Adware.tracking cookie and firefox / IE new tab virus

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by okayillgonow, May 5, 2010.

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  1. okayillgonow Productive-Industrialist Registered Senior Member

    Adware.tracking cookie keeps coming back even when I have already removed it. Also I keep getting a random popup every few to 12 hours on my browser; although it's blocked by Adblock-plus, it's getting rather annoying. Both Firefox and IE have the same problem.

    Any suggestions?
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  3. Yellow Jacket Registered Senior Member

    Go into your control panel then security center, then internet options and there block your pop ups and set your security level higher. Also go into privacy and click on pop up blocker and set the settings higher. Also, you can click on the advance button there and you can block or prompt 1st and 3rd party cookies there. But the prompting is a pain in the ass, just to let ya know. I'm tired, so I hope this makes sense.
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  5. soullust Registered Senior Member

    um delete your cookies, clean your prefetch, reset your system restore, and run Superantispyware, the free version is fine.

    if that works, great.

    If its doesn't you can try finding it in the registry and removing it, and or you can try hijack this..But be warned using either of the last two is not recommended unless you have a good knowledge of software. And export a copy of registry on the desk top in case you mess things up,

    If you want help i can access your system from here, I worked for Microsoft PC Safety for a few years and helped with writing virus codes for windows defender. another job i had while in college, didn't have to do it but why not get the experience.

    and i would not be too concerned with cookies, there of min threat, but you may have spyware droping it on your system. Personally i have all security on min, and never have a problem.
    Last edited: May 5, 2010
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  7. okayillgonow Productive-Industrialist Registered Senior Member

    I already have SuperAntiSpyware; it works great since it always finds that stupid file. I have a bad feeling it's in my cookies, don't know why. Thanks I'll try it out.
  8. okayillgonow Productive-Industrialist Registered Senior Member

    Wait what do you mean by Prefetch? Link prefetch?
  9. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    "Malwarebytes" "spybot search and destroy" "ad-aware" are all good. What one does not catch the other ones will.

    Teatimer comes with Spybot search and destroy and is useful for stopping malware from rewriting your registry teatimer slows down your computer.

    I think Microsoft operating systems are just disgusting crap when it comes to internet security.
  10. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Most of the time Adware.cookies are just false positives.

    Yes, cookies store simple data in your browser cache, they can be used to create an identifiable reference and be counted for market researching purposes by large advertising syndicates.

    It is possible to just configure your browser to delete cookies at the end of a session, of course you'll find certain sites not remembering you as a consequence of this. You could also use some router firewalls to block specific IP's/Domains or URL's that the advertisement companies use, or add to your HOSTS file a Loopback address configured with their domain name, so rather than pulling from their website you attempt to pull from yourself creating a NULL return.
  11. soullust Registered Senior Member


    Ummm what version of windows you using,

    But any way here, just go start/run/prefetch

    Then click on an item in the folder hit CTRL-A (should highlight them all)

    Right click/ delete..after that is all done empty the recycle bin.

    It wouldn't hurt to run ccleaner. and do a defrag if you didn't do one in a while then, Reset the system restore, (turn it off then turn it on again.)

    If you don't have no root worms on your system, or Operating system errors, Your PC, will run like it was the day, it came off the shelf.

    Oh and empty the Virus Volts, In your anti virus, your spyware tool may be detecting an old folder in Quarantine. (False/Positive).
    Last edited: May 6, 2010
  12. milkweed Valued Senior Member


    Go to Tools > options > Privacy Tab
    Checkbox Accept Cookies from all Sites

    Click Exceptions

    Add Cookie name Select BLOCK

    There is often several cookies from a site that do the same things so you might have to add 3 to block all the cookies you want to from that advertiser.

    something like and

    Blocking the wrong cookie can prevent you from logging into some sites also. Like yahoo mail. I have like 3 of the 5 yahoo cookies blocked.
  13. coolplay Registered Member

    I would recommend using Firefox Mozilla togheter withn the NoScript Plugin
    NoScript will warn you of want is trying to be launched and you will be able to decide yes or not to allow it to run.

    and scan hardware with Asquared in order to check if nothing happen to your computer.(trojan,malware)
  14. geristallons Registered Member

    Basically the cookies are not viruses or it even can not be executed but the only threat is that it can be used by any spyware to gather system info so it becomes matter of privacy breach

    So instead of fearing such cookies u can use some Antispyware that may warn and protect u from such cookies.
    I too use an Antispyware named Advanced System Protector.

    ASP has a option that can also perform scan specifically for cookies and let u remove them.Moreover it also gives various alerts regarding any spyware intrusion
    so u can giv it a try..

    u can also download this from cnet.
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