Examining our own shortcomings.

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Equinox, May 2, 2017.

  1. Equinox Registered Senior Member

    I thought this thread might be an interesting place to discuss one's own shortcomings and what motivates behaviour which in retrospect is cruel, illogical or cringe inducing, and what we may have learnt from such experiences.

    As I have gotten older and look back at my past behaviour (although I'm still only in my 30's) I realise that for quite a long time I have acted with a 'superior' and/or 'smug' attitude. Not only that, but I thought I knew the world better than everybody else, I had an opinion on everything, and always thought I was right about pretty much any subject that was being discussed.

    I did not realise it at the time just how irritating I must have been (although I'm sure enough people hinted at it to me), and it got me thinking why I acted that way - is it because I think/thought I am more intelligent than other, indeed are 'intelligent' people more likely to act in such a manner, or is this just the way all youth's think and act?

    Growing up I was always interested in science, history and other subjects that most people considered boring or 'geeky'. As a result most of my family referred to me as 'the clever one in the family' - although today I don't see myself as particularly clever, I have a wide range of general knowledge, but I struggle with more advanced science such as equations and physics.

    Back then however I thought I was god's gift to the world, imparting my wonderful snippets of knowledge, interrupting and interjecting into conversations as soon as there was even a hint of something I might know about in order to show the world just how clever I was.

    It wasn't until a few years ago when I observed a similar pattern of behaviour in someone else and thought to myself "what an irritating self important little tit" that I realised that I did the exact same kind of thing...

    Since then I've forced myself to take more of a back-seat in conversations allowing people to talk about whatever they want, rather then attempting to steer it towards things I 'know about' in order to feel important. And I think it's won me a few more friends along the way!

    So how about you guys, what realisations have you made as you've matured - do you think intelligent people (or those who think they are intelligent) are more likely to act in a superior/irritating/condescending manner, is it something you do and are trying to change?

    Comments welcome

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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    Heheh. You have life experience on this subject?? No, because many in society have a superior/irritating/condescending and especially entitled manner and mindframe whether they know what they are talking about or intelligent or not.

    What i find unrealistic and "cliche" about your op is that it's not just people who are intelligent who are smug, obnoxious or have big mouths or egos. In fact, the less intelligent, the more rude, entitled, smug, obnoxious etc people seem to be. So, your take is that people should have to cowtow to the lowest common denominator or else they are the rude one or condescending. That is not necessarily true and being patient listening to others you have no interest in but you can't share your interests because they don't either is not a matter of right or wrong, it's unbalanced. That is what you are ignoring, and that is why people have different friends and groups as not everyone clicks, gets along or if they do force it in certain circumstances, it is not genuine but mere politeness. No, it's just that you need to remove yourself from that particular group, circle or company if you can.

    For instance, there was a group who was discussing bonnie raitt, the show 'friends' and other interests i have not an inkling of interest in and i did not enjoy speaking with them but since their interests were similar, it was not the same experience for them. That does not make me rude or condescending or smug because i have different interests just as if i expressed my interests, they would be marginalized, bored etc.

    i doubt you have much experience as you think, seriously. REAL TALK.
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  5. Equinox Registered Senior Member

    I don't think I have much experience at all birch, that's another one of my shortcomings, and I have plenty more.
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  7. river


    What do you know , or what ology would make you happy ?
  8. Equinox Registered Senior Member

    What do I know? that's a pretty good question (and a hard one), a bit like asking a person 'who are you', you're not your job, your not your tittle (husband/wife, father/son ect) so 'what do you know' boils down to your quantum of useful knowledge I guess.

    As I mentioned earlier, I used to think I knew about 'everything', but if I boiled it down to what I actually 'know' in a useful capacity; I would say I know about electronics (particularly computers), I can build a computer from scratch, select all its components and put it together, install an operating system and software appropriate for its designated task and I know how to repair it when it breaks down.

    Despite having knowledge about quite a few different other things, but not really in a useful capacity - I have a great deal of general knowledge, and would likely win quite a few games of trivial pursuit (aptly named) but that 'knowledge' is largely useless outside of quiz games.

    You asked another interesting question, of what ology would make me happy. Funnily enough, I have always been an artistic person - but one who cannot draw, paint, or sing. I have amazingly intricate images in my head that when I try to put to paper or paint look awful.

    I adore music, and so I would say musicology would be the ology that would make me happy - music is based on mathematical principles which appeals to me geeky side along with having an organic/chaotic element which appeals to my artistic side.
    I may not be able to draw, paint or sing, but I am making a bit of headway learning the piano (which makes the wonderful sounds my voice cant, as long as I press the right key).

    Cosmology would also probably make me very happy, as I adore everything about the stars and space (I can look up into a night sky for hours on end, in complete amazement, and never grow bored), but I lack the the right intellect/mindset to comprehend the equations you need in such a calling.

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