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Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by Bebelina, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    In case you remember your dreams, post them here, for our amusement and to possibly get a "scientific" point of view to what they might "mean".

    I can start. I dream a lot, and often remember very detailed stories, but one has to be fast with typing them down otherwise they blur into oblivion faster than you think. I often think.." this was so special, I will not forget this. I will write it down later, but that will just be unnecessary, because I will definitely remember this."...and..*poff'*, it's gone!

    Last nights dream:

    Goth/emo kid of leafshaped rafts in the river. First a romantic couple, a manga like cartoon couple, both with blue hair. The girl was extremely cute and kept talking all the time, while the boy looked uninterested and distant. Then a hoard of goth/emo kids, vampires, jumped into the river on their motorleaves and some of them turned into bats. They were cheering and racing eachother.

    (very childish dream)

    Then I was in a new apartment, my dad also lived there. He had changed the name on the door to avoid stalkers knowing where I lived. This actually happened before the vampire section. I said:
    - But my mail will get lost if ny name's not on the door. I will make a pretty sign when I get home.

    Then later I was back there and had a baby daughter.
    There was a sauna on the yard. I did not know this and was happily surprised. Me and perhaps four other women went there, but they took all the seats, so there was no place left for me. I didn't mind so much and though, this is nice, I will fix this place up later and make it my own.

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  3. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Dreams, if I may be so bold, can only be interpreted in a psychoanalytic environment. Or, by the dreamer theirselves.
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  5. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    I think you are right, or by friends who really know you. But sharing dreams can be just for entertainment also.
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  7. Mazulu Banned Banned

    For years, I would have dreams about being back in elementary school and high school. I wonder what that means?
  8. ChrisJ Registered Member


    I find dreams are often reflecting problems we are experiencing waking life with clever metaphors. I'm not sure what your dream is saying, but here's a few quotes from a dream dictionary.

    To dream of a river represents negative situations or uncertainty in your life that is temporary. You are directly confronting obstacles, unfamiliar situations, or unwanted changes that are necessary in the interim or as part of the "flow of your life."

    To see a vampire in your dream symbolizes an aspect of your personality that is parasitic or selfishly feeds off others. A person or situation that drains you of time, energy, or resources. Either your own selfish need to use others or your projection of other people that are feeding off of you. It could represent either material or emotional parasitism.

    I took them from dreambible.com
  9. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    It's never anything good is it...

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    In retrospect the first part of your interpretations was correct. Some really unwanted changes occured a few weeks after I posted this.

    I think I know now what the vampire part was about too. Sometimes regular symbolism don't apply.
    But there are always people trying to feed on your energy.
  10. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    I had a nightmare last night about zombies, which is strange, since I'm not really into the genre. I went to a kind of old log cabin that was also a hardware store that sold woodworking tools and lumber. A guy suddenly attacked me. I had to stab him with a scimitar. Then the children turned into zombies and we had to throw them down a well, then others came and we used everything at hand to defend ourselves (me and the staff) including drilling them with a large auger. I finally had to just hide from them in a small enclosed space in a wall. Then my cat woke me up at 5:00 by jumping on me.
  11. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    I almost never am aware of dreaming, perhaps because of the strange schedule I keep, half the week on days and half the week on nights, which I have been doing for over four years now. I believe that I may have trained my body to accept a floating circadian rhythm, something which I read about a few years back.

    A friend recently shared that they have these nightmares wherein they feel that they are bound, cannot move or call for help and they wake up absolutely terrified. They live alone and are afraid to go back to sleep, and so leave the lights turned on after these episodes.

    This sounds a lot like a condition called 'sleep paralysis' and so I sent her the following link, in the hopes that understanding what is happening might at least allay some of her fears. I post the link here as well in case it may be of assistance to others.

  12. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    That's really weird, spidey. You very well may have been the first person on Earth to combine the ideas "scimitar", "woodworking tools", "auger" and "throw them down a well" in a single statement. To test my theory, I'll add the word "dream". I'll bet you a pound of catnip that no search engine finds these same words correlated in a single search for the next 10 years. (Get back with me on that in 2024 and we can settle up.)

    Hey scheh, long time no say. (or is it no se . . . both, I think.)

    Yeah I too for many years worked under conditions of extensive sleep deprivation. My worst nightmare of that era was waking up to the sound of my vehicle scraping the guardrail on the San Mateo Bridge. In fact in celebration of my survival I'm going to dig up something appropriate from Asleep At The Wheel.

    But what's funny is that I seem to have lost my ability to dream back then. Either that or I lost the ability to recall that I had been dreaming.

