The Link Between Science and GOD!

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Orthodox_Christian, Aug 10, 1999.

  1. There is a possible link between science and GOD that is very elegant and logical. It takes a while to explain, so I'll make it as brief as possible. The "Theory of Everything" is a theory that scientists have been working on for a long time. They now believe that they are close to discovering it. One of the key ingredients to their theory is "superstrings" and "hyperspace". Hyperspace is the 10-dimensional medium in which our universe exists. The first 3 dimensions are the dimensions of space. The 4th is time, and the remaining 6 cannot be seen because they exist within the atomic structure. Hyperspace can be thought of as a giant mass of superstrings. Superstrings are 1-dimensional strings that generate space-time around them when they vibrate(like a guitar string). The frequency of a vibration determines what the superstring generates. Along with space-time, superstrings can generate matter(yes, our material bodies are generated by superstrings!). Our universe is a zone in hyperspace in which superstrings are vibrating. You are probably wondering how GOD has a part to play in all of this. GOD is thought of to be an entity who is 100% soul, without any material. Matter cannot exist outside of space-time, therefore it cannot enter raw hyperspace. Because the soul is matter-less, it can go anywhere in hyperspace. Hyperspace could actually be heaven! GOD is the "Master Weaver" of the fabric of hyperspace. He created us and our universe by setting vibrations in the superstrings. GOD is able to see in all 10-dimensions, which is why He is able to see our entire universe and watch over every one of us. In the Bible, miracles are often found. One such miracle was the parting of the Red Sea. Because GOD has control over the superstrings which make up everything we know of, he is capable of anything. He could have easily parted the Red Sea by manipulating a few superstrings in a certain way. Any other miracle would have been possible through the manipulation of superstrings. We are connected to hyperspace by our souls. We cannot see or detect our souls because they are 10-dimensional. Our bodies are material things generated by the superstrings. On Judgement Day, GOD could stop all the vibrations in the superstrings that make up our universe. Everything except for our souls would be gone instantly. Our souls would float around in hyperspace, waiting to be judged. This is the link, typed as brief as I could have typed it. My thoughts were probably a bit scattered, but I hope you have understood what I had to say, and have some comments.
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  3. GammaEridon Registered Member

    This is an interesting relationship that you have presented. It certainly is plausible given our lack of knowledge of the universe.

    But, what if the universe itself has a form of consciousness much greater than our own? It would not be God as you may see Him; but controls "us" none-the-less. The complicated nature of the universe, especially involving the Theory of Everything opens up many possibilities, any number of which may be true.
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  5. Boris Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    No matter the dimensionality of a phenomenon, if you are going to postulate it, it must have observable effects within our 4-d spacetime. This in particular applies to 'souls'. Even if they are 10-dimensional or whatever, they must have manifestable effects on our perceived reality. Otherwise, there is no use postulating them -- since we can explain everything we can observe without need for souls.

    Now, as for the theory of God pulling the strings, consider the question of where the strings came from in the first place. And next to that, ponder the origin of God as well. And after that, try to explain just how it is that a non-material God is able to affect material strings (it must be a causal interaction, but what is the medium of that causality?)

    I am; therefore I think.
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  7. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    Interesting theory you have there.
    It relates alot to the physical aspects
    of science and the spiritual aspects
    of christianity.
    However, your views are only centered
    around the 3d dimension (in one way
    of putting it).
    If God is the very being that created
    this universe, then why do you refer
    to God as a He?
    There's lots of detail about god and
    the universe that I could; I have
    been going into detail about.


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