YAAASQ!! (Yet another avatar and signature question)


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I'm sure its been asked, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Anywhere, I just paid for membership (2.99/month) but the email address for my paypal account is different than the one I use for sciforums. Does the system still know it was me who paid? If not, what do I do? Sorry if this has been asked before...but i did do a search for the question.

Thanks...did so. Anyone know how long it usually takes between payment being recieved and actually getting "the perks"?

Because I really like my avatar and can't wait to see it next to my name! :)

hmmm ok...we're approaching that. Ill wait a bit more and PM dave again. I'm sure he's VERY busy.

Okay...its been a couple weeks. I've PMed Dave and nothing has happened yet. I donated a measly 3 bucks a month because well I like the site...but if i CAN have the avatar and sig, I do want them. I'm just kind of upset that Dave didnt respond to my PMs even to say, sorry, busy.

Sorry..i knew there would be a mixup with this. The email address i have on my paypal account is not the same i have here. I PMedyou about it. But I guess you don't check them too often.

the email address is


No no no no!!!! You should have pmed porf your email. Now data miners will find your email address here and send spam.

Be prepared to find "manhood enlargement" spam in your letterbox...
Haha... I already PMed him. He doesn't check them I don't think. Anyway, the reason I used that email is because that IS my spam address. So thats fine.

I just realized that I did the same thing tonight. My Paypal account is setup with my business address. Son of a...