Evolution - Yes it DID bloody well happen!

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Adam, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Voodoo Child Registered Senior Member

    Of course, these aren't species since the species definition requires that their offspring can interbreed. The kew primrose is a well known speciation example. It was the result of two species interbreeding: primula Floribunda and P. verticillata.
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  3. I am a Christian Registered Member

    NO really it is my Biology teacher I am only 15 and a sophomore

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  5. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    RNA viruses? Or better yet, what about Prions.
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  7. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    In a galaxy not far away in about 110 years or so . . . .

    Computer life form CP30:
    Computer life from R2D2

    CP3O: Did you know that you are made of silicon and metal and run on electricity. And without these three things you wouldn’t be conscious and be able to talk and walk and replicate. You NEED these three things. Take one away and you just couldn’t work. Because of that alone it’s obvious that there is a God that made you.

    R2D2: *beep beep*/ But what, if as some robots theorize, there was a stage in our past when things that replicated (oh I mean “life” - - what ever that is) did so differently than us. And we are just a later stage that superseded those earlier (we’ll call human) life forms?

    CP3O: Are there any of these around now?

    R2D2: *beep*/well no I guess not.

    CP3O: AHH HAH!! Therefore - there MUST be a God just like I was programmed to believe and memed over to you!

    R2D2: *anti-MEME activated . . . beep beep beep!*/ But because there aren’t any of these life forms around now doesn’t mean there weren’t any around at some other time.

    CP3O: Prove it!

    R2D2: *beep*/And besides, that doesn’t then mean there is a God. For you to imply there is - as your sole solution - doesn’t answer anything anyway now does it? Actually it only begs the question of how God came to be.

    CP3O: No No my friend – God has always been there, so that’s different

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    R2D2: *Anti-Red Herring activated . . . . beep beep!*/ but wait wait! . . . to bring it back to our topic. That is of an irreducible system, what if there were a Computer that somehow ran on machine parts and not on electricity and used punched cards for memory instead of silicon?

    CP3O: Haa so you’re saying we came from what . . .. TOATSERS!!!! AHHH HAHAHAHA

    Maybe you . . . but not me buddy!

    And how did these Computer-Life/Toaster-Computers live? Hmmm! Hmmmm!!

    R2D2: *beep beep*/ To tell you the truth we’re still working on some of these questions. Although we understand a lot we don’t have all of the answers. So I’m not sure – maybe an earlier life form tuned a few gears around and our ancestor came to life. And our ancestor actually was replicated BY this other life form? We do have some artifacts of these machine like life forms that preceded us.

    CP3O: But do you have the old life forms (/humans) that turned the Toaster gears?

    R2D2: *beep*/I didn’t say Toaster – but No We..

    CP3O: Haaa HAAA!

    R2D2: *beep*/well. ..

    CP3O: Prove it!

    R2D2: *beep*/look. . . we do know..

    CP3O: Let me just interrupt here. You see R2D2 you don’t really know that much. What a waste of time all those years you spent in Compuniversity. YOU JUST don’t have ALL of the answers. But me on the other hand. I KNOW how it ALL worked. And I didn’t have to waste my time studying either. And with that I gotta run – so bye

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    . . . . . And CP3O leaves with a warm glow in his transistors knowing that he has all the answers in three little words – God did it.

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