Discussion in 'Comparative Religion' started by Darth Behemoth, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    I found in the bible, anyone who hates a brother doesn't know. I think the bible is actually suggesting that knowledge is the lack of hate, or to hate means you lack knowledge.
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  3. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple."
    ~ Jesus
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  5. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    Lulz. I mean I understand things are miserable, but with the grace of God certainly they don't have to be that way. This scripture is seriously conflicted with the scripture I take seriously. Remember the bible is infamous for its many writers.
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  7. river

    True , there are many writers

    kxooo , inhale

    Honestly , I can't relate

    I hope though that you will be fine in the end

  8. wellwisher Banned Banned

    This statement is connected to the superego of culture or the mass mind. It was not about the family people underneath those masks and thoughts.

    As an example, if you met a stranger, and begin your interaction by discussing the weather and music, you may find you both get along and like each other. Say the conversation changes to politics or religion. These topics can radically change the ambiance, such that you both hit an impasse, where things almost turn ugly. If both people fundamentally define themselves by only these narrow beliefs (activist) they may begin to hate each other, and forget about how they got along at many others levels. If you define yourself only by Y and you hate anything X, nothing else matters.

    On the other hand, people who are more neutral and do not define themselves by this one thing of the mass mind will be better able to weigh the scales objectively. You may realize you both get along and love each other 90%, but there is that 10% where we seem to hate. It is not all or nothing, because you are more than just the mask of left or right. You can love and hate the same person, based on the proportion of things on each side of the scale of objectivity. The closed minded is not this objective, but is programmed to be subjective, and weigh all or not.

    Jesus says to the opened minded, love your enemy or love even that 10% that you don't agree with. Now the scale is 90% love, and 10% love/hate because this is still an enemy to your own spirit; love but don't embrace. You may also need to retreat or turn the other cheek, so there is not a fight, by staying together with those others who hate you 100%, just because of this one thing. The times were massed minded and very bigoted against the Christians, with so many people taking joy in the torture and death of Christians. Christ said they needed to love/hate/retreat from that 10%, instead of liv in 100% hate via conflict or conformity.

    In science forums, I am not part from the mass mind. But I realize we are all people even if we don't agree. I stick to my principles, by jump around in retreat, so as to not fight and be pulled into hate. I can stay fresh yet remain separate from the mass mind; love 90%, yet love/hate/retreat for 10% until perfected in love.
  9. wellwisher Banned Banned

    After I finished, something else popped into my mind. Many but not all women, tend to blindly love their man, even when they are not in a healthy relationship. Many women will have this unconditional love even in abusive relationships. On the other hand, when a woman is scorned and finally begins to hate, her hate can become unconditional hate, to where even the good times or aspects of her man, by any objective measure, no longer registers a positive feeling. Love/hate is on or off, or all or nothing.

    Men tend to be more in the middle, where they can love and hate their spouse at the same time due to conditional love. They can love their spouse for all she does, while not blindly liking certain parts of her behavior; spend too much or needs to not nag so much. If they separate, the male may hate her, but he still can think back at the good times (sex) and will try to weigh the good. The male is rarely 100% scorned.

    Based on this generalized male-female dynamics, the mass minded tends to be feminine hybrid that is part an unconditional love for a cause. It does not try to objective, even if the cause is abusive to oneself or to others. This is blended with the women scorned dynamics, so one also blindly hates the other side, without any objective scale to balance its good and bad; ends justify the means.

    This firmware hybrid, inside the hearts of men, culturally creates mass minded bigots. The mother teaches the son, through example, with the son, changed by this, now in control within culture; man's world. He will teach this to his daughter, by example, who then becomes a mother, until the dynamics of a culture are crafted around bind love bias and blind hate bigotry. This is also why Jesus says to leave the family, not so much leave the people, but the mass mind of many generations.

    Jesus tries to changes this hybrid, by teaching the positive unconditional love of the female (love your neighbor and enemy; abusive husband). This is tempered with the objectivity of the dad, who tries to weigh the scales, in both good and bad times. Culture was becoming a woman scorned. A new family dynamics needed to form with the loving mother and loving father working, for the children of the future.

    The scorn of the times was connected to God (husband) having appeared to have abandon them. There were prophesies of old of a coming, but no new prophesies for many generations. The heart was scorned because the of abandonment and then because the husband (God) appears to have chosen another wife or at least that was rumor; blind hate. They needed to love/hate and retreat.
  10. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    Turn the other cheek of course is what I believe. Not the comming of Wrath.
  11. Greatest I am Valued Senior Member

    Well put Wellwisher.

