Multiple Universes / Our Universe

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Zapper, Dec 23, 1999.

  1. Zapper Registered Senior Member

    I posted under religious because I believe my question has religious
    Quantum Theory absolutely fascinates the hell out of me. I have to admit my peewee brain doesn't understand the mechanics of it, but I still love to read the books about it and get the experts opinions about what the observations imply. Mind you, I don't think quantum physics is the bottom line on truth, nor do I think it will ever be able to answer some of the age-old questions. But in general I trust its opinions.
    Prior to my exposure to quantum theory I was somewhere between being an agnostic or atheist depending on what I had last read that I felt had some worth. Since exposure to quantum mechanics/physics I have begun to accept that there may be a guiding force of some kind out there. I don't think it's anything like what we've been spoon feed by the religions of the world, but I do think something is out there that we may have some connection to it.
    Many times I have read that some scientists believe that there could be in the past, present, and future multiple universes that are beyond our universe. I have often wondered if perhaps some kind of alien life form had/has advanced enough to leave their universe and come into ours, or perhaps even have some part in the creation of our universe. Keep in mind this is only a thought I've had , and I am certainly not trying to push it as fact or theory , and I know some will think this is too far out to consider. But I just can't help but wonder about it.
    I have not come across this idea in any of my reading and wonder if anyone else has. Or what kind of ideals you may have about multiple universes. As I say quantum theory really blows my mind.
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  3. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    I'm a rank amateur when it comes to the quantum world. I've always considered it a sort of playground and never tried to understand how it works. Lately, though, I've been fascinated by the wave function and how it collapses.

    Have you ever set something down, gone back to that same spot to look for it, and it simply isn't there? Then, after an afternoon of searching, you find it right where it hadn't been! I think maybe the wave function hadn't collapsed yet, which means that the item would have actually been everywhere all at once, and in every space/time frame, which would have made it impossible for you to see, feel, smell, taste, hear, whatever.

    Eh, it's just a theory...
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  5. 666 Registered Senior Member


    I don't know if you are thinking of the samething I am going to write, but here it goes.

    Quantum mechanics has not only allowed for great expasion in our collection tools used to puzzle out problems, but has lead to many diferent theorys. One (mabye more) is the many worlds theory. Unfortunetly the entire set up involves the fact that the indvidual worlds can not communicate, and the inhabitants can not travle to a diferent "world". This does not allow for verification. From what I have read of the theory it sounds to me like the author, who's name slips my mind right now, was just looking for a safe warm fuzzy blanket to explain that which he could not.

    My life could have been black and white, but I had to color it.
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