Global warming - the consequences can be VERY GRAVE! Please examine the proof.

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by Captain Planet, Aug 31, 2001.


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  1. This is very important - as many people as possible need to know!

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  2. This guy's a nut

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  3. People cannot be changed

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  4. If this is true, the situation is VERY SERIOUS

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  1. Captain Planet Registered Member

    To any person in the world concerned about global warming:

    Newly discovered affects of global warming are under the following websites:


    Please examine these as this information must be READ by as many people as possible if global warming is to ever be taken seriously

    Please do not discard this as these are the only measures that can be taken at the moment - notifying as many people in as many ways as possible - so that the consequences of global warming as shown on the above websites are AVOIDED.

    Peace to you all. The Most important news on Earth at the moment:
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  3. Patman just one of the lost Registered Senior Member

    Captain Planet Welcome to sciforums.
    I find it hard to believe that there is any possibility that the planet could ever explode. The increase in volcanic activity being one of the arguments against the possibility of such a disaster. I do believe that global warming is a real problem that should be addressed.
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  5. kmguru Staff Member

    The sky has fallen 5 times before. The big one was 251 million years ago. The amount of pollution due to that was probably a 2500 billion times more than what is today. Yet, the planet did not explode! So what is the logic now?
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  7. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Welcome to Sciforums, Captain Planet! You pose an interesting question. But I have to agree with the others on this one.

    It has been discovered that there is a "heat vent" in the Pacific ocean. Something no one really expected to find. It siphons heat into the higher atmosphere and hence dumps heat from the planet. This is not to say that there is no global warming. Only that we absolutely do not know enough about our planet to accurately predict what is happening. Further, this takes on a scale of time that we are still grasping to see. Early projections for Global Warming were slanted towards finding such not toward is it or not.

    At the present time something that worries me more than Global warming is that of tectonic activity. Even worse is an area in the midwest near Yellowstone that has shown a slight rise in ground level. About 4". Now you may not be aware of this but in prehistory there was considerable activity in this area. It is getting near due time again. Should such happen from around Nevada to eastren Texas could see a MAJOR erruption. Putting enough dust and particulate matter into the air that we might have a global winter for several years. No, you can not even trust the ground you walk on!
  8. kmguru Staff Member

    Moral of the story is: Dig deeper, you will find the truth. Dont get swayed by someone who may have a axe to grind...
  9. thecurly1 Registered Senior Member

    I can only hope that global warming is a Chicken Little 21st century style, but if it's not we're all gonna be screwed.

    Especially when tax dollars are used to build retaining walls...
  10. kmguru Staff Member

    Most man made pollution do cause health problems for man and damage to food we eat (like fish) and water we drink. That should be regulated and fixed. But saying that man's activities are going to blow up the planet? All the nuclear bombs if exploded will wipe us human beings but leave the Earth for regeneration in a few thousand years. The new species will probably adapt to radiation by having redundant DNA and error correction and other special stuff.

    May be in 500 years we will create stuff that could damage the Earth. For now, we are only screwing ourselves. That is what we do best.
  11. thecurly1 Registered Senior Member

    Was watching the discovery channel last night...

    I was watching the Discovery Channel on Saturday night and they were showing a core sample of the ocean floor being brought up and displayed the results.

    CO2 deposits and changes were prevalant in this long core, which can be used to track the global tempature for the past few million years. At the end of a line graph was a fairly stable straight line, this line is the past 1000 years. They said that the past millenium was an unusually stable period of global tempature change.

    Maybe global warming or cooling is enevitable. It all depends on how much volcanic activity there is. CO2 is spued out and redeposited in the oceans. Very complicated, but i'm sure there's a book or site on it.

    Just updating you all.
  12. KalvinB Publicity Whore Registered Senior Member

    According to NASA which tracks the atmospheric temp year round the average temperature has been fluctuating up and down since 1979 with no discernable pattern.

    I.e. It's a natural thing for the climate to change. Nothing we do will "fix" it. There is no "global warming" or "global cooling" it's just "Global Climate Change" such as occures during the day and during the year.

  13. kmguru Staff Member

    Very good point. Instead of shouting that the sky is falling, those people should concentrate for clean water to drink (not the dollar per gallon variety) and air to breath and less pesticide filled/ hormone /antibiotic laced food.
  14. thecurly1 Registered Senior Member

    I agree.
  15. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    I too agree. What is not talked about a lot is that we are on the verge of losing the battle to bacteria and viruses. This is because those bacteria and viruses are becoming immune to the antibiotics. When the antibiotics first came on the scene the critters had no defense. Antibiotics are so over used now that those bacteria and viruses That had a brush with these defenses and survived have bred stronger and are now reaching the point of not being fazed by the medicene that we depend on to control them. In the hospitals is the super streph strain which standard doses will not kill. It is attributed to many deaths during a years time. We no longer have other anitbiotics newly developed, coming down the tubes to us. Genetic manipulation may be the last chance we have at present and it is arriving just in time.
  16. JackSpratts Registered Member

    during a major east coast heat-wave in 1987 the global warming version some now think of as gospel became accepted, kicking out a few other theories that had been bouncing around for some 25 years previous - like global cooling, for instance.

    so urgent was the problem that it was speculated that by the turn of the millenium (last year) portions of the globe could become unihabitable and there could be mass starvations as a direct consequence of human induced global warming unless immediate steps were taken.

    well, as we now know, not only were no steps taken but the situation has gotten much worse as far as greenhouse gas production is concerned. and yet...


    in the east, we're coming off the third coolest summer in recorded history.

    as for summer last year at the turn of the millenium? it was the coldest.

