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Many Native American tribes have myths which claim that The Mother Earth is Hollow

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  1. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

    Is it possible the Earth is Hollow? What if all sci~fi gained its momentum from the minds of an Essence that dwells deep in the Mother Earth...could UFOs merge with this essence???
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  3. ATHEISTHATER Registered Member

    Strive for coherence ¥¤palE§§ence¥.
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  5. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

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  7. ATHEISTHATER Registered Member

    Re: ATHEISTHATER can you elaborate please

    Yeah sorta.

    a) What the hell are you talking about?

    b) What's with weird symbols? I have a hard enough time with USA type English.

    c) I'm too tired to check out your HTTP links. Why don't you just briefly outline your wisdom?

    yadayadayada......yeahyeah....please continue ¥¤palE§§ence¥
  8. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

  9. ATHEISTHATER Registered Member

    Re: Re: Re: ATHEISTHATER can you elaborate please

    c) I'm too tired to check out your HTTP links. Why don't you just briefly outline your wisdom?
  10. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

    Re: Re: Re: Re: ATHEISTHATER can you elaborate please

    Sir Wisdom is earned,and if your to lazy to put effort into your trasformation then thats your loss. I think it is possible that an ancient map survived somehow. Piri Rei was
    Turkish, right? Maybe from Plato's time. Plato talked about a God who is
    sitting in the center of the Earth or something, right? maybe they had some
    understanding back then.

    Ralph has posted a few things and suggested that Antartica might have been
    Atlantis. Maybe Plato and the Middle Eastern people knew about
    Atlantis/Antartica and the hollow Earth, maybe the knowledge was still alive
    in the collective memory of the people, or maybe just of the nobility and
    such, who knows? I mean, if the Tibetans had it in their collective memories
    until now, why couldn't the Greeks and Middle Easteners have conserved it
    until 2,000 years ago? In the hollow Earth in the Puranas page/ HE Puranas ?
    I give good evidence of direct mention of the Hollow Earth in the Puranas,
    and the Jan on our list ( not Janice! ) presents some evidence about the
    nagas being in the inner shell from the Mahabharat, where the Bhagavad Gita
    is also found. The Puranas, Mahabharata and Gita were revised in " post "
    Vedic Sanskrit a good 2,000 years ago, or maybe written down for the first
    time 2,000 years ago- but they represent traditions which are much older,
    purported to be 5,000 years old. Purported by a culture already advanced in
    algebra, astronomy, calender systems, and which possessed a sophisticated
    language like Sanskrit, said to be " deva nagari," the language of the gods.
    It beats the pants off of English. The Vedic culture extended directly into
    Persia at least, and Turkey is the same thing. So if the Hindus knew, the
    Turks knew. As the ancient knowledge was blotted out by the rise of
    Mohamedism, there might have been a few groups or families that conserved
    some of the knoledge from before, and that might explain how such a map
    would up in the hands of Piri Rei.
  11. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member

    Re: o' by the way......... AGAIN.

    o' come on y'pal egg's

    You don't have to direct atheisthaters to parts unknown just to make a few points!!!!!

    I am curious too. Tell us what is, or show us what isn't, depending on your knowledge....or lack thereof!!!!

    <i>" I only tune in to find out what he's gonna say next"</i>
  12. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

    Re: Re: o' by the way......... AGAIN.

    even if it were not a compass. Many details concerning this journey have not
    been explained to you; indeed, I have acquainted you with but little that I
    experienced. Near surface earth we passed through caverns filled with
    creeping reptiles; through others we were surrounded by flying creatures,
    neither beast nor bird; we passed through passages of ooze and abyrinths of
    apparently interminable intra-earth structures; to have disported on such
    features of my journey would have been impracticable. From time to time I
    experienced strains of melody, such as never before had I conceived,
    seemingly choruses of angels were singing in and to my very soul. From empty
    space about me, from out the crevices beyond and behind me, from the depths
    of my spirit within me, came these strains in notes clear and distinct, but
    yet indescribable. Did I fancy, or was it real? I will not pretend to say.
    Flowers and structures beautiful, insects gorgeous and inexplicable were
    spread before me. Figures and forms I can not attempt to indicate in word
    descriptions, ever and anon surrounded, accompanied, and passed me by. The
    canvas conceptions of earth-bred artists bring to mind no forms so strange
    and weird and yet so beautiful as were these compound beings. Restful beyond
    description was it to drink in the indescribable strains of poetry of motion
    that I appreciated in the movements of fair creatures I have not mentioned,
    and it was no less soothing to experience the soul relief wrought by the
    sounds about me, for musicians know no notes so sweet and entrancing as this Essence

    There were also, in side caverns to which I was led, combinations of sounds
    and scenes in which floating strains and
    fleeting figures were interwoven and interlaced so closely that the senses
    of both sight and hearing became blended into a single sense, new, weird,
    strange, and inexpressible. As flavor is the combination of odor and taste,
    and is neither taste nor odor, so these sounds and scenes combined were
    neither scenes' nor sounds, but a complex sensation, new, delicious.
    Sometimes I begged to be permitted to stop and live forever 'mid those
    heavenly charms, but with as firm a hand as when helping me through the
    chambers of mire, ooze, and creeping reptiles, my guide drew me onward."

    Gravity induced by an electromagnetic radiation, not dependent on the
    density of matter, is about the only concept of gravity which accomodates a
    netherworld as described in Etidorhpa. Gravity strictly related to mass
    would cause the shell of the planet to cave in, and certainly would not
    permit the rooves of deep caverns to exist- they, too, would cave in.In
    order to justify the type of testimony of underground existences which we
    have run across, not only in Etidorhpa, but also by means of abductee
    testimony, it is practically necessary to familiarize oneself with the soft
    particle physics
  13. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

  14. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

    Re: Re: Re: o' by the way......... AGAIN.

