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    First: the pure intention
    We know that the key for online quran memorization is to acceptance and facilitation is sincerity of the intention of God Almighty, and that every work that lacks sincerity does not bear its fruit, and if it does bear some of its fruits, then its outcome in most cases is crude and its fruits are bitter in addition to that it is deprived of the greatest of what a person contemplates and It is the acceptance of God Almighty and the attainment of reward and reward. Therefore, Islam in every action in order to facilitate and suffer for a person is to be loyal to God Almighty.

    Second: the righteous biography
    Jal and Ola say, “And fear God, and God will teach you Al-Baqarah 282- And we all know what affects Al-Shafei’s saying,“ I complained to Wakea for my bad memorization. God has said that “the man may forbid knowledge of guilt afflicts him.” We know that memorization in particular requires the brightening of the heart and the sparking of the mind, and sin extinguishes the light of the heart and leads to dullness of the mind and deprives the servant of success as well. So, we must seek the help of obedience to God through obedience to God and make our way to attain some of these matters of obedience, delegates, good deeds, and matters of goodness. The heart shines at that time with the light of faith, and the soul is reassured of what God Almighty has endowed with tranquility and tranquility, so that man prepares for this great work to memorize the Holy Qur’an.

    Third: sincere determination
    For a person who suffers weakness and is interrupted by the creek and tends to lose his humorous life and tends in many of his affairs to laziness, he cannot be relied upon. It is not thought that it reaches the desired result in memorizing the Book of God Almighty. This is a matter that needs to roll up the forearm of resolve, and he must reduce the comfort issues, reduce his sleep, increase his work, increase his reading and other things that must be worried and strong sincere determination past does not give up at the first symptom of Misadventures, and don't stop at the first hurdle.

    Fourth: the right way
    And it is part of what we will talk about, except that I want to point out that when some brothers hear a sense of memorizing the Qur’an and learning tajweed or yearn to do so, they start with enthusiasm impulsive, an incorrect beginning, which often leads them to helplessness and laziness, or shocked him in the inability to continue. It is as if someone starts mixing a surah from here and a surah from here, and a single part. Or intermittent syllables, and he wants after that to connect between them and to reach with them to memorize the entire Holy Qur’an. Often such work is confused, and often it is interrupted, and often misses what has been preserved, and that is because one part or one piece Do not tempt a person, if they are separate, to preserve them, because it is alone and has no connection with what was before or after it, and if that is good and there is no doubt, and there is no doubt in this talk that we would like to spend someone memorizing a particular surah or some specific surah Or the whole particular parts. But we are talking about someone who wants to memorize completely in a correct way, and from that also that some people start and prescribe without consulting and ask whoever memorized before him or who is engaged in memorization and teaching in this field, as you need advice in any A work from the works of the world or an entrance to science and study that many people study, so you need this in this matter as well.
    And that is also the clear program, when we say that there is a right way, because it is the one that preserves, God willing, that determination that continues and walks and passes when there are programs and stages, point after point, stage after stage. As for a random plan as for intermittent parts, as for separate stages, this in most cases does not reach its goal

    Fifth: productive continuity
    This is a matter that may be prolonged in terms of time and effort and effort in order to reach it. If you are short of breath, you often do not reach the goal, and you need to continue to bear fruit and produce with the permission of God Almighty. The hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, brings us to this place when  The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was asked which works are dearest to God. A permanent few is better than many discontinued. The big beginning that we said about it does not start and then it stops or does not start even if it starts and then stops, and it also affected the reward and reward that the migrant status has, as they were asked about the situation of the migrant. Continuity and continuity, is the continuation of what occurs as a result, God Almighty willing.
    So there must be an intention, a path, a determination, a method, and continuity. These are foundations that are indispensable before we start or start with regard to detail and discharge.
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    Why post that?
    People here are predominantly atheist, meaning they don’t believe in God.
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  5. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    That's a very odd reaction, coming from you of all members. It hasn't stopped you from posting page after page after page of your own beliefs in days past.
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    That's a good question. Is there something midoelooo wants to discuss, or is this like a blog post?

    This is the Religion subforum.
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    Devoting at any rate 20 minutes to this sort of retention procedure will work for even the busiest people learn fiqh online .

    -Utilize the Commonality Method

    At first, as you are heading out to remember the Quran, you will normally run over new sections. Thusly, to submit them to memory, you can compose five refrains onto a piece of paper and learn them by heart.

    Peruse those stanzas and over again throughout the span of the following not many weeks to hold them to memory completely.

    -Keep Day by day Sections Close Nearby

    Utilize each extra second for the duration of the day to peruse and remember the lines of the Quran that you are focusing on memory. For instance, you may have a few free minutes during the time you are hanging tight for a transport, an arrangement at a specialist's center and so on

    You can keep the rundown of the stanzas of the day in your purse or pocket for simple access and allude to them at whatever point you are attempting to recall what you're realizing.

    -Discuss What You Retain In Each Salah

    To additional concrete what you are realizing into memory, you can recount regular sections in the five every day petitions. In each raka, you can shift back and forth between the five stanzas you took in the very day or the earlier days with be quran academy

    -Track Your Objectives

    In the event that one page of the Quran contains finally 15 lines, before the week's over you would have retained two pages of the Quran and the example would proceed until you have completely dedicated the Quran to memory.

    Also, you can learn stanza by section with interpretation and contemplate over the implications of the equivalent.

    -Interruption Free Climate

    It is ideal to remember the Quran in an isolated spot with almost no interruption by any means. By guaranteeing that the climate hushes up, you will actually want to expand center and subsequently have the option to hold what you remember.

    For instance, as we have prior referenced, early morning remembrance meetings are viable due to the base interruptions around then.

    Also, you can kill your cell and PC and spotlight exclusively on the Quran in order to build consideration.

    -Audit What You Remember however many Occasions as could reasonably be expected In a Solitary Day

    To retain the Quran, it is imperative to change each section you learn. You can utilize the accompanying 3 strategy procedure to guarantee that you hold all that you have learnt:

    Start another remembrance toward the beginning of the day
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