how peaceful is islam ?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by leopold, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. aah, that was 1 thousand years ago, got anything more recent; like Darfur, Indonesia, Pakistan, right now?
    BTW, who broke into the Church of the Nativity & instead of using it as a peaceful sanctuary, used it as a bunker? Or how about the Grand Mosque?

    & least we forget, those 19 hijackers on Sept 11th, were they like, umm, pagans or maybe wiccans? I forget, what religion motivated them, do you know? What holy book did they read?

    don't blame Iraq on Christians, Cheney is part of the dark force, he & the neo-cons twisted facts for this war
    official neo-con website

    neo-con signatories to statement of principles
    Elliott Abrams, Gary Bauer, William J. Bennett, Jeb Bush,

    Dick Cheney, Eliot A. Cohen, Midge Decter, Paula Dobriansky, Steve Forbes,

    Aaron Friedberg, Francis Fukuyama, Frank Gaffney, Fred C. Ikle,

    Donald Kagan, Zalmay Khalilzad, I. Lewis Libby, Norman Podhoretz,

    Dan Quayle, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Henry S. Rowen,

    Donald Rumsfeld, Vin Weber, George Weigel, Paul Wolfowitz

    yes, but they went against Christian teaching, whilst muslims follow the Quran every time they mistreat, persecute, &/or kill a non-muslim
    ever heard of the Beatitudes?
    islam has been on jihad since its inception, or do you suppose they just showed up with their saffron-robed missionaries across the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia & Southern Europe & converted whole populations with sweet words & prayers? “there is no compulsion in religion” stated in Mohammad’s early years in Mecca was abrogated once he came to power in Medina, or didn’t you know?

    no? do you? are you a religions scholar?
    my guess is that except for Jim Jones' peoples Temple & Heaven's Gate, most are still around in some form or other. but I could be wrong, please enlighten's_Gate_(cult)
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  3. Madrassas are the secret weapon that will be used against the West; its students will not learn math, physics, or advanced electronics. But they will learn how to use those elements in how to make bombs, and with all the mind-control they are under, push the button without pity for those around them

    If islam is the religion of peace, them all those students would be in the forefront of a peace movement; Pakistanis reaching out to Indians in arms of forgiveness, heartfelt thoughts and kindness, instead we get this:



    jihad of the whitewash or is it brainwash?

    & in Darfur
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  5. Exploradora Registered Senior Member

    keep on spewing hate. you cannot disown the crusades just by saying they weren't "following the bible". you cannot say that that Christianity does not have as many horrible, violent practices as Islam just because you happen to agree with the bible. That's just idiotic and lacking all plausible insight.

    And it is accepted by most reasonable scholars that, at minimum, thousands upon thousands of religious movements have risen and fallen in the history of humanity. I never suggested that those religions were gone, I just suggested that they were diminished. Although I am willing to place my money on many of them being literally nonexistent inside our current society.
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  7. such a broad brush about what christians & jews believe,
    but are you telling us, that as a muslim, you don't believe what other muslims said about your prophet? that supposedly, lived in that era? you think its altered or edited? so, could other things have been altered? say the quran? or those hadiths you do believe in? how do you know what is true? & how do you judge, by what scholars say, maybe? or do you shop around for verses & hadiths you like or is there a list of approved verses & hadiths, & who approved them & what standards did they use? do you agree with those standards? what are your standards?

    in the ME, do you mean the pyramids? or all those greek temples? as for arians, in Spain, most Visigoths converted to Catholicism previous to islam, Reccared I think was the first king that did, the rest followed to , then some to islam under pressure from the Moors
  8. just who is spewing hate? who threathens to behead people (& actually does, its on video if you care to watch) or to conquer the world or distroy Israel?
    I think had is the operative word, name some recent ones? Darur, Indonesia, Thailand, right?
  9. Exploradora Registered Senior Member

    Ever heard of the Lords Resistance Army? Or something called the IRA? Islam does not have a monopoly on violent radicals.
  10. DiamondHearts Registered Senior Member

    Alright man, we can take this slowly. I hope we can debate in an kind and just manner.

    First can you explain to us your religion, philosophy and country of origin so that we can talk about this. May I stress, let us both talk in a peaceful manner.

    Madrassa means school in Arabic. A state-run school, a religious school, or even a catholic school would be referred to as a madrassa. You really can't limit madrassa to an Islamic school. Also, madrassa are only where children learn to read and memorize Quran, often this is after their public school or once a week from a Qari.

    The modern conflict between India and Pakistan is more complex than religion. Some issues to think about are the occupation of Muslim Kashmir, Gujurat riots against Muslims with government complicity and the recent mosque bombings. No doubt this creates discontent with Pakistan and India's Muslims. This however is a political conflict.

    Political conflicts should never be oversimplified to religious in origin.

    All Muslims follow the same Quran, 1400 years old.

    Hadith scholars and Islamic teachers. There are many points of view.