    We sailed for three days along the shoreline, then came to the mouth of
    fjord or river of immence size. It seemed more like a great bay, and into
    this we turned our fishing-craft, the direction being slightly northeast of
    south. By the assistance of a fretful wind that came to our aid about twelve
    hours out of every twenty-four, we continued to make our way inland, into
    what afterward proved to be a mighty river, and which we learned was called
    by the inhabitants Hiddekel. We continued our journey for ten days
    thereafter, and found we had fortunately attained a distance inland where
    ocean tides no longer affected the water, which had become fresh. The
    discovery came none to soon, for our remaining cask of water was well-nigh
    exhausted. We lost no time in replenishing our casks, and continued to sail
    farther up the river when the wind was favourable. Along the banks great
    forests miles in extent could be seen stretching away on the shore-line. The
    trees were of enormous size. We landed after anchoring near a sandy beach,
    and waded ashore, and were rewarded by finding a quantity of nuts that were
    very palatable and satisfying to hunger, and a welcome change from the
    monotony of our stock of provisions. It was about the first Sepetember, over
    five months, we calculated, since our leave-taking from Stockholm. Suddenly
    we were frightened almost out of our wits by hearing in the far distance the
    singing of people. Very soon thereafter we discovered a huge ship gliding
    down the river directly toward us. Those aboard were singing in one mighty
    chorus that, echoing from bank to bank, sounded like a thousand voices,
    filling the whole universe with quivering melody. The accompaniment was
    played on stringed instruments not unlike our harps. It was a larger ship
    than any we had ever seen, and was differently constructed[Footnote].
    [Footnote begin, Italic] Asiatic Mythology, - page 240, "Paradise Found" -
    from translation by Sayce, in a book called "Records of the Past", we were
    told of a "dwelling" which "the gods created for" the first human beings, -
    a dwelling in which they "become great" and "increased in numbers", and the
    location of which is described in words exactly corresponding to those of
    Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Eddaic and Aztecan literature; namely, "in the
    center of the earth". - Warren. [Footnote end, No Italic] At this particular
    time our sloop was becalmed, and not far from the shore. The bank of the
    river, covered with mammoth trees, rose up several hundred feet in beautiful
    fashion. We seemed to be on the edge of some primeval forest that doubtless
    stretched far inland. The immence craft paused, and almost immediately a
    boat was lowered and six men of gigantic stature rowed to our little
    fishing-sloop. They spoke to us in a strange language. We knew from their
    manner, however, that they were not unfriendly. They talked a great deal
    among themselves, and one of them laughed immoderately, as though in finding
    us a queer discovery had been made. One of them spied our compass, and it
    seemed to interest them more than any other part of our sloop. Finally, the
    leader motioned as if to ask whether we were willing to leave our craft to
    go on board their ship. "What say you, my son?" asked my father. "They
    cannot do any more than kill us." "They seem to be kindly disposed," I
    replied, "although what terrible giants! They must be the select six of the
    kingdom's crack regiment. Just look at their great size." "We may as well go
    willingly as be taken by force," said my father, smiling, "for they are
    certainly able to capture us." Thereupon he made known, by signs, that we
    were ready to accompany them. Within a few minutes we were on board the
    ship, and half an hour later our little fishing-craft had been lifted bodily
    out of the water by a strange sort of hook and tackle, and set on board as a
    curiousity. There were several hundred people on board this, to us, mammoth
    ship, which we discovered was called "The Naz," meaning, as we afterward
    learned, "Pleasure," or to give a more proper interpretation, "Pleasure
    Excursion" ship. If my father and I were curiously observed by the ship's
    occupants, this strange race of giants offered us an equal amount of
    wonderment. There was not a single man aboard who would not have measured
    fully twelve feet in height. They all wore full beards, not particularly
    long, but seemingly short-cropped. They had mild and beautiful faces,
    exceedingly fair, with ruddy complexions. The hair and beard of some were
    black, others sandy, and still others yellow. The captain, as we designated
    the dignitary in command of the great vessel, was fully a head taller than
    any of his companions. The women averaged from ten to eleven feet in height.
    Their features were especially regular and refined, while their complexion
    was of a most delicate tint heightened by a healthful glow
  15. ¥¤palE§§ence¥ Registered Member

    The Agartheans

    C A V E R N S, D U N G E O N S A N D L A B Y R I N T H S

    examine reports of ancient subterrain
    excavations, the very reality of which presupposes the existence
    of scientifically-advanced races which reigned perhaps thousands
    of years ago, excavations that had apparently been constructed
    before the deluge and, in some cases, following it. The account
    which we record below appeared in the Oct. 1947 issue of 'AMAZING
    STORIES' science fiction/science fact magazine, pp. 171-172:

