A Poem Thread

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Angelus, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. Liebling Doesn't Need to be Spoonfed. Valued Senior Member

    Hurriedly on my way to a meeting,
    I met a pause in the hallway -
    She wore my crooked smile
    While I carried my anxiety
    My arms full of notebooks
    Scattered pages poking out
    Dog-eared and dirty with use
    An agenda of worries
    I continue to write minutes -
    Hours of concerned intentions
    Drawn forth by my worn pen tip
    From a dark inkwell of insecurity
    Contracts I write with myself
    I envied that pause -
    Moving counterclockwise
    She had so much time
    To breathe
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  3. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    I haven't the technological skill to highlight, Yet sculpter. I adore that writing of yours on the previous !page. Very strong in right of harmlessness in my view.

    I like your writing too Liebling, allows me to word enjoy the word inkwell, to return ideas related to creation of ink, & the many tools being used to utilize ink before the 'pen.....now I am passing through the fields of life facet only to return to my here and now,

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    that I am a writer too

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    I standardly write that a being would be warm when reading, not getting stuck in bias quintesentialism.

    a spoem-defined as songpoem of prosaica

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    *Livingly is born*

    A lovely being told meeeee
    religion is fictionnnnnnnnnn

    I just smiled and said
    yay,,Life is more important...................................

    and the friend
    I knowwwwwwwwwwwww

    that's why I got me rainbow shoes....................
    and a spectrum voice
    and my friend wrote the word lifening
    on my 501blues

    livingly was born

    ahahah hah

    skipped too m' loo
    with the good earned cash we earned from realtime........

    had a great Sunday...............aforenoon afore returning to work..
    we'd meeeet again,
    after eight

    with goodwill in our pockets

    lifening we born

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  5. Liebling Doesn't Need to be Spoonfed. Valued Senior Member

    I like your poem, the way you use separations and extend words is really interesting to me. Well done.

    Winter Confusion

    the sound of wind
    gathering up muster
    blowing potential
    drops to splatter
    form coats of ice
    on the windows to my soul
    trapping me inside
    my fragile warm shell
    while piles of snow
    coalesce quietly
    burying me in lonely
    the world
    doesn’t even know
    I am
    like the west coast
    made weak
    by the shifting planet
    depleted of resources
    its suitors unconscious
    of the wounds struck
    deeply I feel
    cored open
    my tears like lava
    weeping to the surface
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  7. Landau Roof Registered Senior Member

    The other day upon the stair
    I met a man who wasn't there
    He wasn't there again today
    God! I wish he'd go away
  8. Liebling Doesn't Need to be Spoonfed. Valued Senior Member

    Altering time
    A minute stretched golden
    Into hours of soft unabridgedness
    Moments we remember
    Like breathing
    Naturally in unison
    A chorus of sycophantic seconds
    Melting the clock
    A encomium of eons
    We can touch the sun
    It's rays ageless to our body
    Absorbed not reflected
    Parsimonious happiness
    Our skin cools
    We forget the minute
    Minute in its ocean
    Of infinite
    Construct time
    A gauge of notions
    Sense of place in existence
    Sans logic
    A mere marking
    Hour after our
    Last heartbeat
    Just another tick
    Only held in memorium
    The sense of which
    Makes no room
    for time
  9. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    Greed Fails

    there are people, whom runnnnnnnnn
    and runnnnnnnnnn in life
    demanded by archaic choice of perception......
    delaying principle progress in more ways than acceptable.........

    users using people that aren't users
    taking from beings whom know that taking from others is wrong.

    lay your weary archaic behavioral war to end.....
    for fighting doesn't bring progress like
    ethic does...........

    some think they are right, and they can't offer valueable words when they are acceded with greater principle words,
    and their choice for insecurity or pompousness........

    !ceceede to contemplate worth

    can only be done solely
    to ascend failed supremacy attitudes.......

    confession of failure apply's to some
    apology doesn't work unless their is a mutually freeing ethic spaken or written.

