If Trump gets back in?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Xelasnave.1947, May 11, 2020.

  1. billvon Valued Senior Member

    It's a talent he has. A steady diet of right wing news, combined with flexible standards for the truth, a rock-solid right wing agenda and a dash of Dunning-Kruger, help him achieve such goals.
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  3. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    what inconvenient facts? you haven't posted anything factual.
    sounds more like your repetition of debunked talking points.
    lol you confront facts really? like how your dumbass response to an article detailing why crime rate and arrest rates understate racist policing by saying they didn't account for the crime rate, literally what the article was addressing. i see you doing the time honored right wing strategy of pushing your own flaws on those who point out your bullshit. you have posted any facts. you lack the ability to critically evaluate information, especially when it comes to statistics, you don't ask whats actually being measured.
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  5. Vociferous Valued Senior Member

    Bravo, at least you managed to substitute left for right in your little projection.
    Speaking of your intellectual dishonesty:
    You don't even have the integrity to admit when your leftist news bubble played you for an obvious dupe. You just ignore that part of my post. Talk about a hypocritical hatred for facts.

    Three posts in a row, none of which you had the nerve to address at all.
    Just burying your head in the sand...or somewhere worse.

    I guess you'd have to tell yourself that, since you've demonstrated you don't have the nerve to actually address, much less debunk, anything.

    You mean this?
    Go ahead then. Quote where that article accounts for the disparate crime rate. You can't, because it doesn't. So where's the article you're talking about?
    If that's the one, your reading comprehension is far worse than I'd estimated.

    And more projection from someone else who's afraid to address any facts not pre-filtered through their leftist bubble. Unless someone else can do your thinking for you, you've got no argument, huh?
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    It was quite obvious what he was saying. The context made it clear. The fact that you had to go back several questions to find some way to spin it is telling.

    And he recently repeated it, when he called a man who was chanting "WHITE POWER!" one of his "great people."

    In other words, he threw you under the bus. Again. Now quick! Run to your favorite right wing news source to find a spin that works! Perhaps "well, he didn't really know what white power meant" or "he couldn't hear what they were saying" or one of my favorites "he didn't watch the whole thing" (funny, given the length of the video.)

    I understand why you are trying to distract from your failure to understand the origins of Genesis. But you are on a science forum, and thus the standard Trump-supporter "appeal to ignorance" isn't going to work. You gave it a valiant try, though - gotta give you that.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2020
  8. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    i suppose i was asking a bit much of you to connect information and make inferences given your to stupid to realize demanding that mainstream media talk about black on black crime is demanding white people have a seat at that table in the discussion. going what about the crime rate( by which you mean arrest rate because there are no accurate statistics on actual rates of crime) isn't a refutation of an article that is literally about how are crime statistics are tainted by racial bias before scientist ever analyze them only shows you didn't understand what article was talking about. in fact if we go by are only real accurate broad spectrum basis of criminality, the rate at which people are caught with contraband suggest black have lower rates of crime. so please don't project your own ignorance onto me.

    also do you own thinking you lazy cockwomble and quit repeating my arguments back at me.
  9. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    what entitled cry baby. it may come as a surprise to you i have this thing called work that i have to do so forgive me if im not always available to answer your childish bullshit. i didn't answer because it was your usual racist hogwash and tokenism.
  10. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    You're the one whose liberal bias is causing you to miss out on the obvious. You can clearly hear the man yelling "white powder!" and we all know that's something very dear to Mr. Trump, just as it is for many other high-level movers and shakers. If there's any sport that man loves more than golf, it's Alpine skiing.
  11. Vociferous Valued Senior Member

    Wow, the lies you have to tell yourself. That wasn't "back several questions" , that was a clear clarification after his initial answer. You have to ignore the full context to believe the leftist bs you're spoon fed. Be sure to wear your bib.

    LOL! And he deleted that tweet, likely because, like many people, he wasn't listening to the sound when he tweeted it. But you go ahead and abet people playing you for a fool.
    Mobile Videos Often Watched Without Audio, Study Finds
    A survey of U.S. consumers found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile and 83% watch with sound off, according to a new report from Verizon Media and ad buyer Publicis Media .

    The report recommends that advertisers caption their advertisements because 80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available.

    The report also found that 50% of consumers said captions are important because they watch videos with the sound off.

    The reasons people said they watch video without sound include they were in a quiet space, they didn’t have headphones, they were waiting in line or they were multitasking.​
    But 92% of mobile users are "spin", right? Keep telling yourself bs like that.

    See, you're so desperate you have to keep bringing up off-topic trash I've already roundly refuted, what, months ago.

    Wait, so now the mainstream media is white? How else would them reporting on black on black crime more imply white people wanted a seat at the table? Don Lemon, April Ryan, Mark Lamont Hill, and that's just a few of the ones at CNN. Are their bosses at CNN their effective slave masters? Not just arrests, it's also the FBI and DOJ statistics of crime rate, as reported by the victims (black victims and witnesses reporting black assailants). Again, you seem to dismiss black voices at every turn.