    "hey pop, why's it so cool this year?"

    "it's the global warming"
  17. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Welcome to Sciforums, JackSpratts. You bring to the table a good point. And it supports what I have said earlier in this thread. That we do not sufficiently understand the makeup of our planet to predict what and how things happen. In my geographical area for two years it has been drier than average. Guess what? This year is normal. I guess when I can walk out the door and stand at beachside I will know global warming is happening. (I live 200 miles inland)
  18. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member

    The Earth is drying up! We are losing our atmosphere to outer space. The same happened to Mars, but because of it's lower mass and thus gravity, the process happened much more quickly.

    The Earth is becoming a desert. Find some topographical maps and see if you don't come to a similar conclusion. Many rivers and streams are but a whimper of what they were, according to the topographical maps that show where the water ways once were.

    There was an article in a science magazine out many years ago that referred to the Earth's atmosphere as extending out (in trace levels) to the moon and beyond. If this is indeed the case, then it is undeniable that the solar winds must be continually blowing much of this atmosphere away into outer space. As this happens, our atmosphere (at the surfrace(sea level)) is likely going to thin out gradually, and I believe that this has been happening from the beginning of the Earth.

    If so, then time limitations becomes even more critical for mankind. The exploration of space becomes an absolute necessity.

    If there is good documented proof of the rate of atmosphere loss or rate of global warming, I would chance to guess that a theory of "How long before the Earth becomes like Mars" could be developed.

  19. kmguru Staff Member

    As always very good point Howard.
    We may have just enough time to develop alternate plan to evacuate Planet earth. It could be a plot for a wonderful story line where a billion peoples memory are stored in a computer and it is heading to a habitable planet in the galaxy. Upon arriving there, the computer replicates human bodies with the stored memory and creates an instant society. There are some holes in the story, I am sure we can plug....
  20. thecurly1 Registered Senior Member

    I think we should definately be worrying about the ozone layer, we know that's disapering.
  21. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Ozone hole 'set to shrink'
    From the BBC:

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    The biggest ozone hole yet over Antarctica in October

    An international group of scientists is predicting that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica will shrink and close within 50 years.
    It says a ban on the chemicals that thin the Earth's protective film of gas is showing signs of success and the ozone layer should soon start to repair itself - as long as countries stick to the ban.
    The forecast was made following a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where 300 climate scientists scrutinised new data.
    But the experts warn that governments must tackle the wider issue of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, if any real progress on ozone is to be achieved.
    Montreal Protocol
    The prediction is based on evidence that levels of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the lower atmosphere are falling.
    CFCs break down ozone, the three-atomed oxygen molecule, which shields the surface of the planet from harmful rays.
    An international ban on CFCs, once widely used in aerosols, has been in place since 1987, when the Montreal Protocol was introduced.
    Scientists studied fresh data at the Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC) Second General Assembly in Buenos Aires.
    'Detailed understanding'
    Alan O'Neill, chair of the SPARC 2000 Scientific Committee, told BBC News Online: "Scientists have gained a detailed understanding of how man-made substances (containing chlorine and bromine) destroy ozone.
    "We can explain why much more ozone is destroyed over the Antarctic than over the Arctic, and why the ozone hole is bigger during some years than during others.
    "The biggest ever ozone hole was witnessed over Antarctica in early October 2000.
    "But we are now seeing evidence that the international bans or controls on ozone destroying substances are now taking effect: amounts of these substances are, overall, falling in the lower atmosphere and our prediction is that ozone amounts will recover over the next 50 years or so."
    Delayed recovery
    The recovery was not likely to start for a few years yet, Professor O'Neill said, and it would not happen steadily because of natural fluctuations in weather patterns from one year to the next.
    And a cooling of the lower atmosphere due to greenhouse gas emissions could delay the closing of the ozone hole, perhaps by a decade or so.
    Commenting on the report, Brian Gardiner, one of the British Antarctic Survey scientists who discovered the Antarctic ozone hole in 1985, said political will was needed to tackle the other huge environmental issues facing the planet.
    "The Montreal Protocol is the first international treaty that holds out the promise of solving a global environmental problem before it becomes a disaster," he told BBC News Online.
    "We should learn from that and attack the bigger problem of climate change by achieving intergovernmental agreement to limit the burning of fossil fuels before the consequences of that become a disaster."
  22. kmguru Staff Member

    I wonder if Ozone hole opens and closes based on activity in solar radiation and other astronomical phenomena rather than man's small contribution of CFCs. I also wonder what happens to the ozone produced by all these Mercury Vapor Lamps?

    Just wondering....
  23. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    You do not have to wonder any longer. I was saving this for some one to come up with the right questions. This also seems an appropiate subject for my 1000th post.

    In the last couple of month's it has been discovered that cosmic rays are the culprit that activates the CFC's. A little later I will see if I can not find the article, but it has been some time ago in my reading history as I tend to be a voracious reader. All of this continues to support my stand that we simply do not know as much as we think we do about our planet.

    We may really be on a far off tangent about the green house gases that man himself produces as being the next major calamady around the corner after the CFC's. It may well be possible that we flatter ourselves and mother nature has a remedy that we don't know about yet.

    On another note in Popular Mechanics a few years ago Ford has developed a raditator that cleans the air as the car is driven. Reducing smog and nitrates. Something to think about. Cleaning the air as you drive.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2001
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