    The Moors were never known to force people into Islam, quite the opposite. They allowed religious freedom unlike the Catholics who succeeded them.

    People who took advantage of the chaos caused by the American invasion of Iraq. Again, invasion and humiliation of sovereign nations have the effect of polarizing people. May I remind you of the Americans who were termed by the British as terrorists for tar and feathering British government officials? Today, that would qualify as terrorism.

    Both are oversimplifications. I have no knowledge of any Muslim groups which claims as its right these things.

    About the issue of not recognizing Israel, let's let Israel first recognize Palestine. This is also a political conflict.

    Western support in continuing an terrorist insurgency in Sudan which is also destabilizing neighboring countries like Chad. Why doesn't anyone also talk of Somalia, whose insurgency is more justified in its resistance against Ethiopian occupation.

    Not aware any problem from there.

    An autocratic Buddhist regime suppressing and abusing its Muslim Malay territory to the south. Resistance will be the natural response.

    I hope everything is well with you. After your reply, let's narrow our discussion to purely religious and scientific dimensions and exclude politics from our discussion. God bless you.
    Last edited: May 27, 2007
  11. leopold Valued Senior Member

  12. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    islam like christianity has alot of the basic tenets of faith ignored. it is a peaceful religion. hell the koran implies that if your not muslim you should be a christian or a jew. its been corrupted to suit the will of islamic leaders if followed truelly its a peaceful religion
  13. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    you relize that evangelical christians meet alot of the conditions
  14. Exploradora Registered Senior Member

    Someone actually brought in the cult debate on this??? Please read this

    Most people reserve the word cult for a new religious movement. That would exclude almost all followers of Islam. Now, if you mean a destructive doomsday group then yes, you can find groups within Islam, as you can within Christianity, that are very destructive.
  15. Challenger78 Valued Senior Member

    There are fundamentalists in every religion, it is only because of the media that Islamic Fundalmentalists are focused on the most.
    Quite frankly i think this is a muslim bashing thread.
  16. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    You got it.

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  17. Challenger78 Valued Senior Member

    Thanks, Now i can divert my attention to more useful things.
  18. John99 Banned Banned

    as opposed to other bashing threads? What type of fundamentalst would you prefer to be killed by?
  19. Challenger78 Valued Senior Member

    I'd actually prefer to be killed by an Atheist Fundamentalist, Then i could finally say i wasn't killed because of my religion.
  20. but not many control gov's, fund &/or train terrorists, send suicide bombers into other countries; afghanistan, indonesia, iran, syria, sudan, did i miss any?

    seems thet drew attention to themselves, flying planes into buildings tends to do that, you know

    i think islams does that on its own, quite nicely
  21. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    Sorry, can't let this one slide. Not from a guy who was all right with the execution of apostates.


    "First, can you tell me your religion, philosophy and country of origin so that I can dig something up for a tu quoque attack. If you are Israeli I will bring up Palestine, if American something else, if you are from no country I can attack so broadly, I will insinuate that you have been misled. And all the while that I hold my own, quite vicious opinions, I will attempt to erode your suspicions by seeming peaceful. I can assure you that if you were an islamic citizen of my country voicing such issues - an apostate, say - I would not be so peaceful, as I have admitted elsewhere."

    It is also where they learn islamic supremacist theology. It is where hate is distilled.

    Founded in an ancient religious war. Never of course can DH mention islamic bombings by Pakistan, with their own government's complicity; that would be an admission of error. But, of course: a political conflict.

    Unless they are.

    And, as Yonder points out, many views to shop amongst.

    Incorrect. There were religious purges and pogroms all through the rule of the Moors in Spain, and before that in North Africa.

    Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad. So now you know.

    Israel offered recognition before. It was refused.

    ??? You call arming the long-suffering people of the Sudan a "terrorist insurgency"?? Mass kidnapping, genocide, slavery: you're big on 'resistance', but it would appear to be resistance of a certain kind. Southern Sudan (Christians and muslims alike) has been terrorized by northerners for centuries, yet that doesn't seem to bother you so much as the southerners fighting back against the more extremist - and thereby dear to you - northerners. The southerners, who never invaded the north. Repugnant.

    A spiritual jihad, no doubt.

    The Moluccas, Sulawesi, the list goes on.,23599,20714242-1702,00.html

    Yes. Resistance against cops, priests, teachers.

  22. started when muslims started conquering, killing hindus, controling India until the Brits showed up to replace the Rajis

    but not about the original occupation, jihad against hindus, or the imposition of muslim rule, conquest brought islam into india

    which came first, hindi nationalists or islamic nationalists? Ghandi wanted a unified India, muslims a partitioned tri-state; Hindu India, & muslim Pakistan & East Pakistan (Bengladesh)
  23. The Lord’s Resistance Army? You mean?

    I think you mean a cult

    interesting choice on your part, don't research much do you?

    hummm, the Sudanese gov? sure, that would explain things, so could you re-phrase that quote?

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