Common misconceptions about Islam

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by da32010, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    yes, christians, and muslims, and jews, can share with muslims some relegion views

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    just said some idk how much to say much or some
    the sharia laws, the real one, that is based on the relegion, is not applied today, and it's even more fair than the normal laws, for example, cut the hand of who steals, but,not every thief's hand, who stole because he was hungry, he had too, and etc... he don't get punished, if you kill a person, you are judged by death, inless it's in a self defence, or other exeptions, (atfer investigation)
    if a woman cheats on her husband, while her husband was good to her, and very fair to her and doing right with her, she's punished (that would be decided by the court, the punishement i mean), anf if her husband was not good with her, means, it was he's fault, because he was ignoring her and etc... it's him who ger punished (also the court decide the punishement, wich is usually get hitted by whiping) also, the husband, or the wife, can just forgive ther other, and so, none get punished
    if a thieft, who is a hungry person stole from you, and you beated him, you have to give donate to him, either by food or money, idk how much exactly it should be, so those are the main, things that have miss comprehension about,
    also there's nothing that says that a woman must not work, or leave her home, or etc... the prophet mohamed(pbuh)'s wife, used to work in commerce, the first univercity in the world, was established by a muslim woman, from kairouan (tunisia) in morroco, the univ is called the univercity of al karawein, don't know how to spell it in english, who invented the arab esterlabe, is meriem esterlabi, she's also a muslim woman, and other examples...
    however, the real sharia,the fair one, is not applied today, and i bet that it is hard to apply(so i don't say can't), esspecially in this modern time

    and it have nothing to do with what is called "usul" usul means like, origine, or traditions, traditions are not always good, islam is against applying the traditions, just because, their ancestors did that, it must be reasenebal, means, don't harm or something too, the islam is not practiced differently, but, how some people manupulate it, and how in some countries, things are, messy, messed up, like in afghanistan, and the fanatical sharia law, as far as i know, and other example from different places

    however, there are some groups in islam, that have nothing to do with islam, and are radical, for them, for example, it's forbidden to stare at the women, while they do, and they do nasty things, (sex? maybe?) and they have nothing based on islam, like a group called, soufia, or something, they use somehow, "holy" water, when you enter their group, and other bullshits...however, those are limited groups, and, what they do, or what's in their thinking, have nohing to do with islam,
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  3. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member


    Tunisia is a muslim country, and?
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  5. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    i would actually agree on anything you would say, on some people, with fanatical thinking, and even some groups, with fanatical acts, who do things, and assosiate it to islam, and etc.. while it have nothing to do with islam

    but to start listing, things and saying islam say so, islam do so, that's very ignorant, because i don't expect you studied islam, and knowing about it for your hall life and etc...

    i would agree with you, if you named a specific group or something, and not assosiate it to islam and it's teachings
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  7. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    What, are you serious? :bugeye: Enough already. Man.

    I note shadow's in no confusion about the collusion of conservative stoogism.
  8. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    But sharia has not been as thoroughly institutionalized in government-enforced law in Tunisia, the way it has been in, for example, Saudi Arabia, where all the girls in a school were allowed to burn to death because the firemen were not allowed to rescue them as it would have required them to touch them.

    There are many Muslim countries that are quite liberal in that regard. The world's largest Muslim country is Indonesia and they don't enforce the female dress code, for example. Pervez Musharraf, the former president of Pakistan, made a point of frequently posing for photographers with his pet dogs, making it clear to the West that dogs are not considered "unclean" in his country.

    Pakistan even had a female president. Of course, she was assassinated.
  9. quadraphonics Bloodthirsty Barbarian Valued Senior Member

    It would be nice if we had some actual definition of what "Muslim country" is supposed to mean, while we're on the topic. Sometimes it seems to be simply "any country whose population is predominantly Muslim," other times it seems to mean something having to do with Sharia or whatever.

    And as to the former, I'd note that we do not tend to use that sort of labelling on other countries without some hesitation - people who call the USA a "white country" or a "Christian country" are not typically engaging in vanilla statistical descriptions, nor entitled to any such presumption of innocence. There seems to me some unaknowledged hazard in this practice of assigning huge swaths of countries to "Islam" as if such were some geographic, apolitical property.

    It was actually worse than that - not only were men not allowed to go inside to rescue the girls, the girls themselves would all have made it out safely on their own power in the first place, had they not found their exit blocked by the Morality Police, who forced (as in, with physical beatings) all of the girls to remain inside the burning building because they were not properly attired to appear in public. But then, some cleric did get fired over that one, IIRC, so let's not make it more emblematic of Saudi practice than is warranted.

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