your favourite music video which is art by itself


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I vote for:
Enigma - Beyond the Invisible

next are:

Bjork - All is full of Love
Rammstein - Sonne
in these kinds of threads it's very welcome from people to name particular songs, even if it makes you to choose among the best of the best.
you can just as me list others below
Sorry about that...i was gonna just list all of them, but i guess i can narrow it down to a favorite :D my i guess "Aenema"....oh forgot about "spiders" by system of a down too...
Bjork makes videos which are pure art, definately.

I'd say- Joga
Cocoon, and Hidden Place are all like this.

Also! The Coldplay video 'Trouble' was really astonishing. I'm surprised it didn't get more attention.
I agree, but have you seen the one by Enigma?

I personally like All is full of Love by Bjork most, but they are all true art
No, I have not seen or heard anything by Enigma. But back to Bjork!

I actually have never seen the AIFOL video. I have had any oppurtunities to buy it on DVD, but I just haven't.

There is only one Bjork video I find uninspired, which is 'Play Dead'. It was feaued on a soundtrack for some plastic-laden Holywood action flick, and the video just interlaces shots of Bjork singing and rubbing her hands in a big room with this stupid shoot 'em up footage.

If you have ever seen Cocoon, you' understand why it was so good. I don't think I could imagine a better concept than Bjork playing with red tendrils coming out from her breasts.
yes I have seen Cocoon and not the other (which is good:))
AIFOL is very beautiful, truly, really- you must see it:)

and as for that Enigma video- it's also very truly great
can get both on kazaa
Originally posted by lokee
I like that one enigma one where everything is in reverse and there's a unicorn

Yes - it's also really great- it's called- Return to Innocence
"spiders" by system of a down...
Darn, I missed one? :eek: :D

Faithless by Injected. Fave colour of blue.

Californication by the RHCPs, video game! :D

Superman's Dead by Our Lady Peace. Tragic.

Jeremy by ____. The shirtless boy who committed suicide, and splattered the blood on all his classmates...ahh..perfect for the song. :) Too bad I can't remember the artist ATM....

And absolutely any video by Tool. Definitely. Gotta love the twisted Claymation. :D
I jumped in the river ....

Radiohead: Pyramid Song
Radiohead/UNKLE: Rabbit in Your Headlights
Soundgarden: Jesus Christ Pose
Pearl Jam: Jeremy
Gorillaz: Rock da House
Deep Forest: Sweet Lullaby

Those are the first to mind. One of the Radioheads is probably my favorite.

Tiassa :cool:
that's pearl jam who sings jeremy. and that is a really good one...and hush by tool is great too
Blur - "Coffee and TV"

A milk carton roaming the streets to find a family's missing child. An awesome blend of animation and live action.


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Yeah! That's right, it was Pearl Jam. Thanks Lokee :)

Let's see...I liked Schism by Tool...the one where the little Claymation dude was looking for something? I especially liked the part where the guy ripped off a part of the pipe, and you can see there's an intestine type thing moving past. They're good at making things creepy. :)
Tool's newest video, "parabola" is a work of art too...system of a down's video, "Chop Suey" is pretty damn cool too.
Dam, haven't seen Parabola, on account of not having the Alternative channel. *grumble*

Yes! System Of A Down rocks! :D I have yet to see Aerials as a video, but I've seen Chop Suey, and it's cool. The in-and-out reappearances are groovy. The drummer is so normal, it's funny. :D And Shavo Odadjian (bassist) rocks.
Has anyone seen the vid for Prayer, by Disturbed, or Dead Cell by Papa Roach? I'm addicted to the tracks, but I'm not sure if there's a video accompaniment...