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Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Thoreau, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Okay, SF community...I need your help. I am, by far, the most unromantic person on the planet. It's not for lack of trying because I certainly do try. It's just that each time I try my hand at doing/getting something nice for my partner, I usually end up getting something he doesn't like or something that I feel isn't special. Maybe it's the Asperger's that gets in the way with my ability to think of thoughtful gifts. But to be fair, he is kind of picky (not in a materialistic way).

    So anyway, here's the deal...

    Our one-year anniversary is coming up here in a few week. We are driving a few hours north and going to rent a cabin in the mountains for a few days. We're splitting the cost, so that's not really a gift to each other. I'm not sure what he has planned for me, but I'm struggling to find ideas of what I can do for him while we're there.

    I want to do something really special...something memorable and romantic (and fairly cheap because I'm also living on a budget). Initially, I had booked us a private helicopter ride to go fly us over the mountains for a little while (I got an amazingly cheap deal on it). But then, thinking about it, I didn't even know if he has ever been on a helicopter. So, a few days ago, I asked in passing if he had ever ridden on one. He said no and that he'd never want to do that. So, boom, there goes that idea...

    Now I don't know what to do. I want to do something sweet that goes beyond just a nice dinner or something typical. But, along with being a fairly unromantic person, I'm a horribly uncreative person as well.

    So, guys and gals, I need your help. Just throw out ideas, any ideas (that cost less than about $150). There's no wrong answer here..........well, that's not true. But still....I need something to go off of.

    Bear in mind, it's a small mountain town with not much in it. So, I really have to be creative here.

    - Hiking
    - Pretty much any outdoor activities in the sun.

    - Dietary - We're both vegan.
    - Does not cost more than $150.
    - Ummmm.....yeah, that's about it.

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