    "Norman Finley, a neighbor of a good friend of mine, told me
    about an experience he had which was rather unusual. He and a
    couple of other fellows were hunting down in the Big Bend
    country. I don't know whether you are familiar with the Big Bend
    or not, but there is no more wild or desolate area in the
    country. Rugged, mountainous, cut by canyons, there are
    innumerable parts of it which have never known the foot of man.
    "It was in one of the most desirable areas that Finley and
    his companions found themselves. They had driven about ninety
    miles southwest of Marathon, Texas, a little town of about 700
    people, at the foot of the Del Norte Mountains, 4000 feet high,
    and had then gone on afoot. The dirt road just petered out and
    they couldn't get their car further. They were hunting deer but
    had no luck. Just as they were about to call it a day, Finley
    spotted a mountain lion. He snapped a shot at it and knocked it
    over. But the lion just rolled over on his feet and started to
    leave those parts.
    "Finley and the other fellows took after him, since it was
    obvious that he was wounded and not making very good time. They
    managed to keep him in sight for about a mile and were sure they
    had him when he ran into a box canyon. The lion, however,
    started up a faint trail up one side of the canyon to a small
    cave they could see about a hundred feet from the floor of the
    canyon. They followed him up this trail, but when they got to
    the cave--there was no lion!
    "The cave was one of those dished-out affairs that are so
    common in the southwest. Eroded out of the face of a cliff and
    cup-shaped. The only access to it was by that trail. But this
    cave was a bit queer. It had a sand floor and was just about big
    enough to park twenty cars in it. On the cliff edge was a low
    STONE WALL. This in itself was not too unusual, because such
    caves have sheltered Indians for thousands of years.
    "The thing that did make it unusual was that in the rear of
    it was a perfectly round hole. It was obvious that the lion had
    ducked into this.
    "They approached it rather cautiously and tossed some stones
    in it to see if they could stir him up. But there was no
    response. They could hear the stones rolling and bouncing down
    an incline and the sound just got fainter and fainter until it
    died away altogether.
    "They then approached the hole and peered down into it. It
    was perfectly round--also it was about four or five feet in
    diameter. They couldn't see very far down it, but it appeared to
    descend rather sharply and at a steady gradient. The fellows
    gathered some dry grass from the canyon floor and made some
    torches. The incline of the bore was too steep for them to climb
    down so they tossed the torches down it. They just slid down
    further and further and disappeared into the gloom. They never
    did see or hear of the lion again.
    "At first they thought they had stumbled onto some old
    Spanish mine workings. But there was no sign anywhere of a dump
    that always goes with a mine. By all rights there should have
    been some sign of the earth and rock that had come out of that
    hole--but there wasn't.
    "When they inspected the hole itself more closely, they were
    amazed at it's symmetry and at the consistency of the section of
    the bore as far as they could see down it. The fact that the
    bore was perfectly round puzzled them, too. If it was a mine
    shaft, it most certainly wouldn't have been round, but instead
    would have been flat on the bottom. The fact that the shaft
    extended straight and unwavering as a rigid pipe was cause for
    further amazement. Since the fellows had no rope with them,
    which would have been needed to descend the shaft, as well as
    lights, they scratched their heads awhile and then left.
    "Finley wanted to go back with equipment and see how far
    down the shaft went and what was at the bottom of it. But
    ranchers are busy people and he never went back. In the meantime
    he got pretty well broken up when a horse threw him and he now
    lives in Fort Worth while he has someone else to run the ranch.
    We talked rather idly about having a look at his cave someday.
    He says he knows exactly where it is and could find that box
    canyon with his eyes shut. So far we haven't done anything about
    it. But we may either this summer or next when we get time to go
    down to Big Bend.
    "Finley told me this story about a year before even you
    heard of Shaver so you can be sure he wasn't influenced by the
    'Shaver Mystery.' In fact, I don't believe he has ever heard of
    the 'Shaver Mystery,' even to this day.
    "E. Stanton Brown., 4931 Bryce Ave., Fort Worth 7, Texas."

    Another letter, dated Jan. 1948, appeared in 'AMAZING
    STORIES' magazine also confirming that strange 'para-speleon'
    phenomena exists in the western part of Texas. However the
    artifacts described in the following letter seem to involve areas
    north of Big Bend, not far from the Guadellupe Mts. and the New
    Mexico border. Perhaps this account is a partial confirmation of
    a subterranean connection between areas BELOW the Big Bend of
    Texas and the Guadellupe range of southern New Mexico -
    northwestern Texas. Quoting from the letter:

