Nibiru's Cosmic Rendezvous

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by chung, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. chung Registered Member

    I would be the first to admit that the so called planet of Nibiru is up for anyone's speculation.

    This is a thought experiment that will involve science fiction because at this point of common knowledge, we can all simply say we don't know enough.

    Now let us imagine that this Nibiru is not just one space object. Maybe there is one big sphere and there are revolving moonlets or planetoids around it.

    Let us also factor in that this mini-system of spheres travel from a section of cosmos known as Orion and slings towards our Solar System and back.

    In other words, our own Solar System creates a bow shock that drags all its member and adopted space objects along. And in the same way, there is also a system having its own bow shock that travels nearby.

    In much the same way as there be two indented circles in a skating rink: the Nibiru mini-system is a skater dragging some toys. This mini-system has enough enertia to go from one indention (bow shock) and sling back to another.

    Let us zero into the main sphere of Nibiru. In order for its inhabitants to have survived the interstellar rendezvous it is more likely that they were inner mantle inhabitants and other beings who live in their hollow sphere.

    That would mean, that in this main sphere alone, they consist of many races. The hollow planet can accommodate more than one race. Added to that are those surface dwellers who burrows into the giant caverns under the mantle when their planet goes cold and covered with ice midway in their cross system voyage.

    Some questions will arise in this scenario and with relevance to the many legends and decrypted artifacts presented so far:
    - what happens to their atmosphere during these voyages
    - how can they survive
    - what are the possible incidents and consequences of this scenario

    Now, before going further, I will input here the proposition of gravitational phenomena that will consist of two forces (in compromise to the members of the academia). These gravitational forces is composed of a pull gravity and a push gravity - one attracts and the other repels.

    For now, I will pause my portion of thought experiment to give way for suggestions and observations of any reader.

    I have my ideas but let us make it open for co-ideations. So in the meantime here are possible references I am including so far:

    1. Thiaoouba Prophecy Materials
    2. Roswell Alien Interview
    3. Any materials related to Sitchin's research
    4. Any materials about ancient astronaut theories.
    5. Other applicable science and esoteric materials
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  3. chung Registered Member

    The motivation for this thread is to:

    1. demystify Nibiru and to transmute hidden fears and trauma because of the unconscious programming associated with the dreadful stories about Nibiru.
    2. correlate or find the roots of myths and legends about humanity, solar system catastrophe stories etc.
    3. give a chance to unfroze people from unresolved historical puzzles by giving plausible solutions that in turn may assist in creating a better outlook of the future

    For these reasons, if the suggested materials for reference engendered fear and hopelessness, please make an effort to visualize a positive trajectory. We have to accept the historical facts that humanity had done some horrible actions against the earth and itself but while we are yet endowed with life and other virtues, we can edit the future.
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  5. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    Simply more cranky crap.
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  7. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    If Nibiru were to exist then it hit earth long enough ago for Earth to recover from the crash and take on a spherical shape again. Even if there was intelligent life on it at the time, how could they survive a collision of 2 worlds?

    The suggested orbit lasts 3500 years and it is unlikely anyone could survive both the hit and the new orbit.

    The Sumerians also taught that Aliens guided them, but perhaps it was just another civilization using technology to control through fear. So many times in history knowledge has been used to baffle natives. A simple explosion or static electricity creating a shock could convince someone of a gods presence.

    I think the Sumerians were told a story by an advanced race, and this is all we know.
  8. chung Registered Member

    You've lost your multidimensional capacity. Try to detox your pineal gland and to meditate to regain some of it.
  9. chung Registered Member

    If you have no fear, no worries or lingering reactions or puzzlement about Nibiru, then you have no reason to participate in a thought experiment about Nibiru. Perhaps you should create a thread and title it: Everything about Nibiru is False.
  10. chung Registered Member

    Here is a little guy with big explanations:

    In the next video are older guys with a conundrum. Quantum physicists are touching the awareness of multi-dimension and parallel existences. But among themselves they have wide ranging disagreements:

    This is the setting for our story. Nibiru story is replete with multi-dimensionality and non-linearity.

    So, I will try to state this nature of existence using layman words.

    Consider that beyond our realities there is a state from which you can look to physical universe in totality and where past, present and future can be seen simultaneously.

