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Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Seattle, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    As I sit here, on this fine fall day, I watch the leaves as they scatter over my lawn, now fully recovered from the dryness of summer. I'm reminded of something Samuel Clemens wrote about in "The Innocents Abroad" yet I keep coming back to the present as the leaves embark upon my patio, ya'know?

    The question of the day relates to Trump and the upcoming election. To the one, most would relish the thought that it will soon be upon us. To the other, will we like the results of that election? Confucius must have had something to say apropos of such times as are upon us, but perhaps not.

    Jordan Peterson, while capable of pernicious didactic discourse has been absent as of late. Has he been kept away by gaslighting or has he in fact been gaslighting and that is the reason for his absence? It's a worthy question, quite extraordinary really but not one to be addressed here.

    And so it goes...
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  3. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Very good pastiche.

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  5. Hipparchia Registered Senior Member

    But he forgot the notes!
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  7. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    If we ever need an example of what “pushing the envelope” looks like...let’s remember this thread. lol
  8. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    "Pushing the envelope" or in the cadence and patois of the Louisiana native pushing the EN Velop or as Hawthorne might have referred to it a wax sealed letter, has as much to do with cultural norms as any reality.

    Twix you and I tiss a troubled time lest we forget twas a time not long ago of a gentler age. Where a West End Girl, a mere blossoming butterfly emerging from her cocoon could do quite well, even thrive, in a public forum without the antisocial nature of the times being cast upon her.

    Yet, idyllic thought that may be it's not to be in our current times of discord...
  9. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I write, lest I forget my train of thought, yet does it really matter, ya'know? To the one, it may seem important to me at the time but to the other, there is really no one here to read my prose.

    No really, there is no one here. Like a sound in the forest, do my words matter if they shan't fall upon eyes of yore? If I'm poor, or is it pore, mayhaps pour, I don't know but lest I digress, if I have less than the desired amount of gold doubloons as it were, is that because of the Capitalist system I find myself living under, in, attached to and through or is it because I'm living at home without a job?

    This is an existential question really, unanswerable I suppose. If we don't try to answer the unanswerable is that shameful, leaving it to future generations to answer, ya'know?

    No really, shouldn't we at least attempt to answer these questions? If I go out of my house, get a job, try to advance and if, years later, I still can't afford to rent an apartment on my own, perhaps I can expound upon the inequalities of the day. If I don't...well, the world just goes on, nothing changes, bitterness grows and so it goes. No, really, ya'know?

    The butterfly flutters, beautiful to look at, unrealistic to wish to see, it's Fall, too cold, butterflies not be. Wishing for metamorphosis is too late (or early). Kafka can't help now.

    Or can he...

    It's cold out tonight. Can't I get some good cheer, a beer, certainly a good jeer is at hand? Throw some micro-aggressiveness my way, no?

    The days of this administration are coming to a close, an end, a fizzle ending in a cradle, a dreidel and a new year. Let us celebrate the New Year with a baptism of the soul, a cleansing, a re-birth, sprinkled with memory water from the heavens.
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  10. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Brian Williams of the "Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams" NBC News (TM) announced last night that "President Trump still refuses to concede".

    This is breaking news, no really! Will Trump concede? I want him to concede. You want him to concede. Concessions are important.

    This reminds of of years ago when someone accused me of being too wordy and all over the place with my writing "style". No, really. I had to concede that they were right. Concessions, to the one, are the backbone of our system. To the other, they are hard to do sometimes. Tis true I concede that it's bordering on delusion to blog so self-indulgently to a world where no one reads my blog and yet, it's hard to stop, ya'know? Concession notwithstanding.

    To concede or not to concede, I'm paraphrasing some old English bard of yore but I think it's still relevant today.

    Brian further admonishes us with "These are troubling times". Indeed they are.
    Or are they?
  11. river


    They are . Everywhere .

    But they are also about an attitude towards the truth ; which has changed dramatically . Truth is the fundamental . Truth matters now more than it ever has , ever .
  12. sculptor Valued Senior Member


    Long ago and far away-----high school
    After I had said something that pissed-off one of the high school tough guys: He told me to meet him out behind the shop classrooms after school.
    I asked: And then, you're gonna beat the hell out of me?
    He said: Yeh, that's the plan.
    I said: Ralph, you know that you can beat the hell out of me, I know that you can beat the hell out of me, everyone in this room knows that you can beat the hell out of me. I have a better idea---I concede, you win!
    He said: You can't do that.
    I said: It's done, I concede, you win.

    We went back and forth for a while, until he conceded to my concession, and accepted his victory without my suffering any physical pain.
    Maybe I did not actually have to concede, but it seemed a damned good idea at the time(and still does).

    concession is good for the soul--------and.......................................
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  13. river

    Psychologically .
  14. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    Here I sit in silent bliss,
    Listening to the running piss,
    Now and then a fart is heard,
    Followed by the rumbling of a turd.

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  15. river

    I enjoy it .

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