The wild-goose-chase of Realization.

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by genep, Oct 21, 2007.

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    The wild-goose-chase of Realization.
    The Bhagavad Gita's story of Krishna and Arjuna is the quintessential story of Guru and Seeker.

    Realization can have no “leaders,”expert or gods. This is because anyone that appears important, like God, can only take the Seeker on a wild-goose-chase away from Realizing the SELF... anyone that appears important can only lead the Seeker away from the SELF with all sorts of ritual, rote and rhetoric leaders, experts and gods need to appear important and thus “real.”

    It is monumentally significant that in the Bhagavad Gita the Guru called Krishna is represented as a relative nobody (a hallucination) a simply servant, charioteer, chariot-driver for the relatively important Seeker, Arjuna.

    What is monumentally significant about the Guru's UNimportance: the instant the Guru, Krishna, starts to appear important is the instant this “importance” turns the Bhagavad Gita into the unfathomable bullshit that personifies the ritual, rote and rhetoric that gods and leaders and experts and geniuses need to appear important and thus “real.”

    Krishna simply advises Arjuna that he, Arjuna, has NO-choice but to literally fight reality (the biggest-battle, Kurukshetra) until Death or Realization:
    Death is the vanishing of appearances.
    Realization is the Awareness that reality is just appearances, the mind

    Krishna is nothing more and nothing less than a hallucination of Arjuna, and everything that Krishna appears to touch and change is thus also a hallucination: Realization is the Awareness that everything that appears real, reality, is just appearances, fiction, thoughts, the hallucination of NOW, SELF (Samadhi, Atman).

    A Guru thus has to be a relative nobody (a hallucination) that makes the Seeker aware that everything imaginable (the Universe's matter) and unimaginable (the Universe's >99% Dark Matter and Black Holes) is fiction, thoughts, hallucination of SELF.

    A sort of semi-realization is the Awareness that the Guru is a hallucination.
    Realization is the Awareness that if the Guru is a hallucination then so is the Seeker (mind/body) a part of the same hallucination, Maya, Lila, reality of SELF, NOW

    The instant the Seeker realizes that he is (exactly like) the Guru, a nobody, hallucination, is the instant the SELF is Realized to be literally EVERYTHING in which the Universe is nothing, but thoughts.

    -- Really Reality
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    and where are you leading us exactly with your rhetoric oh revered guru?

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