    This is like being able to read a multi-plane CDRom device. The ones existing on the lowest platter are experiencing spacetime in linear fashion but to you as an observer, the whole set of infinity loops can be seen as a whole.

    This CDRom game has certain backdrop scenery and objects with their predefined 3D choices of movements. There are grooves of slightly modified challenges representing mastery sublevels.

    So you as an observer can prophesy where an actor will land into except that he may eventually advance to another sublevel. And further, there are certain stairs towards the second and upwards of planes of CDRom with other sets of density beings and abilities. And those in the upper floors see a better and better scope of the lower floors as they go up higher.

    If a being is 3rd Density playing on the 3rd Dimensional plane, it will be pretty much a boring infinity loop where the outside observer 100% knows the past, present and future of the guy. But due to all sublevels within a certain allowed densities and the multiplane plane/platter of possibilities, prophecies do not necessarily hold true.

    Such was the case with Nibiru history. They fell in spacetime designation from 4th planes and some became human, some preferred their astral density bodies and there through all the various sublevels of mastery. Those abilities they lost were however supplemented by technologies they made in their higher states.

    In similar way, many humans are said to have come from even the 10th and above dimensional planes.

    So if these stories and legends are weird, that is because they did not all happen in 3rd density of 3rd dimension. And the linear progression was not followed because some skipped time or went back in time.

    Thus they were able to cultivate religion and other mental programs to human beings who upon descend were subjected to the Veil of Forgetfulness.

    But this is not a hopeless situation. The essence of a human could not fit in 3D so we are like a giant having our feet dipped in the waters. The portion within the water are the our own avataric personality being cheered and inspired by portions of our selves on the ascended planes.

    Ultimately there is our Existential Source, providing our Life Force and we are the experiential cells: both ascending and descending ones.

    The universe is SEx, a Synergistic Exchange of animate and inanimate, all streaming from the existential Source.

    And the All is SELF, Synergistic Exchange involving Life Force essences (or souls).

    So when they say: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts. It is only when applied to certain cell parts who wanted it all. For the Absolute Being however belongs absolute power. This is because the Absolute is the sumtotal of each and every cell: sinner, saint, wealthy, pauper, abuser, abused, the designers of the game and the players therein.

    We can contact the All, the Absolute for guidance to transcend a plane towards the higher density where the deluded will not able to touch us, till they reclaim their own higher selves.
  11. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    I begining to think you should consult your health professional and discuss some of your thoughts with him or her.

    Good luck.
  12. quinnsong Valued Senior Member

    Chung what you propose as a possibility sounds like a mixture of Sitchin,s translation of the Sumerian texts and metaphysics. Having said that I would love to play a video game like the one you described.
  13. chung Registered Member

    Isn't it an exciting proposition that we may be playing in a cosmic universe game of It entertaining Itself? With this premise, all suggested progression of events are acceptable because as we play, there could be a split of the game's scenario and those in one will not see those going the other way. In essence, both groups edits their own past/present/future.

    As a corollary, kwhilborn's interpretation may even be valid: Nibiru imploded and he came from a point of history where the solar system was the remnant of Nibiru and Solar System collision. And he may move to a future where some people will become space archeologists and find traces of the said scenario.
  14. chung Registered Member

    Please pardon my stalkers. Just ignore these nuisance.
  15. CHRIS.Q Registered Senior Member

    The Nibiru does not exist, why there are always so many people like disinformation..........You really boring
  16. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    Because it's easier to believe silliness than it is to become educated.
  17. chung Registered Member

  18. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    Kaku's specialty is self-promotion and TV appearances.
  19. chung Registered Member

    Kaku is cutting edge and an insider to hidden knowledge. Many are jealous because Kaku makes science exciting.
  20. chung Registered Member

    Due to perceived unpreparedness of minds in sciforums, I decided not to tell the story I pieced together. Make your own stories as you wish! They are all valid interpretations.
  21. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Or they think Kaku is kuku and speaks caca.
  22. chung Registered Member

    Some people need healing from their own trauma. Meditation and self-forgiveness may be of help.
  23. Thiaoouba Registered Member

    It is very interesting that you included the book Thiaoouba Prophecy here... has anyone else read the book?
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