Zodiac KIller

Great film has anyone seen it? What are your views, who was he?
i never watched the film but the following is my opinion.

wasn't the zodiac also the green river killer?
was the zodiac ever found? i believe they nailed some math genius named ted and accused him of the crimes but is he the real zodiac?
judging by the case there very could be at least 2 people involved because the M.O. changed.
He may have been the riverside killer. It's a complex story the killer gave so many clues but was still never found.

They did have one stong suspect but they did a DNA on the envelops he sent police and it didn't match. It's a very strange story
Good movie. Unlike other Fincher's work, but still a very good movie. Beginning of the Zodiac reminded me somewhat on "Son of Sam".

First half of the movie was realistic scary, especially part with "fixing a tire". :eek:
Other part was a skillful presentation of almost 30 years period of investigation and search for Zodiac.
Fincher could do some parts better, but for the two and a half hours movie it's quite ok.
Interesting part is that actually four actors were playing Zodiac. Thereby, with different Zodiac look and voice in every killing and with every show up, Fincher provided audience with effect of mystery very well.

The only objection goes to Gyllenhaal's look. He didn't age a day during those 30 years.

Anyway, as I said it's unlike other Fincher movies but I liked it.