Your best reason for not comitting suicide

Common Sense = Abiliy to Reason

Common sense( good and bad ) = ability to reason( good and bad )

Reasoning abilities varies with the brains cognitive abtlites( good and bad )

Reasoning abilities can lead to differrent resultants( good and bad )

Common sense on good days may find many reasons to live( good )

Common sense on bad days may find many reasons not to live( bad )

On average, reasonable people will have good, moderate and bad days with the resultant that most reasonable people will live to reason another day.:)

As a believer in the afterlife, I can think of no scenario that turns out well for a life that ends in suicide. So you're floating down the corridors of a some disembodied existence after having killed yourself, and other spirits look at you and whisper, "Yeah, there's that poor fellow who killed himself with a shotgun." Or you blow your head off, and you find yourself in front of heavenly angels glowing with love and light. Then they look at you, and you killed yourself. How does this turn out well. On the other hand, I can imagine living out my unhappy life, making mistakes and struggling. Then, when I die, the angels show up in glowing white raiment. That look upon me, and like everyone else, I struggled and suffered, but I made it, and it's love, peace and joy after that.

It would appear that you make out the "spirits and heavenly angels glowing with love and light" to be as petty and arrogant as they were when they were alive.
This a not a cry for help. I'm simply positing a hypothetical for philosophical discussion. In a culture that does its damnedest keeping this subject from even being talked about, I dare to broach it here.
I applaud you for that, it's a taboo subject that everyone in the US really don't like talking about.
So why NOT commit suicide?
For me...i want to see how humanity's modern society plays out when we've finally destroyed, degraded or consumed this world's resources and crash down hard. I want to be alive to see when our inflated population can no longer be sustained by the earth's diminishing capacity and shorten our own specie's existence by destroying the plethora of other species who we depend on. I want to see the masses cry, wale and plead to their precious god(s) to save them from themselves or ask how this could ever happen. I want to see the countless ideologies made to perpetuate modern society crash down to the ground. Basically i want to have the last laugh when this world starts to burn in a metaphorical sense or in reality.:D
What's a really good reason for sticking around?
Again for me it's to enjoy the tragic comedic play that is humanity. Once you realize what a joke everything is enjoying the comedy behind it is the only thing that makes sense. In a insane world it's the sanest choice you have.

Can you stop with the naff angel pictures and the creepy girly rainbow pictures. You are spamming them across the forum. Cut it out.

You've been a rotten person for so long that pictures of happy things make you recoil. I was watching a video about satanists last night. By their own admission, they believe that only the strong should survive. I don't know if you are really a satanist, but I do wonder if you give a damn that people feel suicidal, or if you have the attitude of: let them kill themselves if they really want to. Do you care about people or are you just a cold-hearted atheist?
You've been a rotten person for so long that pictures of happy things make you recoil.

So, you believe the same pictures that make you happy should make everyone happy, and those who do not agree with your pictures being spammed all over the forums are rotten people.

Could you possibly be any more selfish and self-centered?