10 principles for investigating UFO reports

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by James R, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    They'll do....
    It get's boring after a while interacting with you MR, I mean most all of what you insidiously insinuate/infer [without actually saying it, or deying you have said it anyway

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    ] is fraudulent and non scientific bullshit at best.

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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    For somebody sitting on 80 active warning points, insulting other members in this way is not very wise.

    If you are reported again for a similar insult, you will probably be awarded 10 points and an automatic 1 month break from sciforums. It would be a pity to have to go through that for the sake of a pointless little insult like the above, wouldn't you say?
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  5. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    To OP, all these deductions are indeed correct about UFO observations but they fail to realize the fact that a conclusion has to be made regarding what a person has just seen. This remind me of FDA's famous saying on pretty much everything which goes like this, "There is no substantial evidence to show that...". In reality however, the drugs work one way or another and differently for everybody. The same thing with these UFO's, obviously there is not enough evidence, but a conclusion about an event still has to be made. With not enough data to prove, one must ultimately lean towards the most likely explanation which was described before or something truly out of this world. It all comes back to faith. Do you choose to believe or do you simply choose to not believe in it.
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  7. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    Rubbish and totally ignorant to boot......
    Most professionals believe strongly that ETL exists elsewhere, and most would dearly love for good hard physical evidence of Alien life to be forthcoming.
    That evidence simply is non existent at this time, which means that the only answer, conclusion is that they are UFO's for those not identified.
  8. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

    From the guy who actually said this to me:

    "You're a true idiot then, Magical Realist, and I can do nothing more to help you."
  9. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    I'm not sure how else to describe someone who obfuscates, is dishonest, ignores scientific evidence, is paranoid, puts faith in "word of mouth", trusts "u tube videos", claims to be an investigator........................

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    Not to mention of course the pretentious indignation that is shown when reputable forum members bring you to task over your nonsensical claims.
  10. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    http://www.thekeyboard.org.uk/UFO's Fact or Fiction.htm

    UFO's : Fact or Fiction?

    Judging by the number of web pages devoted to UFO's, let alone magazines, associations, newsletter groups etc, it would appear that there are a great many people who believe in the existence of UFO's. By UFO's I am referring of course not to unidentified flying objects, of which there are many, but to "flying saucers"- spacecraft from another planet. So why is it that so many people believe in them, when the vast majority of us have never seen one? One of the reasons perhaps is because of the huge volume of reported sightings from around the world. With so much 'evidence' it is hard to ignore the possibility that we are being visited by 'flying saucers'.

    So what actual proof do we have that UFO's exist? None whatsoever! So why do so many people believe that they have actually seen them, or that others have? Let's examine the 'evidence': Let's first though take into consideration that lots of people claimed to have met Elvis recently, have seen the Loch Ness monster, receive telepathic messages from Venus and know for a fact that the Moon landings were shot in a film studio. See Did we land on the Moon? People are funny. All unusual reports need to be viewed with a fair dollop of caution.

    Eye witness sightings.

    Many people claim to have seen a UFO. This is not surprising. For over thirty years I have been a keen amateur astronomer and I have spent a great deal of time looking at the sky, both during the day and at night. I have come to know what I am looking at, I have gained a lot of experience of observing objects in the sky. I have not seen a single UFO, but I have seen plenty of things that less experienced observers would classify as a UFO.

    People tend to scoff when you tell them that the huge, bright, flickering object they saw hovering near the horizon was not in fact a UFO but Venus. The same goes for Sirius and other very bright stars when see low in the sky. Under certain conditions they do look like UFO's, as do some cloud formations. Lets also not forget satellites arcing across the sky, and the International Space Station. I was watching the ISS a couple of months back, it appeared from nowhere, arced across a perfectly clear sky for about a minute or so and then just disappeared! (It had in fact entered the Earth's shadow). I wondered at the time how many people witnessing that would believe it to be a UFO accelerating into hyperspace!

    Our local police helicopter operating at night with a powerful searchlight and weaving about all over the place and at varying heights is also an impressive candidate. I was once fooled for a time by rotating laser beams reflecting off low level cloud, it was really impressive and had me going for while. It was just a disco putting on a laser show. Even meteorites and comets have been mistaken for UFO's, not to mention 747's with their landing lights and strobes illuminating low level clouds. I could go on but I won't. You see my point, being human we are prone to error, and sometimes we see what we want to see.

