Atomic Scaled Metric System, possible?


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Just want to check if something like this is possible or figure out a way to create it.

Cosmic scaled (our scale) values are the normal metric system:

Cosmic time: Second
Cosmic length: Metre
Cosmic mass: Kilogram

Atomic scaled values would be similar but all would be scaled to atomic values.

Atomic time: AtoSecond
Atomic length: AtoMetre
Atomic mass: AtoKilogram

And for an quick example the speed of atomic nuclear forces propagating would be.
ato-c = 299 792 458 atometres / 1 atosecond

How would we scale them and come to constant values that match observations?
Possible formulas examples for length:
AtoMetre = 1Metre / c
AtoMetre = 1Centimetre / c
AtoMetre = 1Millimetre / c
AtoMetre = 1Metre / h
AtoMetre = 1Metre / ?

Possible to do something like this?
Possible to do something like this?


But if you want to develop new standard units, you need to define operational methods to define your units.

For example, if I want to know how long a second is, I can measure a defined particular number of atomic oscillations of a caesium atom using a number of different methods. If I want to know what a kilogram is, I can go to Paris and compare any given mass to the Standard Kilogram.

The question is, what method would I use to determine that 1 AtoSecond of time has passed? Or that I have 1000 AtoKilograms of stuff?
A logical value to start with would be to define the atomic length to cosmic length first but how to do it, I dont know. A possible way would be to take a certain atomic spherical volume rescale it to cosmic sizes and use the number we use to scale it as a constant to define the Atometer. For example, if we scaled 1:299 792 458 then we would workout 1 Atometer = 1m / 299 792 458

What atomic object volume would be the most logical to scale up and have a significant meaning to a cosmic object volume?

Another possible way would be to to use some microscope magnification/scale levels to workout a constant.

I dont know much about the Golden number, the Golden Ratio, Golden Section, Golden Proportion, Golden Mean: 1.618...., but it would probably be interesting to investigate as a method to work out the volumetric scaled ratios