    Hey I went through that as a youngster. I threw a newspaper route at some ridiculously insane hour like 3 AM, got home by 5 and took a nap until it was time to get up for school. (All this to feel I was economically independent.) But many times I would wake up, notice that the sun was up , but I was unable to move for what seemed like half an hour or so. I could hear sounds around me and I could see the light fixture on my ceiling but was utterly helpless. Once in a while I was able to make some gutteral noise but was otherwise unable to move.

    How about this - ever roll out of bed? Once I was dreaming I was in a ball game swinging a bat with all my might and when I woke up on the floor I realized that I had extended my arm out and produced enough momentum to roll me out. On another occasion I was kicking a football on a tee and awoke to pain of smashing my toe into my bedside furniture. I did it so hard I ended up losing the toenail. These were both fairly recent; I don't recall ever having done anything like this when I was younger.

    I know what you're thinking and if it's what I'm thinking it probably doesn't sound the same since when I say it, it comes out "drain bamage".

    Glad to see you're still on your pony and that spidey is still giving folks a lot of wistful insight. Hang in there, both of you.
  13. Kaiduorkhon Registered Senior Member

    Hey there Scheherazade (Aka 'LabelWench' / 'Lorrina'):
    One look at you and that horse and it just hadda be you!

    This is ToeQuest's 'Rascal Puff'. I misplaced my password to TQ and rully don't wanna check in under another alter ego, cuz I won't then be connected to all my previous posts or email. Sure is good't see ya. Best regards to Hubby 'n RanchCritters at large... Does the Female Messiah know you fairly resemble her - of mind and countenance - a lot?

    I've the honor of having beheld your countenance as you (finally) posted it while you went about business in the company of yer - at that time - latest foal, and her Mom. Yup. : )

    Speaking of dreams, you and other denizens off and on this thread may find a benevolent alternative to chamomile tea, in what I've discovered in OTC 'melatonin'. I Have ptsd since (long before ptsd was academically and medicinally recognized in 1980, via Disorders Symptoms Manual I) 1944-'46 childhood (DOB 7.11.'41, and several more stratifications of military acquired ptsd; esp. some ordeals in '61-'62, including and at-sea, cat 5 hurricane on an ammo ship for 3 consecutive days about steady diving into and outta the oncoming warps and woofs of curling and breaking 100 and rogue 140 footers); it's a bit costly but usually packaged ten tablets at a time and of course 'melatonin' is indeed something yer endocrinal system produces and introduces to yer educated body, esp. dream mode frontal lobes. The pharmaceutical people here say it's not psychotropic, though it certainly has added an unprecedented pleasantry to my dreams, and basically liberated me from what were otherwise endemic nighmares I had just settled in to living - and waking up in a cold sweat - with.

    Please say 'Hi' to Robert & the usually suspected denizens of TQ.

    If you learn or already know of any way I can rejoin with TQ, please let me know. It would entail some procedure - perhaps doable by Robert - for returning to TQ forums while still maintaining my former RP identity. On the flip side of that possibility is what's probly undoable, on accounta the requirement for the same password. I know, I shouldn't a forgot it and/or should'a had it written down.

    I certainly miss the forum, and the venerable LabelWench a lot. : )

    Best regards to You 'n Yours,
    Kaiduorkhon (Aka, Rascal Puff). : )

    :zzz: :wave:
  14. cornel Registered Senior Member

    Sounds to me you just have a habit of seeing sleep too much as a "necessary thing you gotta do now and then" instead of a "way of rejuvenating the body/mind"
  15. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member


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    Time to wake up, food supplier.

    There is another site where you are venerable?
  16. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Hello Aqueous, Rascal Puff and Captain. Yes, indeed, I have several aliases and I make no secret of them. I am Label Wench, Scheherazade, Under the Rose and and Lorrina and I make the rounds of several forums each day, though I do not always post.

    Rascal, I sent a PM to Robert on your behalf several days ago but have had no response. I understand that sometimes the Fearless Leader of ToeQuest goes A.W.O.L. and the traffic has been rather light at that forum of late.

    Interesting about your sleep and dream experiences, Aqueous. Years ago, I used to waken very anxious that there was something terribly important that I had forgotten to do. It was most distressing. I rather enjoy this 'dream free' sleep of recent years.

    I share my experiences, Captain, and as I have accrued a number of years and even more experiences, there are frequently some who can relate and we enjoy exchanging the details of our survival to date.

    Meanwhile, have none of you had any recent dreams to share on this thread? Bebelina will be disappointed in the lack of discussion material I am thinking.

