Mass, Energy and Relativity.

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by LaidBack, May 5, 2007.

  1. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I see your time away from this thread really has improved your attitude and stereotyping.

    This thread got put here for what ever reason, you have had the chance to sort out the thread and your overall understanding however instead you allow an attitude to pretty much isolate it.
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  3. LaidBack Physics Explains conformance Registered Senior Member

    Thanks for the updated link
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  5. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    It had moved on, but now you've resurrected it.

    It is already there.

    That's MISTER Simpleton to you, pal.

    It is a prestigious honor to be part of a worldly recognized thread, you must be very proud.

    Completely agree.

    Unacceptable. No deal.

    Well, now that we've settled that little matter, you're probably going to want to be leaving immediately, as you've promised.


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  7. Reiku Banned Banned

    ''To me "E" is the quanta that represents Energy.
    "M" represents the quanta of Mass which so happens to be found to occupy a maximum area equal to C^2..''

    > Well, first of all, E is for energy of any system: or systems. M is for a mass, or masses. And C is for Celeritas, which in latin, which can also be written as Sceleritas means light, or rays of light.
    Mass and Energy, in this equation:
    Can only be convertable through the c^2 factor. Thus:
    M=E/c^2 is the converse of matter into energy, instead of energy into matter.

    ''Therefore obviously the more mass we compress into C^2 the more Potential energy we could state we have stored in C^2, we should also note the more solid this area would present the more mass therein, and the question now is where does kinetic energy come into the equation...''

    > Not true. There is NO compressing factor. If you are talking about how much mass we can have, then in the future simply refer it to Plank Limit. C squared is there as a mechansm. Nothing more and nothing less... and no ''compressing matter.'' Do that and you come up with a singularity, and E=Mc2 doesn't apply any more.

    ''"Energy" we may or may not know represents the ability to do work and or better inferred to cause change and when we have a stored amount of energy the energy can be inferred as Potential Energy, a single mass occupying a C^2 area can be said to be with a potential of a single mass and if we introduced another mass to the C^2 area we could imply we now have the potential of two masses and or the energy of two, but how can we utilise this energy? we are already somewhat doing this via the use of common Air compressors..''

    Of course we know energy represents the force of a working body. A ball for instance uses up a lot of energy rolling and bouncing off the edge of a step. We use a lot of energy in one day, with the brain using up 25% of all the energy we have. You're right about the potential energy, being stored, as this is happining all the time as a conservation of energy.

    ''Momentum and or a velocity is the result of change, and momentum can only be possible via force and it should be noted force is the result of velocities and can only ever be repulsive, no ifs and no buts!''

    What a load of rubbish. I can see why this was in the Cesspool. I'll comment no more.

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