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Indeed, there are many info about negative effects of smoking cigar. How about the good ones. Is there any?

There are lots of medicine using nicotine in it. Is it for anti-depression? I feel good and have more control of myself while smoking (I smoke low tar(14mg) and nicotine(1mg) a pack daily).

Yes, i search for excuse to smoke... :eek:
smoking good?

There is not much good about smoking. At least not biologically. But it does stop you for 5 mins., during which you inadvertidly think. Which might result in you not doing something stupid.
Re: smoking good?

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There is not much good about smoking. At least not biologically.
Well, it is a really good 'relaxer', which will certainly lower the adrenaline in your body, and adrenaline isn't to well for your body.
So maybe you could this relax-excuse is indirectly and biologically good for your body.
btw, i think relaxing is good for your body in several other ways....
There are a couple of good side effects from nicotine.

One is that it can assist weight loss.
The nicotine shrinks the stomach. This is one of the reasons why first time smokers can be sick.

Another is that it acts on the smooth muscles of the body, and this includes the descending colon.
It can help you have a 'dump' if you're a bit bunged up.

A side effect not of the nicotine itself but of one of the additives is that it increases the rate at which substances can be absorbed through the lining of the lungs.
I smoked for a couple of years and recently quit using zyban or also called wellbutron(its an anti-depressant). I actually haven't noticed any difference and I quit four months ago.:( Oh well, besides, the one benifit I love is that I have an extra $60-80 in my pocket every month I don't smoke.:D
Let's see...
4.50 a day, that's 31.50 a week
which is 126.00 a month and goes to hmm 1,515 quid a year.
A twentieth of my pay goes on these nasty little things!