The culprit returns to the crime scene :)

Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Raha, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Raha Registered Senior Member

    Hi guys. I came back because I was going through some of my notes and I came to this hillarious curse:

    I hope your stratum corneum becomes covered in keratosis pilaris, and your pores become saturated with MRSa filled puss untill your body is covered in huge fleshy papules so grotesque, that it looks like you're covered in Recklinghausen's syndrome. I hope your Eosoniphils multiply so much they make your blood curdle within your putrified veins, and render it resembling oil drained from the sump of a 1970's Ford Escort. I hope they pump so much100% Cyclosporin through your diseased veins , that your liver collapses and the nephrons in your kidneys cease to function leaving you on dialysis for the rest of your wretched life. I hope your uterus becomes festered with cancerous cysts, and they have to cut it out of your body like a dead animal. I hope they pull you in for a prolaps, and tear your rectal muscles, leaving you to shit in a plastic bag for the rest of your days

    But I could not remeber where it was from. So I googled it and - it was from Sciforums! From a user called Wraith.
    15 long years ago! Unbelievable.

    Anyway, It might be a good thing. Right now I am working one some novel for young adults, something bettween sci-fi and fantasy. And I already have some questions that some of you might help me to answer. But I will probably wait a little bit because there might be more questions in near future. So I rather create only one post for all of them. Or do you thing it is better to create a one thread per question?

    Just to give you a general idea, the questions would be like:

    If you anihilite a person of approx. 50 kg in the basement of a family house in a small town, how big will be the damage?

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    Also: anybody form the old gang still here?
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  3. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    If by annihilate you mean completely convert to energy - assuming I made no arithmetic error - it would yield an explosion of about 1,100 megatons of TNT.
    Apparently the largest nuclear bomb ever made was 50 megatons, so a 1,100 megaton explosion would really mess up the basement.
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