Is your hearing getting worse?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by S.A.M., Jan 24, 2008.


Do you have hearing loss?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe, Don't Know

  4. Some other opinion

  1. DanceAndExplode Fear me, for I am Death. Registered Senior Member

    i have a bit of heaing loss, mostly due to the loud music i listen to like every hour of every day (exaggeration but you get the idea) i try not to listen to it as loud when im using headphones, but it usually just ends up just as loud. not good, i know, but the music's gotta be loud. if its too loud, youre too old haha
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    I guess it must be something similar. But it's constant and never goes away.
    It won't be so haha when you can't enjoy your music because A. the ringing in your ears is competing with it and B. you have to listen through a hearing aid that distorts it.
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  5. Repo Man Valued Senior Member

    My love of music is probably the main reason I've always been cautious about prolonged exposure to loud noises.
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  7. phlogistician Banned Banned


    I nearly bought some of those myself, when I used to have a fairly long daily commute to work, but didn't decide which pair to get, before being allowed to work from home, so the need vanished. From the reviews I read though, the technology was looking pretty sound (pun intended!), and it's nice to see something once featured on 'Tomorrow's World' (BBC science and technology program, if you aren't familiar) in the early 80's as a 'new feature' for helicopters, filtering down to the consumer market.

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