    Quite obviously the vast majority of so called UFO's can be explained away by natural phenomena, but that still leaves a small percentage that can't be explained away, and it is this small percentage that ufologists believe may be 'flying saucers'. However, because an object is classified as 'unidentified' it does not automatically become a spacecraft from another planet. That is wild speculation. Why not just accept the obvious, that although we can't be sure what it is, because of poor video or photo quality, conflicting eyewitness accounts, vague descriptions etc. making identification impossible, it does not mean that it is an alien spacecraft. It could be a secret test flight of an advanced fighter jet, or just a hot air balloon.

    Photographic and video 'evidence'

    I have yet to see a convincing video clip of a UFO. Most of them are downright ludicrous. I have even seen a video that claimed to be of a flying saucer that was nothing more than an out of focus shot of Venus through a wobbly hand held video filming through a window. (I have looked at Venus through my own camera enough times to recognise it as easily and instantly as you would recognise your own face in a mirror). Anyone who has tried to video - or photograph - a dark sky at night through a glass window from an illuminated room will know that the automatic setting on the focusing goes crazy, It 'hunts' back and forth and causes the star or planet to 'pulsate', add on hand wobble, multiplied by the magnification factor, and there you have your classic, flickering UFO, zooming about the sky performing impossible manoeuvres. Really impressive, but it's just Venus and it's not doing anything. The same goes for the planet Jupiter, if I had a dollar for every video clip of Jupiter that was held to be a UFO, I would be a very rich man. If you want to watch videos of Jupiter that claim to be UFO's there are lots of them on the Net, just go to any search engine and type in "UFO". Some are so bad they are really funny, well they would be funny if it didn't take 10 minutes to download the rubbish. On one particular site I was able to immediately identify, Jupiter, a lens flare from a street light and a lens flare from the Moon, (all fantastic shots of UFO's) and was subsequently proved correct when the hoax was revealed. Unfortunately, a great many other people who visited this site were convinced (and no doubt still are knowing the way they yearn to see UFO's) that they were genuine UFO's, and will point to this as yet more 'evidence'. Going back to 'how can you ignore so much evidence?' Easy, an ounce of knowledge and common sense is worth a ton of extreme speculation and wishful thinking.

    As for other videos, they are generally either out of focus, nothing to judge scale and distance by, too much camera shake, poor lighting, it could be just about anything, and so on. The only really good shots are obvious fakes, even obvious to ufologists. And that's another problem, it's just too easy to fake. No video or photograph can be accepted as proof simply because it isn't PROOF, it could have been faked. Take for instance the picture of a 'UFO' that I have included at the top of this page. It was obviously included in the UFO web site because it was considered to be one of the better ones. It could be a gents gold wedding ring reflecting a light source for all we know, or it could be a genuine 'flying saucer'. As for people that present fakes as the genuine article, they muddy up the water and give serious ufologists a bad name.

    So what do we need as hard irrefutable evidence. We need something we can touch! Isn't it strange that with so much UFO activity around the globe for so long, at least 60 years, not one teeny tiny piece of hardware has turned up. Not so much as a single rusty screw from a flying saucer gangway! Not one has landed, or crashed, in an area where it could be 'seen' by more than one or two people. And please do not tell me that there is a complete UFO tucked away in Area 51. Yes, of course there is, we all know that, its been a big secret for years. This from a nation where even its last President, the most powerful man on the planet, was unable to hush up a minor indiscretion involving just one other person! But the entire military personal of an air force base can be persuaded to keep their mouths shut for years. I don't think so!


    If, despite all of the above, you still believe in UFO's, why do you think that the visiting aliens are not revealing themselves? Why do you suppose that they have travelled across light years of space just to skulk around? Or do you think they have made some sort of deal with the government? Why? They hop across light years of space, have mastered gravity, acceleration and inertia, and heaven knows what else, and need to make a deal? And why are they happy to be seen buzzing planes and so forth but not want to contact us? I just can not bring myself to believe that any sufficiently advanced civilisation that can hop between the stars would behave in such a ridiculous manner.

    Imagine the day when we finally make it to the stars and find a planet populated by a technologically inferior species. Do you think we would secretly contact the governments of that world and then spend the next sixty odd years hopping about from one place to another, hiding from the general population, while at the same time allowing them to see us coming and going? For what purpose? It would make no sense. As for those who claim to have been abducted by aliens...........no comment. No, sorry, I will comment.


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