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Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Amphion, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Amphion Registered Member

    I do not know if anyone has every thought about this, but I thought I would give it a shot. Back when i somewhat beleived in christianity, this is what I came up with.

    When god created Adam and Eve, he told them not to eat of the fruit of the certain tree in the midst of the garden. But the serpent tells them its okay, they wont die, and that it will make them as gods. The serpent could be lying here, but it would explain why god forbid them of eating of the fruit. When they eat the fruit, theres eyes are opened, and you could say, they accuire the ability of knowledge. OR something like that, I do not really know how to explain it that well but I think you get what I mean. Anyway, After that, God had to change his rules. He made them work, and caused them to eventually die. Perhaps this was a countermeasure to keep any one person from gaining enough knowledge to become a god. MY main theory of when the earth will end based on this, is when man finally figures out "everything". Then man will be god like, so God will destroy the world.

    It may seem far fetched, and I know alot of you dont beleive in the bible, but I thought it was an interesting thought. Knowledge is power, GOd could have been a Man living on a world like ours in another dimension. He could have figured out "everything" and created us. And like a communistic dictator, did not want us to get smart enough to realize we are just as good as he is.(eventually)

    I dont think this is the case though, but like I said, it was just an interesting thought I had.

    I dont know, this may seem dumb, but know one knows the truth so anything is possible.
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  3. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    Amphion, first of all it's not "dumb" to speculate..

    If you were to examine the story of Adam & Eve in a philosophical sense you will understand that it's a fable. The story of Eden is explaining of why man is evil, and what made him evil is, that he was man.

    However the true evil one here would be god, for if he exists, and is omnipotent, omnivolent, omniscient, etc.. he should have known not to tempt man. It was not the serpent who tempted the evil, it was god, by placing the tree in the garden in the first place!, does god not know of man's intuition of curiousity?.

    The fable of Eden is a poor attempt to explain evil. And it blames man as evil by nature. It it further condems man to seek the good, of which he has no explanation of what it is. So it defines the good, in fable, and stories written and passed down by generations in the ancient book we call the bible.

    I've got to go, soon I will try to elaborate some more.. hopefully.

    good day!!.
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  5. Squid Vicious Banned Banned

    I wish you lot would hurry up and figure everything out then, because i really hate this place.
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  7. Amphion Registered Member

    Re: Amphion, first of all it's not "dumb" to speculate..

    I agrea with what you said. But my whole theory was based on Christian beleifs, and to Christians its certainly not a fable, thats how it was. But please elaborate more, what you said is interesting.

    You are right about the tree, If GOd created us, then he knew that we would be curious towards the tree, so basically, yes, he did tempt us. Which I beleive, not sure, but beleive that he says he will never do in the bible.
  8. Hoth Registered Senior Member

    It seems rather funny to me, to speculate that once ultimate knowledge (whatever that is) is attained people will then turn to a higher power to let it end the world. Knowledge would include knowlege of how to do things, therefore god would no longer be needed -- all things possible to do would be known. (Let's not hear the old "god does the impossible" stuff, because an illogical god is impossible to talk about and thus must be passed over in silence.) Once people could do all possible things, they would be as god-like as is possible -- and if interaction between dimensions is a possible thing, that would be involved in the knowledge for people just as much as for the god-from-another-dimension.

    If humans had ultimate knowledge (which never will, because the idea of a piece of the universe [person] knowing everything about every other piece is really very highly unlikely), god is the one who'd be destroyed -- he'd no longer enjoy any superiority, his own children would've taken over for him.
  9. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    I think if many people become like gods, then christian god would be outnumbered. more likely we kill him in self defence
  10. Hoth Registered Senior Member

    Nah, he's no threat, just keep him around as a sort of pet and give him the mundane tasks of maintaining minor universes.

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    Really though, there's no possibility of "ultimate knowledge." There are structural limitations to the universe which all us pieces of it must obey. Knowledge of everything in the universe would require a brain larger than the universe. Not to mention the speeds of transmission required for this brain to be able to think quickly enough to complete a thought within a trillion years. You could make the argument of another dimension where the speed of light is no longer a necessary limitation on the speed of information transmission, but that would leave no way for the dimensions to interact with each other. All thinking done extradimensionally would stay there and couldn't be imported... the nature of the universe in the other dimension would be incompatible with ours. (Which raises the issue of how we would move from ours into it in the first place... we couldn't, because anything there wouldn't be us.)

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