    "Since I have been an interested reader of AMAZING STORIES
    since my high school days (1929) when A-S was a bigger magazine,
    I feel like one of the family when I read the letters in the
    discussion pages. The temptation has arisen many times to write
    a letter to you concerning some hotly discussed matter, but
    something has always prevented me from getting at it. However,
    the October Issue pushed me too far, and here goes.
    "The mysterious cave Mr. E. Stanton Brown spoke of in his
    letter is not exactly news to me. In 1938 a party of six of my
    friends and myself spent seven months in that area of Texas, and
    upper Mexico. We were testing an electronic instrument that we
    had developed, and needed lots of space and some mineral deposits
    for the various tests. So, we got rather well acquainted with
    the Big Bend country, and the Figure 2 Ranch north of there. We
    arrived there in January and camped IN THE SIERRA BLANCAS,
    storing a lot of our equipment at the town of Van Horn. By
    march we had gotten deep into the rugged country and as I recall,
    it was about the middle of March we stumbled onto this cave (or a
    twin) that Mr. Brown speaks of in his letter. Everyone was so
    dumbfounded by it that we spent the better part of the rest of
    the month in making a thorough investigation. We penetrated the
    shaft to a distance of 870 feet and at about 650 feet found some
    very finely executed writing on the right wall at eye level, IN
    WHAT RESEMBLES CUNEIFORM. At 800 feet one of the party fell over
    a cloth lying in the dust, and upon closer examination, it was
    found to be part of a blue shirt, of fairly recent manufacture;
    indicating that someone else had been this far in recent times.
    This and an empty pint whisky bottle dated 1897 was all we
    located to indicate recent occupation. Of course in a country
    where desperadoes such as Black Jack, Billy the Kid, etc., hid
    out where they could and the more solitary the better, such a
    find was not too surprising.
    "At about 780 feet the floor dips more sharply downward and
    at near 900 feet progress is very hazardous due to moisture and
    increased slant downward. We carried rocks from the opening, and
    rolled them from the point where we could no longer walk, but
    they simply faded out with a rumble after a few seconds. We
    tried rolling flaming yucca stumps to see if, perhaps, we might
    determine more about the bore further on, but this proved to be
    futile, since the stumps burned poorly at best, probably due to
    bad air. It was very stuffy and hot after the first 300 feet
    from the opening. We held a powwow to try and figure out how we
    could go further down, but the only thing would have been lots of
    lariat ropes, or a long steel cable, and neither was available
    nearer than some 50 miles.
    "If Mr. Finley had taken the time to go hunting up in the
    Figure 2 Ranch territory he might have run across another, and to
    me more interesting, cave than the Big Bend one. About 62 miles
    (north - Branton) from the town of Van Horn you go through the
    salt-flat country, where the Salt Wars of the old west occurred.
    Westward, some 8 or 9 miles from the road is the Apache Canyon
    country, and as rugged as anywhere on the face of the globe. In
    an offshoot of Apache Canyon to the south, is an almost
    impassable gash called Hell Canyon. The walls of this canyon
    rise precipitously for at least 1000 feet and top out on Apache
    Peak on one side and an old Indian ceremonial ground on the other
    side. More desolate country would be hard to imagine. Coyotes
    and mountain lions are plentiful, and panthers no novelty. I
    have seen as many as 34 deer in a herd down below on the grassy
    ledge sloping down toward the canyon floor. Of course, further
    up toward the box end of the canyon it was much too rugged for
    deer, but a few mountain sheep are seen, (it was) in the wildest
    part of the canyon that the other cave was found, in fact we
    almost fell into it. The high grass about the opening hid the
    dished out entrance.
    "We were at an elevation of approximately 7000 feet and
    going was tough, especially with a pack, and we had stopped to
    rest when one of the party remarked that it 'sounded hollow' when
    any of us talked. Of course, we all yapped away at the same time
    trying to figure if this was so, and sure enough it was. Further
    investigation located the hole some six feet to the left of where
    we had stopped. It was roughly oval in shape, some 30 by 18
    feet; and bridged in the center the short way by a natural rock
    arch heavy enough to support an elephant. In the center of the
    arch were 3 deep grooves caused we hazarded, by rope passing over
    the arch. We spent several hours in investigating the
    surrounding terrain to see if there might be any other entrances
    to the cave, but found none. It sloped sharply from the opening
    down about 200 feet, and then the bore disappeared, curving
    upward. We succeeded in getting down to the first level, by
    tying all our ropes together, and subsequently investigated a lot
    of it.
    "Threading through the soil were long stringers of quartz,
    but oddly enough at the same time there were chunks of rock as
    big as a piano that were solid masses of seashells. Quite a lot
    of pottery both broken and whole, was found. The most
    interesting thing was, however, that the farther we went the
    colder it got. Also there was a sound of either rushing wind or
    water, which got louder the lower we went. We came upon two
    human skeletons not over 500 feet from the entrance, but they
    must have been very old, as the bones crumbled at the touch.
    Everything was covered with a deep dust after passing the bend
    and no indication of any living thing having passed there was
    ever noted. It was very dark and depressing, and the chill was
    very penetrating. When you consider that the outside temperature
    was near 100 degrees, you can imagine how we were dressed. We
    had three flashlights, one a five cell, and after a while it was
    all that was left that would give a decent light. Down at what
    we estimated as 1200 feet from the opening we came smack up
    against a smooth stone wall. That was it. The end. None of us
    would admit it was natural, it was too smooth and perfect, and
    look as we would we could not find a single flaw or crack in it.
    It was of a marble-like texture and some eight or nine feet high
    in the center and around eleven wide. By placing our ears to the
    marble near there, in Marble Canyon, where marble was once taken
    out in large quantities, and so the rock was native rock, I'm
    sure. Since the remaining light was all we had except matches,
    we voted to get back to the opening as soon as possible, and
    after a hard struggle upgrade we got back to daylight and held a
    conference. We decided to bed down and talk it over further the
    next day, as it was getting late.
    "However, the next day we were inclined to look foolishly at
    each other and claim it was all our imagination thinking there
    was anything strange on the other side of the barrier, and it was
    just another one of those many caves in the country. Carlsbad is
    just 65 miles north of there, AND THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS NO DOUBT
    "We finished our experiments and left, late in July but I
    have never been able to forget the caves, and THE ODD SOUNDS ON
    THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT BARRIER. Or for that matter, the barrier
    itself, for it was too perfect to be natural, I believe. Or,
    maybe I've just read too many AMAZING STORIES,' and am inclined
    to wild ideas. As the Mexicans say, Quien sabe?
    "Some day I'm going to write you a ding-how Scientifiction
    on something-or-other, and then place it and my rejection notice
    among my souvenirs. Maybe then I can go on reading AMAZING
    STORIES in peace, without wanting to dash off a dinger.
    "K. A. Gookin., Carmel Radio & Sound Service., Box 1865.,
    Carmel, California."
    (Note: It is unlikely that the writers of the two letters
    which we have just quoted would be able to be reached at the
    addresses given. We've merely given them as they appeared in
    AMAZING STORIES magazine in the late 1940's. - Branton)

    At this point we will mention several miscellaneous items
    connected with paraspeleology, speleanthropology, subsurface
    phenomena and related subjects:

