YouTube Favorites

This one is on a happy theme, Me-Ki-Gal, and there are a number of other acts on-going simultaneously. You should find this one to be fun. :)

This one is also a lark, talented and attractive by the standards of the day....

The blonde will probably be acceptable to most in the viewing audience as well, lol.
That was absolutely wonderful White-Horse-Girl . I like the music too. Black Betty is a song Me and Band should do as a cover . Yeah Dance Music That is what we do . That would be a good cover for us . Rock and Roll Baby !!
I've seen many interesting things on YouTube, so I thought a topic of YouTube favorites could be a lot of fun. I'm sure a lot of you have also seen some great YouTube presentations. Please feel free to share. I received the following very funny presentation in an email today and thought up this topic so I could share with the rest of you. Let me know what you think or post your own favorite.

Ennio Marchetto Theatre Clips

I love some of the live music, concert footage etc.

But came across this 16 year old amazing piano player who has a liking to Keith Emerson of ELP fame. Also shows what a phenomenal player he was to create the music in the first place.