YouTube Favorites

I thought my post implied that I had been on youtube? If you don't like the nature of my post? tough, quite frankly (if I am reading this wrong please elucidate). If someone can't be bothered to go to youtube and search for 'charlie veitch' then that is their decision, either way. If you type his name into search on youtube the top listing that appears is his channel (bar featured vids) which is what I am recommending. I am not recommending any one video, but his back catalogue.

If you want people to check out your recommendations, post the link. If you don't care, then why post at all?:shrug:

I inadvertently had left my mixer in full echo and reverb, and didn't notice til it was over that the effects weren't part of the the track. It made it even more bizarre. I could see this in a Halloween haunted house where just as you're going out ---like where they might have a room full of mirrors at a state fair -- you get pummeled by this running on wall after wall of large format displays.

I swear, if I ever get into a time machine I'm taking this back to around 1937, just to play it on the streetcorners of Berlin.
This is probably my favorite Youtube video. So uplifting and inspirational.

go bwaaah

My daughter has been caught laughing herself to tears watching this over the past couple of days. My kid creeps me out sometimes.

I thought this was hilarious.

The campaign baby punch uncut

Can you imagine if this really happened?:D