    A researcher by the name of Frank D. Adams has written on
    the result of his personal scientific experiments which may prove
    that giant cavities exist in granite at depths of more than 11
    miles, conclusions which have also been supported by Louis V.
    King, a mathematician who calculated that, at normal
    temperatures, a cavity would exist at a depth of between 17.2 and
    20.9 miles. The authors' findings are also supported by the
    recently discovered "16 Rouse Belts" which give planes of
    fracture penetrating the globe.
    Dr. Ron Anjard, in an article in the Summer, 1978 issue of
    PURSUIT Magazine, claimed personal knowledge of 44 underground
    cities beneath the surface of North America, six of which are
    alleged to be on the West Coast. His information allegedly comes
    from anonymous American Indian sources. When we relate this to
    the large number of migration legends (to and from cavern realms)
    which exist among the native Amerindians, then we may conclude
    that certain tribes still retain intimate knowledge of
    underground civilizations related to them via distant ancestral
    links. Some of the elders of these different tribes, others have
    suggested, may in fact maintain present contact with several of
    these cavern civilizations. There are some indications that some
    such 'tribes' literally moved underground as a result of the
    encroaching Anglosaxon civilization upon the America's. Similar
    allegations are made in relation to South and Central America as
    Interviews with survivors of a mine explosion in Dec. 26,
    1945, known as the "Belva Mine Disaster", appeared in the Dec.
    1981 - Jan. 1982 issues of newspapers in Pineville, Kentucky and
    elsewhere. The interviews revealed that some of the trapped men
    saw a "door" in one of the walls open, and a man dressed like a
    "lumberjack" emerged from a well-lighted room. After assuring
    the men that they would be rescued, the strange visitor returned
    to the room and closed the door. These "lumberjack-like"
    entities have been described by miners on other parts of the
    country and in other nations as well. There seems to be some
    confusion as to whether they are physical or paraphysical
    entities. A somewhat similar incident allegedly took place
    several years ago near Shipton, Pennsylvania. Of the three
    victims of this particular mine disaster, only two were rescued.
    However both described a similar para-physical encounter with
    strange 'men' who entered the caverns and gave light to the two
    trapped miners and told them that they would be rescued. They
    were uncertain whether the entities were humans or supernatural
    beings however, as much of their collective "hallucination"
    contained both physical as well as supernatural elements. The
    bluish "light" which illuminated the room, they said, was real,
    but other holographic-like visuals that appeared on the walls,
    when touched by their hands, either disappeared or revealed solid
    rock behind.
    R. L. Blain-Sanders, in an article titled 'TUNNELS AND
    CAVERNS BENEATH NEW YORK CITY,' which appeared in the Fall, 1981
    issue of SHAVERTRON, described the author's knowledge of a large
    triangular system of tunnels utilized by a 'Masonic lodge', deep
    below the surface of New York City. Could this have any
    connection to the other 'rumors' to the effect that cavernous
    regions exist below Manhattan? For instance, in 1962 Con Edison,
    while drilling a test hole in the north of East River Park, New
    York City, broke through to open space about 200 feet below.
    Also, there are the allegations of Morris Doreal that the Church
    of St. John the Divine in New York was built over ancient tunnels
    leading to a dome-shaped city abandoned by antediluvian
    'Atlanteans' and later, apparently, re-established by post-
    deluvians. Then we have the accounts of thousands of people who
    have literally and mysteriously disappeared off the face of the
    earth in and around New York City.
    Raymond Bond, in an article titled 'SUBTERRANEAN SAUCERS -
    1980 (Brooklyn, N.Y.), described caves within Mt. Sombrero in the
    Tampica area of Mexico, from which sounds resembling those made
    by 'hydroelectric generating equipment' can be heard. Also,
    inhabitants of the interior of Mt. Kilimanjaro were also
    described. Kilimanjaro is one of the highest peaks in Africa.
    Bob Borino, in his article, 'UFO BASES FOUND IN ANTARCTICA'
    (Globe, Jan. 18, 1983) quotes from certain scientists who believe
    that a subterranean UFO Base is located beneath the strange
    'Polynya Sea' in the Antarctica's Weddell Sea region.
    Malcolm W. Browne, in his article 'UNDERGROUND TUNNELS
    1967, p.2) tells of over 60 miles of ancient tunnel systems of
    unknown origin and purpose which have been discovered beneath the
    town of Eger, Hungary, some of which have collapsed. The
    civilization which built the tunnels must have been fairly
    advanced in engineering and science in order to create such a
    subterranean system.
    Karl Brugger, in his book 'THE CHRONICLE OF AKAKOR' (Boohi
    Tree Books., Delacorte Press., N.Y., 230 pp), gives the history--
    as given to the author by one of their chiefs--of the Ugha
    Mongulala tribesman, whose ancestors were allegedly part of a
    vast empire which covered South America in ancient times. Some
    of these ancient people, the chief claimed, left the planet in
    aerial vessels to explore other parts of the solar system and
    beyond, leaving behind vast subterranean cities beneath the Andes
    mountains and western Brazil. In 1971, due to the constant
    encroachment of white settlers or invaders into their territory,
    30,000 survivors of the Ugha Mongulala allegedly escaped to this
    ancient system of underground cities, consisting of 13 separate
    subterranean complexes all connected by tunnels, one of which is
    said to extend to Lima, and others of which are located
    throughout the Andes Mountain range of Peru.
    Michael Burke, in his article 'GREEN THING SPARKS RUMORS'
    (THE VALLEY NEWS DISPATCH, New Kensington, Tarentum and
    Vandergrift, PA., Mar. 5, 1981 issue) described a small creature,
    allegedly 'half humanoid - half dinosaur' which was seen emerging
    from a sewer tunnel in New Kensington. A group of children
    chased the infant or young dinosauroid creature, one of them
    momentarily grabbing it at which point it let out a squealing or
    screeching sound, and then slipped from his hands and escaped
    back into the sewer tunnel. This incident took place some miles
    west of Dixonville, PA., where in 1944 several miners were killed
    or turned up missing as a result of encounters with 'alien'
    creatures in one particular mineshaft there. Any connection?
    SAGA Magazine's 'UFO ANNUAL - 1980', P.4, under the heading
    'CAVE MARTIANS', described a bizarre encounter with subterranean
    creatures which seemed to have consisted of some type of
    automaton-like forms, perhaps on a reconnaissance mission from an
