Your Music Creations


stroking my banjo
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C'mon, let's be having them!

Mine are pretty awful, but here they are. Enjoy :)

Yes, sarcasm, before anyone asks about the song descriptions.

I use fruityloops 5 producer edition. I'm going to give Ableton Live a go and probably the new cubase.

Let's hear your creations :)
Thanks <s>arsehole</s> Tablariddim :)

Somebody else must have some music. You can see that quality isn't an issue. Whatever you've got, let's be hearing it!
I do, but it's so bad that it's not worth uploading it. Besides, I can never finish a song. I end up with about 30 seconds that's pretty good, but then it gets terrible, and just cuts off because I can't think of anything else.

Out of all the music I've written that I think is decent enough for others to hear, I would rather wait until it's polished, because that's the kind of person I am.
I have a new band - this demo sucks, and I don't sing in this band (which is obvious if you've heard my other band), and this band is a collaboration (not quite a democracy), instead of a dictatorship, but it is where I will spend a lot of time for now, the other band is on hold.

One song is up on
and there is a little piece of video of our first show (last month)

anyone want to hear something good?
sorry no singer still looking for one.