Images from the 2003 EmptyV Video Music Awards

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by static76, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Vortexx Skull & Bones Spokesman Registered Senior Member

    poor kids getting a blast from the past!

    you can say what you want from madonna, she cant really sing nor really act but she does have a predator instinct for making publicity and keep selling music even from her grannies rocking chair
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  3. zagen Philophanian Registered Senior Member

    You can never believe anything on the radio anymore. Today i heard Jhonny Depp was going to be Willy Wonka, directed by Tim Burton. Last month it was Marilin Manson who was supposed to be Willy Wonka.

    As for the kiss.. Sure it probably turned some ppl on, hell i was turned on by that nike comercial with the picture of the girl's ass while she was running, then they say it's a 50 year old lady.

    And we're supposed to be talking about what the stars do all the time, or they wouldnt be stars. To me, stars just dont seem that interesting. Dunno why, the only interesting thing is the ammount of money they spend, and on what, like thousand dollar a night rooms for their pet dogs.

    Other than the actual starteling things, or just silly or funny things, it's easy to get caught up in star's lives sometimes because everyone else seems to be and it's hard to get away from.
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  5. AleinAllei Registered Senior Member

    i think..

    i think it was kewl that maddona kissed britney spears and christina aguilera ! i mean did u see the look on Justin Timberlakes face ! that was a priceless moment!
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  7. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    I started this thread under Art and Culture.
    I don't really care, but I'm just curious.
    Why move it to Free Thoughts?
  8. Bebelina Valued Senior Member

    "It was like a kiss between cousin's at a family picnic".

    In my family, cousins do not kiss eachother like that, but maybe they do in Deliverance County over there?

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  9. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    It will be hard to believe but I would have loved to be Madonna during these 5 minutes.

    ...or better : to be on the scene as a fourth singer!!!

    Yeah, baby, yeah!!!

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    Edit : It sounds strange... but that's just for a scientific purpose! Even if I'm not allowed to tell you what it is because it's... a secret!

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    Last edited: Sep 2, 2003
  10. plasticwingsmelting Banned Banned

    britney spears got double teamed at a party in her home town. it's only like an hour from my house.

    not only that rumor, but that faggot from nsync she was going out with or whatever said "i could tell she wasnt a virgin the first time we did it"

    id still screw her. id also punch her in the face and steal her purse.
  11. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    if all you see is the kissing then its life that your missing!

    the sociological message is huge but im sure its lost on most people

    im waiting to see if they produce a song together
    that would be interesting

    if they realy cared about the rumours that most people like to spread about people like that then they would not be where they are today

    figure that out!

    am i the only one who noticed the camera was stuck up justins nose just waiting for it

    someone please post a link to the song called "rumours"

    ohh soo appropriate
    the words to the song they sang seriousely rocked i wonder who can remember them

    groove on

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  12. Congrats Bartok Fiend Registered Senior Member

    Just consider it a little vacation.
  13. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    some say a change is as good as a holiday
    so get out the deck chairs
    find an old newspaper coverd in fish and chip grease and pour yourself a nice glass of turnip and brussel sprout puree

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  14. cthulhus slave evil servant Registered Senior Member

    i realy no nothing about christina or britney... i dont watch tv and all i listen to is black metal, thrash, goth, darkwave, gothic electonica, etc etc etc. so all i know is they are a couple pop singers who suck shit coated cock-on-a-stick...
    but i can tell that that was one sad moment in american history when ppl actualy care about a couple people theyve never met and know nothing about that for some uknown, and likly retarded, reason kiss onstage.
    big fuckin deal!

    if i was turned on my something so pathetic as that my dick would have fallen off by now.

    and if i was sickend by something as soft as that i would have literaly puked up my guts by now.

    get a life & get a clue. it doesnt fucking mater!

    ive seen piles of shit sexier than that and my mother do nastier things! its not duisgusting and its not hot. it is nothing. nothing i tell you!
  15. Zero Banned Banned

    Lol. Though I confess I kissed my cousin a bit more ... er .. heatedly than that. She and I are very close. We were alone, and it came disturbingly close to incest but fortunately both of us stayed sane.

    Heh. Now I miss her.
  16. Zero Banned Banned

    But one thing, no matter how slutty Christina Aguilera becomes, no matter how shitty of a deed she does, one will have to admit she has a great singing voice.

    I wouldn't care if she went and fucked Madonna on stage with a strapon. I'd be a fan of her voice; I like to hear her sing. It's quite unlike Britney's pitiful kitty voice.
  17. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    you have a good point Christina Aguilera has a voice that just seems to make allot of the other singers sound like they are just not even trying
    i would imagine she could make a fantastic opera singer if she choose to

    one thing many people seem to not understand or know about is that most singers have certain keys that they sing in and so they can not just sing another song that has been composed for another person unless they modify it to match their key and range
    its like pointing at a person and saying
    hey why are you not exactly like everyone else
    i think even identical twins do not have the same sounding voice
    (i could be wrong to some habitual tone matching though)

    the technical aspects of music/vocal/singing is extreemly technical
    too technical for many people to understand and even fewer to actual decypher any difference

    and just a side note...
    to call an artist a slut is to suggest you are not aware of what art is, regardless of the obviouse sexualy represive subconseuse required to use such a biggoted word in the first place

    groove on

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  18. Straw Registered Member

    'Uh Oh, let's just have sex on the next VMA's, that'll sell my records...'
  19. AleinAllei Registered Senior Member


    That will sell way more then just records ! lol !
  20. certified psycho Beware of the Shockie Monkey Registered Senior Member

  21. AleinAllei Registered Senior Member

    i know

    Even though i love justin timberlake i have to atment that the look on his face was so hilarious!!

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