    underground civilization. The story involved a tunnel near
    Xucurus, Argentina(?), some 90 miles from Buenos Aires. The
    tunnel was discovered by agriculturalist Gerardo Cordeire, and
    found to contain nine connecting passages and strange
    inscriptions on the walls. From it's entrance "men nine feet
    tall, green, with antennas on their heads, and square legs" were
    seen to emerge, and which, according to HUNDREDS of witnesses
    from the town and nearby locals, resembled enormous "portable
    Dr. Earlyne Chaney, in an article titled 'ODYSSEY INTO
    EGYPT', in her occult-oriented magazine VOICE OF ASTARA (May,
    1982) tells of a discovery she and researcher Bill Cox was shown
    in Egypt. These were two tunnels, neither of which had been
    fully explored. One was in the temple of Edfu between Luxor and
    Cairo in the ruins of El Tuna Gabel; and the other near Zozer's
    Step Pyramid at Cairo near Memphis-Saqqarah, within the tomb of
    the Bull, called "Serapium". The Egyptian government sealed both
    tunnels because of fears of certain archaeologists who alleged
    that they "lead too deeply down into the depths of the earth,"
    and because they found the earth to be "honeycombed with passages
    leading off into other depths," and the possibility of explorers
    becoming lost. If such labyrinths do exist, then it may explain
    one story which alleged that men dressed like "ancient Egyptians"
    have been seen deep in unexplored tunnels near Cairo, as well as
    possible confirmation of the story which appeared in Nevada
    Aerial Research's 'LEADING EDGE' Publication to the effect that
    the U.S.(?) Government secretly maintains a huge base within a
    cavern of tremendous size (several miles in diameter) beneath the
    desert sands of Egypt. Could this tie in with the vaque
    references to a subterranean society(s) referred to by certain
    people 'in the know' which is/are known as the 'Phoenix Empire'
    and/or the 'Gizeh People'?
    Articles in the WASHINGTON STAR-NEWS, July 25, 1973 and Aug.
    15, 1973, tell of the discovery of an unexplored network of
    ancient, artificial tunnels during construction of a parking lot
    in Crofton, Maryland. Subsequent construction covered the tunnel
    entrances before the system could be completely investigated.
    Leon Davidson, in an early issue of 'FLYING SAUCERS'
    Magazine, spoke of a large network of "underground tunnels in the
    California desert, at Camp Irwin, near Barstow." This may tie-in
    with an item related by a Los Angeles municipal water director,
    as related in an early issue of Richard Toronto's SHAVERTRON
    letter-zine, stating that this water director knew of 5 large
    underground rivers which ran beneath the Mojave desert, and that
    die-traces showed that at least one of these emptied into the
    Pacific ocean through openings in the continental slopes (One
    source stated that such a river exited in the Gulf of California.
    Other sources speak of a "Kokoweef" river-system which is alleged
    to lie below Kokoweef peak just east of FORT Irwin, which looked-
    -according to it's alleged discoverer, a Mr. Earl Dorr, and a few
    "Indians" who also claimed to have been in it--like a "Grand
    Canyon" underground. It allegedly consists of a river chasm
    generally 500 ft. wide and over a thousand feet high-deep, sided
    by steep tiered-shelved underground cliffs, huge stalactites and
    cataracts. Also, the alluvial sands on the 'beaches' along the
    river, which allegedly hold a large percentage of gold dust, are
    said to be several feet deep. The entrance to this cavern was
    allegedly dynamited shut by Mr. Dorr to protect anyone else from
    getting to "his" gold. There is in fact evidence that Dorr did
    dynamite shut the lower level of 'Kin Sabe' cave in Kokoweef
    Peak, and there are present-day attempts to break through into
    this underground system. The water of the river allegedly rose
    and fell with the tides, suggesting that a very large body of
    water might exist upstream, that is if Dorr's account as well as
    the accounts of the Indians were not fabricated). The municipal
    water director, according to the SHAVERTRON article, spoke with a
    man who claimed that he was hired several years ago by the
    government to look for water sources for Ft. Irwin. He alleged
    to have explored an old mine in the area and found that deep
    down, the shaft intersected with an ancient earth fault or chasm-
    like cave which continued horizontally for a considerable
    distance. This government employee followed the chasm and
    allegedly emerged onto the bank of a huge underground river-cave
    over a quarter of a mile wide! The tremendous water flow--
    possibly originating from the waters that apparently disappear
    beneath the Great Basin, the Nevada and Mojave deserts?--could
    have 'fed' the water needs of all of Southern California.
    Paul Doerr (not to be confused with Mr. DORR referred to
    above), in issue number 6 of his Newsletter 'UNKNOWN', related
    the tradition concerning a race of human giants which, according
    to stories in the Carolinas islands and especially Papua,
    allegedly went underground in ancient times. Once inhabitants of
    a lost island-continent called "Chamat," they will, according to
    legend, one day emerge. This legend is wide-spread throughout
    Malaysia, which incidentally contains the largest "officially
    recognized" cavern chamber, the "Sarowak Chamber" on the island
    of Borneo in the Malaysian islands. It is said to be 230 ft.
    wide by 980 ft. long and nowhere less than 270 ft. high, large
    enough to easily hold within itself the two previous contenders
    for the world's largest OFFICIAL chamber - Carlsbad's "Big Room"
    in New Mexico and the "Salle de la Verna" in the Pierre Saint-
    Martin caverns in France. Yankee stadium could fit in one end of
    the Sarowak chamber with room to spare! The same issue of
    'UNKNOWN' also reports on the discovery of massive caverns in
    Toulumne Co., California, by three Oakland miners. The caverns
    were so extensive that a man would have to "take grub for a week,
    and plan to explore for a month."
    The 'BOOK OF DYZAN', which has been translated from ancient
    manuscripts, tells of intellectually sophisticated humans from
    an ancient earth-born society who abandoned the surface of the
    earth, "depriving the impure human race of their knowledge," and
    leaving in flying craft to rejoin their land "of iron and metal."
    'FAR OUT' Magazine's April, 1982 issue carried an article
    tells of a huge man-made opening in the ocean floor between
    Panama and the Galapagos Islands, which scientists say receives a
    constant flow of ocean water which is being sucked through the
    hole and into the crust beneath the ocean floor.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.weirdpics.com/pastpics/pastpics2000/seacreature.html Secrets of the Subterranean Cities
    World Ascension Network(think about it)