    People are slowly awakening as the conditioning wears off.

    There are already enough awake people but not being aware of their majority, they will let their insecurity rob them of freedom.

    We do what we can knowing that even Gnostic Christianity might fall as well.

  12. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Christ is often referred to as the Second Adam. The first Adam, from Genesis was in paradise up to time he and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This tree is symbolic of law of good and evil or right and wrong. The Old Testament was under law of good and evil, with the wage of sin or violation of the law, wrath and punishment. The second Adam brings us back to before law and before wrath. In paradise, God was nice and loving and very positive to Adam and Eve, like Jesus with children; paradise.

    Turn the other cheek, requires we leave behind all our preconceived opinions and expectations of what we consider personally and collectively, right and wrong or good and evil. Stealing is a moral value judgement. Before law, stealing was more like sharing, where there are no personal possessions by law but only a pile of useful things the whole family of man uses. The return to Adam before the fall; second Adam, makes life simple, light, loving, and peaceful; children's toy box in a day care center.

    Wrath, fear, and fear of punishment causes time to slow; fight/flight. When we are in fight and flight mode, things seem to move in slow motion. This slowing of time narrows the mind to the details of the important task at hand. When we are having fun, time speeds up ,such that hours can go by and it can seem like minutes. The net effect is law and wrath narrows the mind to a short term POV. It can't see the same bigger picture that fun can see, where hours go by instead of seconds. The context of the mind and its perception of reality is different between fear and love. Each impacts how one sees and draws conclusions for the same things because each is optimized differently in time.

    As an example, say you feel fear so time slows and your mind racing. Someone takes your laptop. Because your mind is moving so fast in time, you may get more defensive about this, since you may need it in two seconds to appease the needs of fight or flight; the phone can ring at any time.

    On the other hand if you are playing a video game and having fun with many levels to go, you may not even notice the laptop being used and return an hour later. It is not the same crime for the same action because your mind is averaging reality over the needs of hours and not seconds. Jesus was sort of saying slow the mind down with love and rest, so you could see the bigger picture and not remain sped in time via fear. With love reality looks different; the world looks beautiful and not scary. It was not just wise but based on science that would someday appear in the 20 centuries later.

    The second Adam, like the first, is having fun in paradise with time in motion, day to day; vacation without cares and fears. There is little concern, for second by second, like with the micro management style of fear. Law was good and useful in terms of slowing down time, via fear, so humans could begin to see the details of reality; fear of god is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is perfected in love using its longer time perception; better time averaging of the details of laws into general principles of life; tree of life.
  13. wellwisher Banned Banned

    If you look at men and women, females, in general, mature faster into terms of conformity to law and expectations; school and other forms of social conformity. The boys, on average, don't settle as fast to law. Many never conform with males committing the most crimes in defiance to law of good and evil.

    This difference in human nature, between males and females is why Eve (women) ate first, of tree of knowledge of good and evil or law, This was something she was more natural at, on the average; learn and conform faster to the rules; appease fear. The boys tend to linger longer in fun and impulse, via a longer innate time scale; desire.

    A single guy will remain in unstructured fun, longer, than guys who are married, since with marriage comes rules and laws for structuring. Laws of good and evil may have started with matriarchies and marriage, which is why this tree was in paradise. It was part of paradise up to a point. This evolves into furthering laws of structuring with this more natural for the females, causing friction in paradise.

    The world that resulted, with law, although better for women, in the short term, fear, was worse in the longer term, since the men become unnatural by being forced to live life in the short term. Work was not fun (long term) but slavery (short term image).

    Jesus was trying to get the males back to their natures of longer term perception, but this was not fully acceptable to the status quo. The Jewish mother's genes is what defines a Jew. The Old Testament is defined in terms of the female (mother) nature of law. The males are bigger and stronger and would control the power, but their nature that constituted the chosen race was of the female/mother.

    The compromise was in the middle, with minimal law but not zero law. The idea was to keep some laws of God, but remove micro-management, to free up innovation; spirit.
  14. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    There is no knowledge of evil. Hate means you lack knowledge of something which makes up Heaven or a communal of perfection where pain is not even a represented in the language.

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