Subliminal Advertising

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by wegs, May 16, 2019.

  1. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Wow. What a great find! Okay, after seeing the outcome of those experiments, subliminal ''manipulation'' doesn't sound like pseudo-science to me. Granted, there are a lot of mitigating factors that can potentially skew the results, in terms of if the subliminal information is familiar to the subject, and if there is a noticeable delay in decision making, etc.

    This is fascinating so far, in a warped kind of way. I'm not a fan of manipulation (some people are), and it would be creepy to learn after the fact, that an advertising company found a way to convert my buying habits without my awareness.

    Think of the possibilities though; one could take over the world, one brain at a time. *cue dramatic music*
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  3. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Being obvious isn't as fun? I dunno...
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    like abortion ? ... recreational drug use ? ... if you do not own a house, building your own house where no one else is living ? ...

    there are many examples, it just depends on which angle you process it morally.

    private or public makes no difference at all.
    the subjectivity of the absolute fascist authority of the entity cares not for the victim of its own desire to assert its existence.

    the source of the money does not define the morality of those who seek to control money
    that is why sources of illegal cash are deemed illegal

    if the government is paid fees it is owed by illegal money, it does not take the money off its self and give it back to the victim.
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  7. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    The unconscious mind doesn't have the same defenses and critical judgment as the conscious mind.

    If you see "Vote Republican" in a commercial, it engages the conscious, rational mind.

    If you get it via your unconscious, your judgment is bypassed.
  8. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    This is actually a very good point.
    Remember, the study on subliminal advertising found that people retained familiar words and concepts much better and longer than fresh information or novel juxtaposition. So, it's easy to talk people into accepting what they already know, wanting more of what they already want; it's much harder and takes much more repetition, longer, to teach them anything new or get them to change.
    But that's already been done, not by what can legally be classified as subliminal messaging, but through the wholly legal, evident and concerted thematic monoculture of the capitalist system.
    Commercial advertising, coupled with patriotic jingo in entertainment media, has already trained three generations of Americans to buy whatever they're told is the [currently fashionable] American thing to buy.
    Political hustlers get a free ride on that mind-set: they don't need to make up new material; they just take key words from the national mythology and repeat those words, over and over. The candidate who hits the most familiar words most times wins. If they're few enough to fit on a hat, so much the better.
    Similarly, the purveyors of junk food (what, there's no bacon crumbs in your milkshake yet? you been livin under a rock?, dangerous drugs (sideeffectsmayincludedizzinesslowpressureliverdamagestrokeandsuddendeath) financial services to people with no money (borrow more!), vacations (your wife will look 50lb lighter in sandals -- well, somebody's wife will) just need to rely on the pre-softened heads of their customer base.
    They don't need to pay extra for anything clever: stupid works.
  9. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Brilliantly captured here (skip to T=60):
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  10. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Ultimately, we're still responsible for our purchasing decisions. I don't consider fine print within a commercial to be manipulative. At least you can visualize that there is fine print, and if you can't read it because the commercial is too brief, it should trigger you to look for it on their website, to make sure you're not getting swindled.
  11. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

  12. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    peer pressure & group effect influences are real
    by exploiting such things many companys form adverts around ideas rather than products.
    they sell an idea instead of the product.
    it is all very legal, and all very up front and obvious.

    most beverage companys sell an ideology rather than the product.
    the product is not hidden and the meaning is not hidden.
    people WANT to believe and have experiences.

    subliminal is the act of influencing someone when they are not consciously making a decision.
    subliminal influence goes on a lot in the normal everyday world.
    mostly around group behaviour and expected norms of social culture.
    that is what is deemed cultural normatives and subconscious bias

    an advert that exploited subconscious bias would be in breach of most civilized country's advertising laws.
    an advert that attempted to create subliminal influence would not only be illegal, it would make the company and the advertising agency open to emotional damages that would be capable of financially wiping the company out while vilifying the company managers and brand.
    because some semi subliminal content can trigger things like epilepsy the list of people suing the company for medical emotional and psychological damage would be longer than a facebook user list.
  13. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    It was in the 70's. I learned about it in high school economics. They were trying strange things in ads. One example was the snake in a tumbler of ice and whiskey--wouldn't catch your eye if not pointed to.
  14. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    And skulls and images that should repel. They're what I might use as aversion therapy for drunks, not reinforcement. SEX written on the ice-cube, okay, maybe... except that's not why we drink to excess. You might put that on perfume or chocolate. The subliminal ads we discussed in school seemed to me very poorly designed for their purpose; I wondered whether it was a hoax.
    Flashing junk-food, soft drinks and popcorn on the movie screen was more to the point - except, that's what caused the epileptic seizures, if i recall, so it was halted pretty fast.
    No, that's all unnecessary. People just conform. Tell them all the other kids do this, want that, envy the other, and they'll buy it -- with a payday loan.
    To me, that's the measure of an economy in severe decline: the preponderance of pawn shops, gold-diggers and usurers.
    They can all advertise, loudly, plainly and legally.
  15. river

    Subliminal -advertising takes repetition .
  16. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    No kidding!
    And regular, liminal advertising doesn't?
  17. river

    It does , Agreed .

    Most advertising , on TV , is based on emotional connection .

    And alot of TV series

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