    For a being to choose away from the idea of humaneity in his or her herency, or
    he whom chooses another away from the liberty

    is he whom was runnnnnnn or rannnnnnnnnn
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  10. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    Olde Spice

    An long long time ago
    an whale posed passed on what seemed 'food and land for free
    Herenow odds are variable
    an whale these days may lay passedoceansgrey lay passed in hap of land it's vast...
    like a...... _*_ .......... newmark (bigger than an is_land.......). it liked to float around for a time....
    it liked to lay at stop,
    and allow the muds to name it's passing en' garde of new land....bigger than an island

    Yet as....the eye that takes too much surfices such parahde..

    eating, a gaven again.

    it's like a human alcohol liquor nutritive plan of technological accessorizing,
    excessive economy..tic tacking....industrialization..........

    little human behavioral perfection..
    sooooo little
    and such much ineffectuality where such really need be.

    Wellthen back to the brokerage
    with all the romantic titles and steeds of archaic resign, of bustleing hedges
    and ne'er aven a ride, of what is basic.....




    now what is inbetween in human matters, never has been quite acceptable.

    The space of life is Life, either making it )life( or weaning it

    a way, I sale in will of Life.

    Good is a blessing one is to create...

    ?!how is it we've ridden so faaaar...

    is what these days we seek to amend...........

    some never way away from the sum.

    1 is 1

    = so it is.

    that one isn't another
    and each isn't same

    humans are will of earths survival in a way
    never'a whole day spent,
    of choosing engarde of perhaps missing a walk outside.

    _ (human)
    = (nature)

    human nature is far from equal to the rights of the divinity of naturalaw,
    therefore we lifeing to our gift of presence as mattering beings midst the gift of human life as it 'is

    In satients, a sapient being, is wrongly homogenous if choosing too long too far away from sentience.
    one cannot quite author under sentience of substance
    therefore matter

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    isn't always substantial...
    thereof to choose fairty ahead of disdain.

    the recommendation was just spice relative to the idea of vegetarianism.....
    now a tarian is aeria of christing in thinking and writing for variable assured certainty......
    beginning anything

    homogenous ..choice... isn't really human.
    a child used to be refered to as a

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    . and words do seem as archaic as unfound pertinence from time to time"
    )history used to be defined as -archaiya

    what is no longer is gone
    what never was quite right,
    doesn't and somewhat didn't quite exist..
    therefore presence is valuable...only of it's value

    The exemplar for human creativity, isn't a bad equation: 1+1=1

    g'day mates of lifening and livingly
    en' rite of le' planet 'earth.

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    one day at a time I life n' make life ne'ver leaving anything to pale and dye n' make myself go outside n'ever leaving anything to pale and dye.

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  11. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    .".Ago It was like today.".

    before the reigns came.
    busying in the wrong way.
    then some oneaday.
    it was of.
    when a littlewhale of piece of unhoused land is gaven housery.
    and one knows tagging animals ended at the doctor dolittle production.
    pulling land,, is that which is newhouse of ?what design.
    a cherished something or other......>.. nhow is it all just sets itself,.. ohhh somewhat ave afore.
    Oh' the travest of uspscaleing while basic' law becomes has become so ''excessively shy of basics.
    hectic the hill o' what would the monument of truth really say if it could speak.
    .Of whenst land had been of different name.
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  12. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned


    happy birthday to me.
    happy birthday to me.
    this day is the eleventh of the first month of the year.
    I know how olde' am I, I know how olde am I.
    as time moves forward,,
    anyone can sing this happy birthday song..

    for then I can sing now....
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you...

    perhaps finding an olde' happy birthday song, again..
    makes the whole idea of ''you a little nicer.

    happy birthday to me..
    to me as you need never fall away from
    the idea of 'the beauty
    of truth'
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  13. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    The Pale Rider
    The righteous will fall
    And darkness shall rise
    I destroyed them all
    I must kill to survive

    My legacy shall be written in blood
    The screams of the dying come forth in a flood
    No man or god with be safe from my wrath
    If you wish to die than stand in my path

    No mercy will come to those that i find
    Are you so certain I'm out of my mind?
    Let it be known, that death has come
    The end is near, for i will spare none

    I am the Pale Rider, the soldier named Death
    Remember my face, for i own your last breath
    There's no redemption for those who are damned
    There's no resurrection for those of this land

    Now hear my cry
    I'm taking command
    It's time to die
    To purge this dark land

    The glory of man shall never me seen
    For the glory of man, was only a dream

    Darkness will rise
    The righteous will fall
    I am the Pale Rider
    I answer the call.

