your most valuable experience?


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You know in the movies or in lyrics they always write or perform events of people who have suddenly had a 'light turned on' so to speak, you know one of those moments where everything comes together and makes so much sense.... I havnt had that experience, not life altering anyway, I guess ive had it gradually, but I havnt woken up one morning and gone.." today, i realise that I am spose to be a garbage collector." Do they really exist, if so, when do I get mine???
I'd say that moment (for me) was when I first paid a listen to Bjork. I'd always been plagued by these strange and frighteningly immesnse dreams that almost formed an entriely new, fantasy realm- and when I finished 'Homogenic' not only was I holding onto the grass in my backyard for fear of falling into the sky, but I knew how to handle those dreams into eternal beauty, and therefore eternal happiness. I cannot explain it, but from that point my life has been almost totally idyllic, and looking into the seemingly abstract has given me new meaning for life.

For instance, I made a map of this dreamworld, and by just looking at how it came out, I totally understood how life comes in waves, how that relates to getting rid of fears of being too introverted, how it relates to becoming extroverted while at the same time being inward, how loss most often is as valubale as gain, and finally, how Alanis Morrisette can be such a perfect person- and how that realtes back to the striking similarity to the progress of Bjork's music, and in turn, my development, which finally relates to the natural order of the cosmos- and birth. ( more on this later....I suppose.....sorry.:rolleyes::)

So, no more suffering for me, and it's all related to Bjork, and that one afternoon last April. Life is cyclical......

(I am a totally incoherant fool these NOT take me seriously....:eek: )
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:( Ah, yes. I got a name shortening. Nobody ever really took the time to say C-o-n-g-r-a-t-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-s, so I thought I should just assume the nickname as the standard. Do you like it?
I get little enlightening experiences that might be what some call "peak experiences", usually in connection to different events. I get a tingly sensation up my spine, but not scared. My vision sharpens. I feel freakin' amazing. I used to get these most when I was younger, when I was more aware of the things around me, not so much anymore.

I guess when I feel fear, I feel alive... when im anxious so many motivaters kick in that I go pursuing crazy!!! Thats as far as I can relate!
I've had that happen several times throughout my life perhaps. The first time was when i was in 4th grade and watched The Neverending Story when it came out.
I have made many of these and I change a lot as a person each time I do. I guess the biggest one was when I looked around and saw that all my anger was hurting other people and turning them away from me. But they never did anything to make me angry I just hated myself and took it out upon them-I changed a lot after that.
Mine was when my friend gave me a copy of Marylin Manson's Holywood. I'd never listened to his music before, but that album opened my eyes to what the world is really like through metaphors and swearing. I used to see the world with wonder, now I realise that it sucks. Actually, I shouldn't take it out on the world, I blame the people. Not everybody, I bet you guys are really nice people, but this world is full of prejudice and stereotypes which are wrong. I never label people anymore...much.
I can literally get "high", by only listening to some good Music. It's like everything is right with the world then. Especially when there is real good guitar playing in it. Not always though.

Music can make me feel so peaceful, guitars go through me and lift me up. I can feel them, like energy, which takes me away and make me fly high...:)
hmm.. as for a life-changingg expirience.. i cant reallysay i have one. but i do know that rush of life when for a moment everything is where its supposed to be. I feel that way when im at a dance competition, and i'm there on the floor infront of thousands of people. The music starts, and with one movement i whip my head up and burst out everybit of additude i have to express the music and prove my hardwork to the nodding judges. thats when i get my rush. :)