    Perhaps I can share my most memorable dream, which must have occurred about 20 years ago...

    I was standing outside, in front of my home, beside my vehicle. It was nighttime, mid-winter, the ground was snow covered and it was seasonably cold. There was a resounding boom, the earth shook violently and I was flung to the ground. As I was laying there, looking up at the night sky with every sense on high alert, it was deathly quiet and written in large illuminated print I saw the words "VOID 287". It occurred to me that this whole planet and all life upon it was nothing more that an experiment and that the experiment was about to come to an end.

    Strangely, I felt no fear.

    There was absolutely nothing that I could do about whatever was to come next, so I just got to my feet...

    ...and then I woke up.

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  17. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    Two dreams last night.

    In the first one, someone was driving me and a few friends down a deserted highway in a big car like a taxi at high speed. We lose control and go off an overpass. We survive OK, but when we get out, we are surrounded by small primitive humanoids with spears. They kill the driver. We run away, I confront some of them with a spear I made, but they are like guerrilla fighters, they just disappear and come back. We come upon a wide cliff overlooking a fertile valley, there is a waterfall. There are vines going down so we start to climb down. No single vine goes all the way down, but we manage to get to the bottom. It's like the land of OZ down there. It's a police state controlled by the spear people, who only live on the top of the cliff. It's all like cartoon characters, they are 3D, but somehow hollow, like they are made of paper mache. They live in cute bungalows made of the same paper, which are filled with colorful products as if out of the 1950's, and adorable pets everywhere, mostly dogs and rabbits, also made of paper. We join an underground resistance movement.

    Dream two:

    I just graduated from truck driving school, and I'm driving a brand new 18 wheeler full of comic books. I have to stop at an inspection station, where there is some problem with the mileage or my driving, I can't figure it out. I had to maneuver around in a kind of outdoor staging area stacked with tall piles of cardboard. A special truck officer comes by, and then we notice movement in the back of the parked truck. A door on the side of the trailer turns clear. Inside it's brightly lit, and there are a bunch of comic book geeks, who have opened the boxes, and are reading them, drinking beer, smoking weed and having a good time. Of course this is unacceptable, you can't have people riding around in the back, so the officer "grounds" the vehicle, and calls the cable TV network which is the intended destination of the truck. The government halts all programming on the network (I got the impression it was A&E) until they can sort it out.
  18. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    Spider, either you live in dream paradise or are making stuff up! Nobody can have that cool dreams all the time! (also read the other two you posted) You make me jelous, can I join in sometime? "We join an underground resistance movement." , with paper maché bunnies?

    Or you eat a lot and read comic books before going to sleep.
  19. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    Doubleposted, where's the delete button?
  20. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    Yes some, of mind anyway. Don't want to insult the horselady though.

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  21. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    I think you had a dream encounter with a UFO. Good that you remember the word and the number though, I supposed it will make sense somehow when and if they show up irl. Could it be a number from an airplane?
  22. cornel Registered Senior Member

    Maybe, when they're done with this expeexperriment, they just change it and continue to experiment.
    We would never 've known if it wasn't for dreams

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  23. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Dreams can be understood as arising from a potential between the conscious and the unconscious minds. Both can store data and each have their own POV by which the input data is interpreted. The ego uses cultural knowledge and the unconscious uses natural instinct. As an analogy of this tension, picture a democrat and republican in the same room discussing politics. Since they differ so much in their perception of cultural data, the potential is high and their discussion will reflect this potential; heated debate.

    If one was a moderate and the other person was from one of the two parties, the potential is less and the conversation will be more calm. The conscious and unconscious mind debate in dreams, with the unconscious mind having the upper hand during sleep, like the ego has during wake time. At night in dreams, it is like the republican placing a gag on the democrat and then discussing his points without any feedback screaming or vice versa.

    Since dreams reflect this tension, everything in the dream is part of the dreamer, but in a symbolic sense. Each character, place and action is part of you with all that you are, impacted by this tension.

    In the last dream, the earth and life would symbolize instinct. The boom is reflects a sudden awareness. Since the unconscious generates the dream, it has a connection to unnatural instinct and the movement within back to natural instinct; the experiment ends. The coldness of the season could reflect environmental feedback; cold heartedness. People are not used to hearing dreams and are not sure how to respond.

    There are also prophetic dreams, if one is part of a collective and their dream solution or anticipation is typical for the many. In this case, the experiment presents an experiment of collective instinct that is not natural (earth and life) and is about be change; liberalism. It now is in the winter (end of life) and it creates coldness instead of the warmth that was once the case, 50 years ago.

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