    Recently, America watched Stephen Spielberg's TV pilot, a remake of Verne' s "Journey to the Center of the Earth." A maverick team of scientists aboard their melt-proof ship enter the inner Earth through a bubbling volcano. When things cool off, they find themselves exploring a vast and sunny inner landscape . . . a magical and inviting world with ample room to fly. Their adventure resembles the real life account of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. His story, set in the 1800s, is told in Willis Emerson's biography entitled "The Smoky God." Olaf's little sloop drifted so far north by storm that he actually sailed into a polar entrance and lived for two years with one of the colonies of the Agartha Network, called "Shamballa the Lesser." He describes his hosts as those "of the central seat of government for the inner continent . . . measuring a full 12 feet in height . . . extending courtesies and showing kindness . . . laughing heartily when they had to improvise chairs for my father and I to sit in." Olaf tells of a "smoky" inner sun, a world comprised of three-fourths land and one-fourth water.

    The Agartha Network
    Think of Shamballa the Lesser as the United Nations of over 100 subterranean cities that form the Agartha Network. It is, indeed, the seat of government for the inner world. While Shamballa the Lesser is an inner continent, its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth' s crust or discreetly within mountains. All cities in the Agartha Network are physical and are of the Light, meaning that they are tradition of the great mystery schools of the surface, honoring such beings as Jesus/Sananda, Buddha, Isis and Osiris . . . all of the Ascended Masters that we of the surface know and love, in addition to spiritual teachers of their own long-standing heritage. Why did they choose to live underground? Consider the magnitude of the geological Earth changes that have swept the surface over the past 100,000 years. Consider the lengthy Atlantean-Lemurian war and the power of thermonuclear weaponry that eventually sank and destroyed these two highly advanced civilizations. The Sahara, the Gobi, the Australian Outback and the deserts of the U.S . are but a few examples of the devastation that resulted. The sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures.

    Capitol Cities
    POSID: Primary Atlantean outpost, located beneath the Mato Grosso plains region of Brazil. Population: 1.3 million. SHONSHE: Refuge of the Uighur culture, a branch of the Lemurians who chose to form their own colonies 50,000 years ago. Entrance is guarded by a Himalayan lamasery. Population: 3/4 million.

    RAMA: Remnant of the surface city of Rama, India located near Jaipur. Inhabitants are known for their classic Hindu features. Population: 1 million.

    SHINGWA: Remnant of the northern migration of the Uighurs. Located on the border of Mongolia and China. with a small secondary city in Mt. Lassen, California. Telos translated means "communication with Spirit." Population: 1.5 million.

    Spotlight on Telos

    How can over a million people make their home inside Mt. Shasta? While we're stretching our imaginations, our neighbors, the Japanese, have already blueprinted underground cities in answer to their surface area problem. Sub-city habitation has, for thousands of years, been a natural vehicle for human evolution. Now, here is a peek at a well-thought-out ecosystem. The dimensions of this domed city are approximately 1.5 miles wide by 2 miles deep. Telos is comprised of 5 levels.

    LEVEL 1: This top level is the center of commerce, education and administration. The pyramid-shaped temple is the central structure and has a capacity of 50,000. Surrounding it are government buildings, the equivalent of a courthouse that promotes an enlightened judicial system, halls of records, arts and entertainment facilities, a hotel for visiting foreign emissaries, a palace which houses the "Ra and Rana Mu" (the reigning King and Queen of the royal Lemurian lineage who are Ascended Masters), a communications tower, a spaceport, schools, food and clothing dispatches and most residences.

    LEVEL 2: A manufacturing center as well as a residential level. Houses are circular in shape and dust-free because of it. Like surface living, housing for singles, couples and extended families is the norm.

    LEVEL 3: Hydroponic gardens. Highly advanced hydroponics technology feeds the entire city, with some to spare for intercity commerce. All crops yield larger and tastier fruits, veggies and soy products that make for a varied and fun diet for Telosians. Now completely vegetarian, the Agartha Cities have taken meat substitutes to new heights.

    LEVEL 4: More hydroponic gardens, more manufacturing and some natural park areas.

    LEVEL 5: The nature level. Set about a mile beneath surface ground level, this area is a large natural environment. It serves as a habitat for a wide variety of animals, including those many extinct on the surface. All species have been bred in a non-violent atmosphere, and those that might be carnivorous on the surface now enjoy soy steaks and human interaction. Here you can romp with a Saber-Toothed Tiger with wild abandon. Together with the other plant levels, enough oxygen is produced to sustain the biosphere.

