Your Worst Movie?


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This has probably been done a few times before, but I haven't seen the subject in awhile. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

It has to be one you've actually seen, not just heard about.

For me, it was "The Grudge". We call it "The Sludge". It was the most boring waste of movie-time I've ever experienced. No real plot and I couldn't care less about the characters. To boot, the ghost looked like a Japanese sex-doll. I swear, "Plan 9 From Outer Space" had more going for it!
Impossible to limit it to only one.

Red Dawn: Cuban & Nicaraguan insurgents invade Colorado! :rolleyes: High school students defeat the communist Latin horde!!! :rolleyes: Pathetic.

Dirty Dancing: Horrific. Ugly lead actress, homo lead actor dance to canned music. Truly painful to watch. A good torture technique perhaps.

Closer: Repugnant trash.

Analyze This & Analyze That: Robert DeNiro sinks to the lowest levels in a long time.

Howard the Duck: Need I say more?

The last 3 Star Wars: Fans deserved much better.

Nacho Libre: Sigh.......
How could I forget Saturday Night Fever!!!!! :bugeye: Unwatchable! (But I'll admit I LOVED the soundtrack of all the BeeGee's songs in middle school. :rolleyes: )
Dude, Red Dawn is awesome. So's Howard the Duck. Even Dirty Dancing when I was a kid, heh.

I'd say the worst movie for me is the recent version of Solaris. Friggin' boring as hell. The first movie I've ever fall asleep during and I love movies that Solaris is supposed to be. The best part of the movie was all for the girls, seeing George Clooney's butt. I had to put up with that boring movie and see his rear. Sheesh!

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Neildo said:
Dude, Red Dawn is awesome. So's Howard the Duck. Even Dirty Dancing when I was a kid, heh.
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Damn it, we seem to have similiar taste in movies. Red Dawn is a good movie. As far as Howard the Duck, the main thing I remember about that movie is a real good shot of Lea Thompson's ass. Sure beats George Clooney's.

Worst movie? What lies beneath.
I think Genji just has a dislike for Lea Thompson and Patrick Swayze. That seems to be the common link between those three movies. ;)

The part I remember the most about Howard the Duck is the naked duck lady taking a bath with the duck boobies, and then someone also looking at the centerfold pictures in a Playduck magazine. :p

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Haha, I just finished skimming through the reviews of Solaris. Oh man, so funny. So many people saying the same things about it, lol. Horrible!

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cry wolf; plot sucked balls, and the lead actor couldnt act his way out of a spongecake.

cup of my blood; WTF is this movie about? is the devil gonig to take over the world with a porno site or something? icouldnt follow it at all.

doll graveyard; a bunch of 30cm dolls with no thumbs or teeth is going to kill everyone how? and the subplot with that nerd and the retarded girl just adds to teh suckness of it.

hybrid; half of the actors walked straight off a porn set based on their acting skill, and the plot has almost no background to snuck you into the movie.

land of the dead; its supposed to be a zombie movie. when was the last time you saw a zombie think or feel? it goes against everything that a zombie movie should be. plus the name makes you think that it would be similar to night of the living dead, or day of the dead, which makes it even more of a let down.

left behind; what a load of bullshit, it is basically a christian propoganda film with a $10 budget

red eye; wow, 'red eye' got to be a vampire movie right? no, apparently its the name of an airline that gets hijacked in the movie for some stupid reason i cant even remember now

vampires, the turning; why is it that shitty american actors are better vampire slayers than professionals woh have been doing it for years? what is the plot of this movie anyway?

evils city; so these undead ghouls or whatever are kept in their city by a metre high barbed wire fence that the entire cast has climbed over to get in?

the rambo series; need i even say it?

hostel; can someone explain the plot to me again? oh wait, there isnt one

1.0; how exactly is this guy infected by a computer virus? and who exactly infected him? the whole movie is a haze

seed of chucky; a total letdown on the originals, it isnt even a horror movie, and if its not a horror movie, then is the tranvestite doll supposed to be funny?

brokeback mountain; why does this keep getting awards? its a really shitty movie. so some guys realise they are gay and ditch work have at it, why make it a movie?

braindead; i probably would have enjoyed it more if i had known it was a comedy to start with, but still the acting sucked and the effects were poor at best.

hypercube; cube zero had a plot, this does not, it is a retarded attempt to cash in on the sucess of cube zero.
Yeah, I loved "Howard the Duck" too. I was disappointed with the last eight Star Wars movies but I wouldn't put them in the "worst" category.

Funny, I keep a list of my favorite movies, records (you kids call 'em "CDs" now), etc. When I'm old and demented people will know what to bring me to keep me happy, I'll just watch them over and over and not realize it. But I don't keep a "worst" list. I'm sure I've happily forgotten most of the movies I hated and I'd rather not be reminded.

For me it was "Heat" with Al Pacino. Three hours long and it felt like twelve.

But then there were the movies I just had to turn off after giving them a fighting chance for half an hour and take them back to the store. The most recent was "The Forty Year Old Virgin." I always liked Steve Carrell but for the life of me I don't understand what all the hype was about, it was just plain awful.
The Passion

You mean The Butt-whoopin' of the Christ? Heh.

For me it was "Heat" with Al Pacino. Three hours long and it felt like twelve.

What!? Granted, there are a couple slow parts, but that movie is awesome. It also has the best shoot-out scene in movie history! Heck, it was so good that it made two guys do that North Hollywood Shootout in '97.

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although not the worst movie i have every seen perhaps the movie that most disappointed me was american band camp, i thought the series had a nice send off with the wedding and yet i was dismayed with the ending to band camp and now i see they are making another
what was silent hill, i get the felling that ive seen it but cant remember what it was.

i totally agree about deep blue. and the 4th american pie just plain sucked, i saw about 5 minutes of it before leaving. i think one of the most annoying things was the attemp at computer generation to make that guy look like stifler.
"Date Movie "
I usually forget the bad movies I have seen but this one was horrible. When movies are bad, I tend to laugh because they are awfully made, this one was beyond that - It gave me the creeps.

Awful movie that I loved - "Bad Taste"
Come on, the vote should be unanimous on this. The worst movie ever is Gigli (despite Al Pacino and Christopher Walken's meagre efforts) and a close personal second was Life Aquatic.