    Nathaniel Thomson
  14. LaurieAG Registered Senior Member

    The Eternal Battle of the Wits

    Quarter wits view things from one perspective alone
    while half wits see things in two colour monochrome.

    Three quarter wits see things in a third way
    while few can see all four colours anyway.

    Some entirely witless unfortunates
    devoid of any original thoughtfulness
    champion judgements made through three quarter wits cautiousness.

    Witless advice from three quarter wits is unfit
    when it recommends promoting quarter wits, to wit.

    Soon all the half wits appear very blue
    only one shade of colour when previously there were two.
  15. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    The continuance of strife.
    my achievement of and by mentioning to valuable people
    valueable things to end strife, makes me feel better about whom I am.
    Some people demand that I have hidden or repressed emotional issues, of classical range.
    not really, I rather be a more balanced individual.
    I have no need for aggressive emotions, for I reason.
    And I work on myself by honoring the practicality's of life to stay of worthy perception.
    and therefore feel comfortable that I am not the only one whom has this confidence.
    Yet I'm sleepy after a days work for the idea of the reach towards greater humaneity.
    Ah the choice to look at strifes of life for the subjective matter and with reason' matter to change strifes of existence.
    Violence isn't a human right really it isn't, and doesn't bring any progress, all it does is stagnate what greater basic structurist worth,
    can save us and our fair planet.
    aside from the work for worth.
    Ah I am greatful for worths like clothing, food, and my work of fair earning for a place to live
    midst a new day of sunshine, even the blessing of a grey rainy day kissed by sunshine far away my trust so close to me
    I go outside and take a walk breath of fresh air, see trees and decide life is heaven.
    so much work, so much unnecessary lonliness feels I been for so long, seeing my life worth midst my struggles for integrity isn't difficult.
    maybe I might take a cigarette, hmm just to puff not really inhale and decide hmm..life is heaven.. after a days effort.
    strife needn't be a continuance,
    what beauty, Ah life isn't a question.
  16. Trooper Secular Sanity Valued Senior Member



    Eyes closed, scythe in hand…
    Nihilistic no man’s land…
    Tapestries frayed…
    Life underplayed…
    Participating in an ideal…
    Happiness or an Achilles heel…?
    Two template lobes meet…
    Separating chaff from wheat…
    Subjective contours fronted…
    The hunter and the hunted…
    The most holy purpose bereft…
    Two in field, one taken, and one left.
    Symphony of thoughts…
    Come now. Connect the dots.
    There’s no mistake.
    Life’s glorified for its own sake.
    Backwards rowing…
    Never knowing…
    How many forgotten days…?
    Hello World! Hip-hip…array.
  17. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    The Most Beautiful World in the World

    Harry Nilsson

    You come to the end and the light there is dimmer
    The chances are slimmer of findin' your way
    You find that you stay out of trouble and danger
    'Cause everything's stranger than it used to be
    You're a scary old place out there, world
    But I couldn't be happy without you
    And I swear all my thoughts are about you
    The most beautiful world in the world
    Well, the light can be bright there and everything right there
    The end of the night there might be a big band
    Or a heavenly choir or it might be the fire
    But no matter what happens, I bet, it's okay
    You're a scary old place out there, world
    But I couldn't be happy without you
    And I swear all my thoughts are about you
    The most beautiful world in the world
    Your mountains when you're mad
    Your rivers when you're sad and those deep blue seas
    I love you for your snow, your deserts down below
    I love the way you wear your trees
    The most beautiful world in the world
    And though there are times when I doubt you
    I just couldn't stay here without you
    So when you get older and over your shoulder
    You look back to see if it's real
    Tell her, she's beautiful, roll the world over
    And give her a kiss and a feel.

