Bush's state of the union address

Discussion in 'Politics' started by inDecline, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. inDecline Registered Member

    What a joke! ahahaha, i laughed and laughed, it reminded me of how good he really was. Last state of the union he stated firmly that iraq and specifically osama bin laden had thousands of wepons programs, nuclear weapons programs, dozens of weapons of mass destruction programs, tons of mustard gas and ect. ect., and THIS year, he stated they indeed have confirmed... 14 weapons of mass destruction.. related.. programs... wtf is that? im pissed off, that could be 6 iraqis in a bunker with a firework for all we know, bush went to war and lied about the magnitude of the threat, spending billions of dollars on military campaigns sending troops into foriegn countrys for... oil? greed? hes a puppet, when asked what his favorite book was when he was a child, he said "the very hungry caterpiller," unfortunately that book wasnt even published untill after he graduated from college.. well... anyways ill leave u with that. peace.

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