    And you again completely failed to quote anywhere in that article that addresses the crime rate, proving my reply to it. One more chance, quote the article, if you really
    think you can. The tainted statistics is not accounting for the disparity in the crime rate. Not that that will ever get through your bubble. You don't understand how selectively omitted data is duping you.

    Contraband? I'm talking about black murder and violence, as reported by the black victims. Dismissing black lives for your own political ends is callous and racist.

    Oh, so first it was "what inconvenient facts? you haven't posted anything factual." and now you're backpedaling to "i have this thing called work". Dismissing actual facts from legit sources as "racist" and "tokenism" (which you don't seem to know the meaning of), is the way scared little leftists make a cross with their fingers to ward off evil facts and inconvenient reality.
  12. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 70 years old Valued Senior Member

    Does anyone remember Trump was keeping track of "promises made, promises kept"?

    Joe has promised to repeal many of the executive orders Trump has made

    Guess give him six months leeway and count how many out of how many gone

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  13. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    Trump could literally save thousands of lives by simply wearing a mask. Sometimes it seems like we are living in a poorly written sci-fi story.
  14. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    Idiocracy wasn't a poorly written sci-fi story. All hail President Camacho! Also speaking of sci-fi stories, if George Orwell was a betting man he could have made trillions on China.
  15. Vociferous Valued Senior Member

    There are plenty of black people who don't think black on black crime is addressed enough by their own communities.

    Are the white folk here going to dismiss those black voices too.
  16. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    I see some of the right wing crap on streaming services from the States, particularly one fucking moron, whose name escapes me, but obviously another religiously fanatical gun toting redneck.
    Got him...that arrogant son of a bitch [to use an Americanism] named Bill O'Reilly. What a total dick head!!
  17. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    Let's hope that American's in general wake up and throw this present goon you have for a president out on his arse, despite the barking mad support he is getting from a fellow goon
    on this forum.
    Surely they cannot give him anymore time to fuck up America?
    I found these figures.....
    Public’s Mood Turns Grim; Trump Trails Biden on Most Personal Traits, Major Issues

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  18. billvon Valued Senior Member

    He deleted it once he realized that people were reacting poorly to it. And I love it! You found a new excuse - he didn't listen to it at all, because people don't listen to the audio on videos!

    I admire your willingness to sacrifice your own credibility in defending him. I guess it's like a religious thing to you.
  19. Vociferous Valued Senior Member

    Again, are you trying to dispute 92% of mobile users? If you are, it's you straining credibility. How else does someone know if something they posted without listening to it is a problem other than people reacting to it? Seems you're in denial about a great deal of average human behavior. Perhaps get out more.
  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    So kanye west is donald trumps black man rising hail mery go-to Mr Fix it
    i have not seen him in white face dressed as a cowboy yet

    now can we gues what the trump tower photo op thing was all about

    cant yay for the west must be a big republican party donor to get that type of pay-per-play public hand shaking

    i thought it was just some type of mania episode.

    just goes to show what is really going on behind closed doors to control the country is nothing like what is being voted for in the elections

    smart move(by trump) i must admit
    i think cant yay for the west has less chance of winning than colonel sanders fried chicken mc nuggets bucket wearing a pointy hat

    but it makes great TV

    now he cant literally yay for the west(democrats)
    kant ye for the west ... (because he is in the republican pocket books)
    irony !

    do they cal that white-face-politics ?

    no dinner
    just long lines for soup kitchens
    but always a show
  21. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what happened to coming out partys ?
    are they going to make a come back ?
    love them

    up their polls
    addicted to the polls like a crack whore
    but being motivated to identify a real public servant & then vote them in to office is a completely different game
    most American voters want a rich person to prey to as a god

    the conservatives want a preacher = that current guy who ever he is
    not very smart just talks authoritarian and points at things (autocracy)
    but the radical liberals want someone who is not afraid of eugenics & how to roll out a social policy of it

    half the democrat voters are just clueless & vote on simple moral concepts
    the other half of the democrats just follow symbology of the "you must pick a side" social culture.

    ... white-face-politics
    love that expression

    too much cow bell ?

    i accept cash for consultancy fees since your asking
    payment in advance
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2020
  22. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    Come on, give the guy a break! You can't expect the President of the US to be smart enough to actually listen to a video he puts on his official Twitter feed! He probably was in a hurry to watch one of his favorite TV shows! Like Tillerson eloquently stated, "he's a fucking moron"
  23. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    my current fascination is watching supposed journalists present questions to people asking for "reactions"

    it appears "reactions" are more important than opinions & thoughts & ideas & policy

    but thats what America calls normal
    thats American culture

    i really really really want the next person to respond with some adult sexual noises when a supposed journalist asks for "reactions"

    "what was your reaction?"
    : "i am still waiting for the test results to come back before i confirm anything"

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