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Saturnine Pariah

Because of that trailer I'm going to watch that movie. Any movie that makes fools of politicians is okay in my opinion.:D
It is pure comedy gold on how politics really work. I cried laughing in that theater.:roflmao:

Usually I don't like to watch any videos more than once or twice if they are good. But I've watched the baby punch at least a dozen times and I still want to see it again. :D
Worst car accidents compilation

OUCH!!! Please slow down you crazy people.:D

My daughter is nearing her driver's permit; this might be a good video for her.

Especially if you live in slip & slid regions of the country. Those slips in front of semi's was very graphic. I have actually been to sites that show all the very gross details of the bodies of those type of accidents. Not something the moderators would approve of.
Friggin funny, but for crying out loud, it's not like they were trapped with Richard Dawkins or anything.

This is cool if you like bowling