    LANGUAGE: While dialects vary from city to city, "Solara Maru," translated as the "Solar Language," is commonly spoken. This is the root language for our sacred languages such as Sanskrit and Hebrew.

    GOVERNMENT: A Council of Twelve, six men and six women, together with the Ra and Rana Mu, do collective problem solving and serve as guides and guardians of the people. Positions of royalty such as are held by the Ra and Rana Mu are regarded as ones of responsibility in upholding God' s divine plan. The High Priest, an Ascended Master named Adama, is also an official representative.

    COMPUTERS: The Agarthean computer system is amino-acid based and serves a vast array of functions. All of the sub-cities are linked by this highly spiritualized information network. The system monitors inter-city and galactic communication, while, simultaneously, serving the needs of the individual at home. It can, for instance, report your body's vitamin or mineral deficiencies or, when necessary, convey pertinent information from the akashic records for personal growth.

    MONEY: Non-existent. All inhabitants' basic needs are taken care of. Luxuries are exchanged via a sophisticated barter system.

    TRANSPORTATION: Moving sidewalks, inter-level elevators and electromagnetic sleds resembling our snow mobiles within the city. For travel between cities, residents take "the Tube," an electromagnetic subway system capable of speeds up to 3,000 m.p.h. Yes, Agartheans are well versed in intergalactic etiquette and are members of the Confederation of Planets. Space travel has been perfected, as has the ability for interdimensional shifts that render these ships undetectable.

    ENTERTAINMENT: Theatre, concerts and a wide variety of the arts. Also, for you Trekkies, the Holodecks. Program your favorite movie or chapter in Earth history and become a part of it!

    CHILDBIRTH: A painless three months, not nine. A very sacred process whereby, upon conception, a woman will go to the temple for three days, immediately welcoming the child with beautiful music, thoughts and imagery. Water birthing in the company of both parents is standard.

    HEIGHT: Due to cultural differences, average heights of subterranean citizens vary. Generally 6'5" to 7'5" in Telos, while nearly 12' in Shamballa the Lesser.

    AGE: Unlimited. Death by degeneration is simply not a reality in Telos. Most Agartheans choose to look an age between 30 and 40 and stay there, while, technically, they may be thousands of years old. By not believing in death, this society is not limited by it. Upon completing a desired experience, one can disincarnate at will.

    ASCENSION: Absolutely, and much easier and more common than on the surface. Ascension is the ultimate goal of temple training.

    Why have they stayed underground all this time? In part, because the Agartheans have learned the futility of war and violence and are patiently waiting for us to draw the same conclusion. They are such gentle folk that even our judgmental thoughts are physically harmful to them. Secrecy has been their protection. Until now, the truth of their existence has been veiled by Spirit. When can we visit? Our entrance to the sub-cities depends on the purity of our intentions and our capacity to think positively. A warm welcome from both worlds is the ideal and must be expressed by more than just the light working community.

    Currently, a few hundred brave subterranean are working on the surface. In order to blend with the masses, they have undergone temporary cellular change so that, physically, they don't tower above the rest of us. They may be recognized by their gentle, sensitive nature and somewhat mysterious accent. We wish to introduce you to Princess Sharula Aurora Dux, the daughter of the Ra and Rana Mu of Telos. Sharula has been officially appointed Ambassador to the surface world by the Agartha Network. She is 267 years old and looks 30. This article is courtesy of her firsthand experience.

    The purpose of her Ambassadorship is to prepare the way for the merging of the two worlds . . . to bring the ideas, the information and the new archetypes that will help unite our planet. Sharula has come to present a blueprint for peaceful change to those who will listen. The Agartheans have reached a point where they cannot progress spiritually unless this merger takes place. In essence, we are one planet ascending, not half a planet. It is God 's will that we take the next step together.

    The sooner we invite this unity, the sooner the magic will unfold. The Hierarchy has made the emergence of the subterranean cities a priority project. They are asking us to do our part in welcoming our brethren. The timing depends very much upon our receptivity and our graciousness. A successful merger is estimated within the next 10 to 20 years.

    Beloved, there is nothing to fear and everything to gain. The gifts the Agartheans bring are many. The secret of immortality is your birthright. The freedom to live in abundance is also your birthright. You haven't lived until you've tasted a hydroponic tomato and had a little fun on the Holodeck.
  16. Osirion Registered Member

    Hollow earth

    Is it possible? Yes!

    Is it probable? {smiles}

    Altho I am unsure if the "essence" dwells within the earth... to clarify, I would be reluctant to phrase it in such mythologically and pseudospiritually poetic words.

    But I believe that there are "other kin" who are still with us, and who play a large part in planting the "seeds" that lead to the betterment of humanity.

    There are many legends around the world that lend credibility to such a concept... and I see that you are already familiar with the Vedic Hymns (which are a remarkable example). Another would be the "origin" stories of the ancient South American civilizations wherein the "founders" came out of a cave in the earth after a great flood to begin "mankind" anew.

    Perhaps we should talk about the civilizations of Sumer and Egypt? Both have stories in great detail pertaining to the "underworld" of the "Gods"... the story of the Egyptian "Duat" is one of the most facinating... outlining the process by which one goes down into the earth (into the underword) in order to achieve spiritual progression into the heavens.

    Is it something that humanity will accept readily? (I sadly think that the reply posts I've seen here so far speak for themselves). Those who sincerely seek for answers will find them! Unfortunately, there's been much confusion of the truth since the "Wars of the Gods" in 2024 BCE.

    - Osirion -
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    Just an old thread about "hollow Earth".

    NOT hollow, just has alot of voids in it. FOCLMFAO

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