did here with such grace and dignity.
He proved to me, at least, that my assessment of Americans was way off base and with his quiet wisdom and seriousness he made me reconsider the intellectual level of western man.
Thank you spookz, wherever you are, my friend, my fly, my greatest advertiser and benefactor, my favorite toy and puppet. :D

Isn'tis ironic how hegot himself kicked out? He was so full of himself he didn't even comprehend what was going on in here. He got a little too cocky.
Why do I get the feeling he’ll be back?
Thanks administrator for the Ignore List.
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thefountainhed said:
Wandering fool, I suggest that when you intend to use a word I introduce, you truly understand it.


Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise.
Thanks for teaching me my own language idiot.

Now tell me how do you say get lost in Greek.
Interesting factoid, I'm born in Sparta which is located in a province called Laconia.
Interesting huh?
Interesting huh?

Maybe to you and others, but not to me.

"laconic acumen" is deplorable. And the usage of laconic, while in homage to supposed Spartan behaviour, is English and not greek.

I am glad you are learning, it is my pleasure. As I previously indicated, you have a lot to learn little punk.
thefountainhed said:
Maybe to you and others, but not to me.

"laconic acumen" is deplorable. And the usage of laconic, while in homage to supposed Spartan behaviour, is English and not greek.

I am glad you are learning, it is my pleasure. As I previously indicated, you have a lot to learn little punk.
Are you saying 'laconic' is not derived from a Greek word or that it is only used in English?
You pathetic ignoramus so full of semantics and no ideas.
You are the kind the focuses on grammar and spelling rather than the ideas conveyed.
You find your ‘superiority’ in surfaces.
Good for you.
End of exchange.
"You are the kind the focuses on grammar and spelling rather than the ideas conveyed. "

Incorrect. I never check my posts for such nonsense. When I have a notion to convey, it shall be done within its context-- requiring whatever techniques are needed.

I taught you a new word, the least you can do is use the bloody word correctly. Prior to reading my comment about your laconic post, you had never used the word. Since seeing it, you used it in quick sucession. I would have let it pass, but I had to educate you. Next, we shall continue the lesson of thinking rationally and logically-- foremost would be the elimination of non sequiturs. Capiche?

"You find your ‘superiority’ in surfaces."

"End of exchange."

"Are you saying 'laconic' is not derived from a Greek word or that it is only used in English?"
You cannot read? It is drived from a latin word. Laconia is merely a province and not the origin of the word.

"You pathetic ignoramus so full of semantics and no ideas."
Incorrect. I am your intellectual superior-- you are already aware.
........where I'd like to introduce him to his enemy... reality.
And I present you with yours: Indifference.


Thy soul is smit with coward fear.

Sit there for a moment, fountainhed. Step back from the keyboard, roll those eyes way back and close them. Fold your hands on your lap, take a breath. Reflect.

And really think about why it is you go around downplaying thunder and lightning. Think about the reasons why you throw around that pet motto so common to people like you to others not like them: "You are my new project."