  18. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    ..From See The Space..

    ohhh my networks of false ideation
    fighting like idiots, feeding disadvantage for temporary relief
    far far away from what life and family are and could or can be..
    fighting for idiocracy's and ignorantly farther their own disadvantages with ployant
    upkeeps, and fails..
    subjective educate false lean'
    .'abuse of words
    .stuckist placation
    .leisure demands
    .misuse of materiality
    excuses for ignorance, denying ones own ignorances
    'buckets of emotional demand.
    appeaseing lack of integrity, whilst realism suffers.
    exaggerated creationism
    humoring itself with immature relation as a value of personality a continuum of accepted aversion
    identifying itself
    as if matters of war & illness are ?!natural..... when it is that invent of the beauteous reason of our U.S governments peace corporation !exists.. ?what for the adultish errors that employ drama as a ?!need..............
    what book, movie, show, picture, letter, conversation, family or apparent friendship ? demand was really worth neglecting truth...........
    As truth isn't selfish, harmful, greedy or disadvantageing of others,
    it is that humans oppress the naturality of the continuum of good with false integrity's
    therefore limiting representative means
    with ignorant pleasure prior. often of sentimental bucketry.
    ahhhh ohhhh adultish !error.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2015
  19. Trooper Secular Sanity Valued Senior Member

  20. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    were you one of the Abba singers?

    a poemethrean remark.

    you aren't related to anything other than yourself. congratulations.
  21. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    Split party Representation

    it is
    anyone will accost
    anyone with insult
    believing someone is ruining their party or opportune
    abusing ethics and integrity as a life purpose
    or friendship or family they actually think they are and have and don't
    unless they have someone or something to create to bitch about
    acting as if writing that is saving grace or potential saving grace
    is a threat because they could party instead party party
    denying greed as reason for oneselfs insultive lesser educated imploy.
    O' so trifled about ones rhythm of opportune deferent from it's placated hapland of false family idealsim and friendship loving living in hope
    and therefore insulting life by letting go
    going with the flow
    loving sensual comfort
    and hateing life self and others
    is you
    never really having had,
    having a lot or not much
    knowing people
    yet being far far from life
    and destroying it for those whom present the simple perfect means.
    don't do it to for at or about someone else, your killing yourself and life.
    hello happy ethic, as ethic is good
    won't chtu' care to make a word that is valuable your begin of freedom.
    if your occupation is insulting that your sad that the website or profession isn't party anymore

    I guess You just another purgacious slutten life hater, that clutters, and coerces.

    good bye good riddens

  22. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned


    !?Have you looked!? around..
    noticed all vast creations of bulidings.
    ever wondered.

    ever look at your own greed.
    ever look at the word "greed' and what it means to this fair earth, at taste of human preferenceing
    family is a cute word for humans isn't it!?

    oooooo look sooo what the human family has afforded itself here on earth.

    traditions of people hoping to ascend others in their ignorance
    finding themselves unable to love.

    human tribalness degrading society and representation,

    should have ended in 1985.
    some think it should have ended in 1955.

  23. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    *the caust*

    The slutten emotional need
    from safeguard
    to dial
    to zest challengeing irish spring out
    to lever 2000 caressing it's disguises

    as if to believe the authors personal preferences or escapist problems shimmering through, textbook and life and place access and document

    exaggeration due to run to human topical getaways disguised as commitment

    seeking of others to criticize so as to encourage oneself as never having runn anyone or anything other than oneself.

    people aren't creatures.

    what does it take to admit to oneself that one is junking

    the slutten emotional need
    the gluttonous deference of nude interlude excitements used to escape
    the embarrassing comforts chosen to encourage what life is and cannot be
    the prideful placations
    and interpersonal authorative crassness delegated by impatient choice
    as if life were a stage that wasn't ?!stolen, by fear, fearing, and hurrying

    others than oneself to behave
    curious intrusive presumptive

    demanding people with submissive values and missing principles

    as if being real were a question
    and life a fucking theatre
    that one can freely enjoy playing others
    to avoid what is so easy to ?!!!!!!!!!find.

    don't bother
    don't do it
    such tendency was unwelcome
    in it's begin.

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