Zelda Rubinstein died.

I'm not familiar with her or the TV show she's apparently introducing in that clip.

Michael Gilden (cameo on "NCIS" as Abby's love interest), Meredith Eaton's husband (cameos on "Boston Legal" and "NCIS") died a couple of years ago, but it was suicide. He was another midget, or whatever the singular form of "Little People" is. "Little Person"?

BTW, apparently the correct spelling is "Rubinstein."
You never saw Poltergeist?
No. I don't like horror movies. I saw "Rosemary's Baby," but since then they have been focusing on realism and I absolutely do not want to see realistic evisceration and all the other stuff that goes on in those movies. Somebody dragged me to one of the "Omen" series and that was the last time I will ever watch a movie through the tiny slit between my fingers with my hands in front of my face.

I like movies with Muppets in them.